May 6th 2019
Hi all Please note that some of the numbers in the latest update arent correct at all in regards to your ''tax savings'' This will be updated shortly. Mr Millard and Mr X isnt available right now as they are discussing the pay out date. Sharon

May 3rd 2019
Hi ! Update posted in News Archive Sharon

April 30th 2019
Hi Update from Mr Millard will be posted Friday Evening, NY time Sharon

April 7th 2019
Hi Small update to be posted morning of April 8th. Sharon

March 23rd 2019
Hi Sorry for forgetting to inform you all but during our stay here in Washington DC there will be no replies to your support related issues. So please no duplicate emails. We are back in NY at full strength on Tuesday 25th. Possibly Sunday evening. Joshua

March 17th 2019
My Friends ! Soon heading for DC ! Update in News Archive ! Joshua

March 6th 2019
Hi ! Update posted in News Archive Sharon

February 15th 2019
Hi Everybody Sorry for late update but we havent had any major progress the last few weeks due to other focus from Mr X which we understand that involved the new potential Government shutdown. What has been decided is that the amount you will receive in your personal bank account is 8% of your TOTAL payout. I hope to have some more info early March. We are working hard to get that. God Bless Joshua

January 31st 2019
Hello Everyone ! Just a short message to say a Big Thank You for all the emails I have been receiving personally about my departure. It was really appreciated, and I felt the love from so many of you. Today was my last day at EMS and a new exciting challenge awaits me. I will however return to meet all the Investors that are coming here to NY for the Diplomatic Passport. So I still get to meet some of you. My replacement is a very competent young woman and her name is Sharon Smith She has worked many years within the financial field and will be a great help and support to all of you. She will write a small message herself in the next few days to introduce herself. Mr Millard is planning to come with an update in the next 7 days as he is busy in talks with Mr X right now. May God Bless you all and Thank you all again so very much Lars

January 10th 2019
Hi Small update in the News Archive Lars

December 31st 2018
My Friends As expected Mr X has been extremely busy over the holidays but he sends his regards to you all and a Happy New Year. He will be focused on trying to get the final dates for us early in the year to come. It is right now 3 Hours before we drop the ball here in NY. I wish you all a Happy New Year. God Bless Joshua

December 21st 2018
Hello Update posted in News Archive Lars

November 25th 2018
Hello Update posted in News Archive. Also, if you have any issues using the BTC addresses please use any of the 2 below also. 3CZvXn2jgWJr7BhxH6VVm9Pq8PcfExjDCL 39gWDDskU4dPK7YhKzyzXAhouRYDuGZert

November 22nd 2018
My Friends Please hang in there, Im waiting for some confirmations about the back up plan that we need to get going, its Very positive news for the most part. Please give us until the weekend to announce it. What I can say is that we have a solution in place which means that 96% of the Investors in EMS/HCI25 doesn't need to come to NY to receive the entire payout. It will be an instant payout to local accounts, please dont worry about that as Central Banks are informed and it wont cause any problems/issues. Only the ones that are qualified for the Diplomatic PP needs to come here to NY. Happy Thanksgiving my dear and patient Friends and God Bless you always. Joshua

November 18th 2018
Hi Everybody Please hang in there a few more days for update. Talks with Mr X are very productive and changes will happen, some negative, some positive. there are a few things we just need to confirm first and we expect to have this confirmed by Wednesday evening. Please stay tuned Lars

November 11th 2018
My Dear Friends We will be connected with Mr X again on Thursday Nov 15th. We will have a few days of ''catching up'' and then we will inform the next steps during that upcoming weekend. Please also be patient with support related issues. We are ALL still in training and getting new info also as we speak. DONT send duplicate emails... We WILL catch up shortly... Thank you all for your patience. Joshua

November 7th 2018
Hello Small update in the News Archive Lars

October 27th 2018
Hello All ! Please note that all staff incl support staff is still in training and education, this will go on to Nov 4th so please be patient with support related issues until then and DO NOT send in duplicate emails. Mr Millard and Mr X are very busy arranging an easier set up for your arrival here in NY and they will inform accordingly as soon as its all cleared. Stay tuned for the beginning of November and God Bless Lars

October 18th 2018
Hello ! PLEASE NOTE !! All EMS staff will be in training/education for the next 8 days from Oct 19th to 26th. NO support related issues will be answered in this period. Please dont send any duplicate emails as all will be taken care of. Mr Millard is in intensive meetings obviously with Mr X and others in Management to make sure he has an update before the end of the month. We will have solutions in place for sure. God Bless ! Lars

October 16th 2018
Hi We see many people starting to book flights already, we would advice not to do that yet but IF you do make sure its a re-bookable ticket ! We are still looking at the possibility to change the payout or arrival date to make sure that you all have time to arrive here in NY. Lars

October 15th 2018
Hi If you experiencing difficulties with some of the BTC addresses issued it could be because of the exchanger you are using Please use this one from now on also. 39ij4R1Td2WXWJYjNhJ49qqebhUaoyz7gK Lars

October 10th 2018
Hello The Management need a while longer to arrange a better set up in regards to the short time frame between the initial pay out and your arrival here. It is more complex to change this now but they are looking at all the available options. Mr Millard hopes to have some News about this by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience about this. The Management have listened and they will rectify it. Lars

October 4th 2018
Hi From Oct 5th to 10th ALL of the EMS staff incl support staff will undergo some training and preparations for the Seminars so no emails will be answered, please refrain from sending in duplicate emails. Support staff will be back to normal strength on the 11th. Thank you Lars

October 3rd 2018
Hi As many have asked Mr X is now looking into the possibility of making the initial payout a little earlier then what was planned to give you guys more time to plan and book the flights. We hope to have an answer to this before Oct 10th. Also, the Diplomatic PP requirement is only based on the EMS Investment, not what you had in HCI25. Lars

October 2nd 2018
Good Evening ! Update posted in the News Archive ! Lars

September 27th 2018
Hi ! As many might have heard already there will be a last and final extension for the 31 for 1 deal and that will continue until we close it all. So it goes on until further notice in the news update. Please give Mr Millard another 4-5 days for the next news update as he is just confirming the dates and dont want to get it wrong. The dates that are being set now is FOR IT ALL ! Last day for Investments, initial payout, and arrival here !! Stay tuned !! Lars

September 19th 2018
Hello ! Just wanted to inform from Mr Millard that he has been informed about some very exciting dates that he will reveal before the end of the month ! :) So not far away now until we know and can plan accordingly ! Lars

September 18th 2018
Hi Some have experienced difficulties in sending your Investments in the BTC Address you have been given. We have added another address so that can be used also, please note that the old one still is active also..New BTC address to be used also is : 382KVoAS7f4DSAF4GqgXSjbtsdGKKM71rj

September 11th 2018
Good Evening ! Due to the low price in BTC still it has been decided to extend the 31 for 1 deal to Sept 28th. Please note that after the 28th it will drop to 13 for 1 as stated before so make sure you get it all sorted before that date. After 28th we wont have long until we close it all. Mr Millard also want to inform that the 2 countries that has been added to the Citizenship options are Singapore in Asia and Switzerland in Europe. There will also be a diplomatic Passport option for our VIP Investors that has a significant Investment with us. Mr Millard will explain more in his update which is about a week away. He is very busy planning it all with Mr X right now. More updates soon... God Bless you all Lars

September 10th 2018
Good Morning from New York ! Its Monday morning Sept 10th and EMS is no longer accepting any new members. We are just above 11,800 Investors now. Thank you all for the support over the years and we are working full speed ahead now to close it all and get you all here to our wonderful city of NY. Last member to be registered and approved was finally set at 4:20am this morning. We hope to have some good news about the 31 for 1 deal shortly, please stay tuned for the next 36-48 hours for an update. Ps. Please also note that the support issues will take a few more days as we have been in more training for the seminars. DONT send in duplicates. We plan to have answered and updated all by the 14th. God Bless Lars

September 5th 2018
Hi If you havent received a personal BTC address to send your Investment the BTC address you have to use is this 3EtgyrskDU6wem4tsoatB4RCy62pgytnYU Lars

September 5th 2018
Hello Everybody Due to a small error in one of our systems we cant close the system that has to do with new Investors/Members until Sunday Sept 9th at midnight to 10th. Sorry for the confusion there but I guess a few days extra to become a member isnt bad news :) So final date to register is Sunday Sept 9th midnight (Eastern Time) to Monday Sept 10th. Please note that Support issues will start to be resolved today Sept 5th and will take approx 4 days to clear, thank you for your patience with that. More News soon from Mr Millard. Lars

August 26th 2018
Hi Update posted in News Archive Lars

August 22nd 2018
Hi Please note that News Update from Mr Millard will come 25th or 26th instead due to some travels he need to do. Thanks for understanding Lars

August 18th 2018
Hello ! Things are moving along !!.....Small update in News Archive Lars

August 16th 2018
Note !! New deals launched yesterday , its still 10 shares minimum to Invest to get these deals. Lars

August 14th 2018
Hi ! Extra News Update in News Archive !!! Lars

August 8th 2018
Hello All We are in the middle of the week so only 5 days left now for C-Gold Investments. Make sure you have it all arranged. After Sunday night (midnight to Monday ET) it wont be possible anymore. Have a good week and weekend ! Lars

August 1st 2018
Hi As of today Aug 1st 2018 it is no longer possible to Angel Gift someone and there is no Ref Bonus for introducing other Investors either. Thank you all for the hard work you have done over the years for all the Angel Gifts that has been issued. Please note that it is still possible to introduce others even though your wont get something for it more than the satisfaction of showing them this opportunity. Please enjoy the rest of your week Lars

July 30th 2018
Hello Small update in the News Archive Lars

July 27th 2018
Hi Please note that the update will be slightly delayed and posted Monday July 30th instead as Mr Millard is on his way back from a visit to Europe that had to do with the citizenship deals you all will benefit from. Exciting times ahead ! :) Have a good weekend ! Lars

July 3rd 2018
Hi Small update in News Archive guys Lars

July 1st 2018
Hi ! PM Investments is hereby closed and wont become active again as the books/accounting are being finalized for this option. So please refrain from using that option now as the Investment will only be refunded to the account it was sent from. Lars

June 28th 2018
Quick reminder guys !! Deadline for PM Investments is 11:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday June 30th. Make sure you have it all in order now. Any Investment arriving after that will be returned. Please also note that the update will be a few days late and will be posted July 3rd. Mr Millard is waiting for some new deadlines for the Angel Gifts and Referral Fee's that will end soon also. Lars

June 23rd 2018
NOTE !!! Less then ONE WEEK away now to Invest using PM (Perfect Money) as payment option !! Hurry up if you only have that option guys ! After June 30th it wont be possible anymore and it wont come U4121947 Lars

June 18th 2018
Hi Update posted in News Archive Lars

June 17th 2018
Hi Please hold for another 24 hours before the News update from Mr Millard, so during Monday Evening. Lars

June 8th 2018
Hi Quick update to inform that all simulations have been completed and are all cleared, no more banks to check now so if you haven't received any emails about your bank being excluded you are all clear with that bank for the initial $17,500USD pay out. Happy Days my Friends :) Have a good weekend ! Joshua

June 2nd 2018
Hi Guys Just a short update informing you all that ALL staff have been on training/education for the past 5 days so support emails have a backlog, they are all back on Monday morning so will be caught up then.

May 21st 2018
Hello ! Update posted in News Archive Lars

May 15th 2018
Hello ! Just to let you know that Mr Millard is preparing an update for you guys, will be out Monday May 21st. Lars

May 6th 2018
Hello all Some News updates in the News Archive. Lars

April 25th 2018

April 25th 2018
Hi Update to come Wednesday evening eastern time Lars

April 12th 2018
Hello Short update from Mr. Millard in News Archive Lars

April 7th 2018
Hi Guys Sorry for the silence, I'll have a short update for you all early in the week. Please enjoy your weekend Joshua

April 1st 2018
Hi Just a quick note informing you guys that I will be going back to Washington on Monday. We havent gotten a final date yet mainly due to that all the funding issues hasnt been cleared yet. We hope to get it done this week. I hope your weekend is nice.. God Bless Joshua

March 30th 2018
Please note about KYC ! If KYC was emailed to us if WONT show up in your back office, the confirmation email you get is enough and you are cleared. If you had your KYC cleared and approved in the HCI25 site there is No need to upload or email it to us again. Lars

March 23rd 2018
Hello Please see Mr Millards update in the News Archive Lars

March 15th 2018
Hi Anybody that has been dealing with C-Gold and have had your transfer on hold, can you please email us and state what the status is of your exchange please. We just want to match our records with what has been on hold. Thank you Lars

March 14th 2018
Hello ! Update from Mr Millard in the News Archive Lars

March 12th 2018
Hi Guys Joshua here, just a short note to say Im still in meetings with simulation team and I will be until Tuesday evening. Ill update you all on Wednesday. Thank you

March 8th 2018
Hello Joshua is in meetings with the simulation team and banking partners and will update you all during the weekend in regards to the remaining 3 banks and the C-Gold situation. All is good and solutions are being implemented. God Bless Lars

March 1st 2018
Hello As of March 1st (Deadline midnight eastern time to Friday) we do not accept any more bookings/reservations of Investments or register new Investors either. Last day for Investments is March 7th and Investments without reservations can be made also obviously Joshua will have an update before March 7th he states as he is in talks right now about the remaining 3 banks. All accounts will be updated within 72 Hours Lars

February 25th 2018
Hello Small update in News Archive Lars

February 10th 2018
To our Team Leaders Out of the 15 positions you have been informed about in the additional stress test there is only 6 left now. Please inform your teams if they dont read this. Lars

February 5th 2018
Hello Small update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Lars

January 14th 2018
Hello all Friends ! Im really excited here, please read update from Mr. Millard in News Archive and lets finish this off in a positive way now. Blessings Lars

January 11th 2018
Hello Sorry for delays, Mr Millard still waiting for specs in regards to the stress tests, please stay tuned during the weekend. Thank you Lars

January 7th 2018
Hello Small update from me Lars in News Archive Have a good week guys !

December 23rd 2017
Hello ! Please see News Archive for Mr. Millards update Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everybody ! Lars

December 17th 2017
Hello Simulations at 91% but we have had a small stop last few days but will restart again on Tuesday 19th Dec. Mr Millard will update you all in the week to come. Lars

December 7th 2017
Hi Small update from Mr. Millard in News Archive Lars

November 30th 2017
Hello Update from Mr. Millard in News Archive Lars

November 28th 2017
Hi all Stress Test closed for the 17 for 1 deal. Any emails coming in after you have read this message about participating will be denied. If you havent received confirmation yet please Dont send duplicate emails, all accounts will be updated and confirmed within the next 48 Hours. Lars

November 27th 2017
Hello Less then 24 hours left to register for the stress test 17 for 1 deal. Deadline is midnight between Mond/Tuesd New York time. Update from Mr.Millard will come end of the week. Lars

November 17th 2017
NOTE ! If you have been updated with an email with an increased number of shares (amount) in your back office or in the email, then your 17 for 1 reservation is approved and registered. No need to wait for another confirmation to go through with the Investment. Lars

November 17th 2017
Hello Small update in News Archive Lars

November 13th 2017
Hello Update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Lars

November 9th 2017
Hi ! Simulations at 89% my friends Stay tuned for update from Mr. Millard within the next 24 hours Lars

November 4th 2017
Hi Simulations to restart on Monday Nov 6th at 10am eastern. Apologies for the backlog of updating accounts, our admin staff have been busy going through the processes here for when all arrive, please dont send duplicate emails. We hope to catch up in the next 10 days. Small update from Mr. Millard should be out in the next few days. Lars

October 26th 2017
Simulations at 86% , we do have a temporary stop though due to the bank that is being simulated right now which is the largest bank in this simulation. Lars

October 17th 2017
Hello Simulations at 84% ! Lars

October 11th 2017
Hello Simulations at 79%, they restarted today. God Bless Lars

October 5th 2017
Hello Simulations at 78%. A small break in the simulations though due to a specific problem with that ongoing bank. They believe it will be handled swiftly. Lars

September 28th 2017
Hi Update in News Archive Regards Joshua

September 25th 2017
Hello A very emotional update from Joshua in News Archive, please read it. Lars

September 22nd 2017
Hello Simulations at 61% my friends. Please stay tuned for a letter from Mr. Millard this weekend, he will publish something really special for you all to read and that will have a major impact on your thoughts about life here on Earth and beyond.. So get your teams ready this weekend my friends ! This is it, collect your friends, family, coworkers, get together and make a final effort for the Human Race and make a difference in someone else's life. To send Investments the first 2 days in the week to come will be ok. God Bless Lars

September 17th 2017
Hi Guys Simulations restart Monday Sept 18th. And I have just left a very dear and emotional meeting with Euclids stepmother and stepfather, the 2 people that raised him. They explained shortly about the ceremony and they will release photos of it eventually but feel that a little more time need to pass. They did inform me and showed me a letter..written by Euclid just before he arrived to the Hospice..They found the letter amongst his belongings that he kept in the Hospice where he spent his final few months. I have read it and asked for the permission to publish it also and we will do that, there are some things they want to exclude for personal reasons but most of it they want you all to be a part of also and read. Give us few days before we publish it. God Bless Joshua

September 9th 2017
Hi Guys Joshua here. We have just been informed that the small stop in the simulations is due to a specific system we are using that need to be turned off for the next 4 Banking days because they have a ''computer park'' with this down in the Key West. This has ''pushed'' everything forward slightly so Sept 25th is deadline now instead of Sept 18th. Nothing major but we need to follow what they are telling us in regards to this. All good my friends and we will take a little break here also. God Bless you all and we hope that if you live down in Florida that you have left already.

September 9th 2017
Hi Guys Joshua here. We have just been informed that the small stop in the simulations is due to a specific system we are using that need to be turned off for the next 4 Banking days because they have a ''computer park'' with this down in the Key West Florida. This has ''pushed'' everything forward slightly so Sept 25th is deadline now instead of Sept 18th. Nothing major but we need to follow what they are telling us in regards to this. All good my friends and we will take a little break here also. God Bless you all and we hope that if you live down in Florida that you have left already.

September 9th 2017
Hello Mr.Millard reports a small stop in the simulations due to some extra checks on a specific Bank. Nothing major he states and he will keep us updated. Lars

September 9th 2017
Hello Small update from Joshua in News Archive Lars

September 8th 2017
Hello dear friends Oh my Lord, we are getting really excited here at the offices.. WASHINGTON SIMULATIONS AT 58% !! Lars

September 7th 2017
Hello ! 42% of the Washington simulations are completed ! Lars

September 4th 2017
Hello !! Absolutely wonderful News to wake up to with 34% of the Washington simulation completed ! :) We are starting to get that wonderful feeling in our stomach again with butterflies all over..I hope Mr. Millard have more News to share soon. Lars

August 30th 2017
Simulation restarted !

August 30th 2017
Hello Washington simulations are at 14%. Please also note that we have a small temporary stop in the simulations due to the bank they are processing right now. Nothing major but necessary to clear some things about that specific bank. Lars

August 16th 2017
Hello We had a nice farewell ceremony for Euclid here in NY and he has been flown to Greece where he will have his final resting place. Many photos was taken and we will make them public when his closest Family says it is all ok. They want to make sure everything goes well in Greece also. The last simulation has started as planned on Aug 14th and we have completed 2% so just getting started obviously. Up to date since the announcement of the monuments we have received about 30,000 Dollar in Investment meaning 3000 Dollar goes towards Monument and the Fund. God Bless you all and Thank you so very much. Lars

August 5th 2017
Hello Small update in News Archive New York simulations are completed ! Washington simulations start Aug 14th and is the last one ! We are ''celebrating'' with ease and respect of course as we are preparing our final farewells to Euclid in a few days time. God Bless Lars

July 27th 2017
Dear All Update in the News Archive Lars

July 26th 2017
Hello Please stay tuned for a News update from Mr Millard within the next 24 hours, no later then Thursday afternoon eastern time. Lars

July 23rd 2017
Dear Friends There has been some confusion in regards to simulations dates we posted for NY and Washington. Now, please understand that these are dates that we are getting from the simulations team and they are based on different things. It doesnt really reflect what the real progress is going to be but simply a date that they get from different scenarios the are calculating on. For instance, one of the States were suppose to take 2 months and took 3 weeks. One of the smaller States had an estimate of 12 days and took 1.5 Months. So please dont get worried/anxious about this. I think it would have been better if we didnt mention this at all to be honest :) Its all good my friends. Joshua

July 22nd 2017
Dear all There seems to be some concerns about the deadline of NY simulations and Washington. I have spoken to Joshua and he will explain to you all these deadlines and why they are set like that and why they could be shorter of course. They dont really reflect what could happen when the simulations move along. He hope to get a message out there on Monday Lars

July 12th 2017
Great News ! Joshua reports that we have moved up to 87% in just a few days so instead of projections to end simulations for NY on Aug 30th, we are now at Aug 15th. Please also note that on Aug 15th we will stop and give the extra bonus on 50 shares bought to get a total of 500 Shares. If 50 shares are invested after this date you will only get 250 shares. Make sure that you all are invested by then top be able to get an extra 250 shares. Please also be patient in regards to support related issues, we have a backlog but working on it. Please dont send duplicate emails. God Bless Lars

July 7th 2017
Hello ! Joshua says Hi with this. NY is 82% completed ! If all goes as planned without any bumps along the way they aim to complete NY by Aug 30th. Washington is scheduled to take 3,5 months. Of course and as always, this is what they predict. No guarantees but lets keep our fingers crossed guys ok? Have a good weekend Lars

July 3rd 2017
My Friends I hope all are doing alright out there. We have restarted the NY Simulations and all looking good. Its a bit complicated here as we are in the financial capital of the world really and we have to adapt to that so to speak. But we hope the remaining part of the simulations will go smoothly here. Nothing more to report really, all the old deals are still on as to the 5 for 1 deal and the bonus shares on top of this for Investing 50 shares. In the name of Euclid, lets continue to pray for him, may God Bless him and make him stronger. Please continue to support his wish as much as you all can. I hope to be able to bring you all some good news soon again in regards to the simulations. Take care my dear and patient friends Joshua

June 30th 2017
Hello Short note to tell you all that the NY simulations will restart this Monday July 3rd. All is looking good. Update within the next few days from Mr. Millard. Lars

June 17th 2017
Dear Friends/Investors Sorry for delays in posts, Im so busy I havent had a day off in 3 months now. Short message, im spending everyday with the simulation team assisting them with all I can to speed things up. I would like to say we are doing GREAT!! NY now at 67% complete ! Fantastic news and i will refrain from leaving this to focus on updates when we are making great progress, i hope you understand this, however, next step in NY requires us to prepare a specific bank, we cant start that bank until June 30th. And that bank needs to be done before we continue with the others so simulations will restart on June 30th. Please also note that support issues are behind mainly due to the fact that we need all staff to monitor the registration process when you all arrive here. Its a big task and need to be practiced over and over. We hope to have catch up on support issues within the next 20 days. Euclid is sending his love. I will update more on his progress in my next update. Please stay with us and keep praying for Euclid and honor what he wants. We all have here within EMS/HCI of course. God Bless Joshua

June 6th 2017
Hello Sorry for silence but Mr. Millard is very busy overlooking the NY simulations, very happy though to inform that 36% of the NY simulations is done !! So happy really and it feels like we can smell the finish line here :) Stay positive guys and we will get there. Euclid have had a few very good days and he sends his warmest regards to all of you. We hope that he might be able and have the strength to write a few words to you all in the week. Joshua will of course also update you all when time allows. God Bless you all for your patience andfor your thoughts and prayers towards Euclid. Lars

May 29th 2017
Hello Friends So happy to announce that the issue with the NY simulation has been resolved so the simulation started today May 29th ! Please stay tuned for an update from Mr. Millard in the week. Greetings Lars

May 24th 2017
Hello Small update in News Archive Lars

May 13th 2017
Im shocked and sad .... Receiving emails about some info that is interpreted differently. Euclids wish was to continue to at least his birthday and then he asked if it can continue until completion. We accepeted both. Now people make this into lies !? The people who have sent these emails should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES !! These people we have discovered writing anything about this on forums or any public media we will instantly now freeze those accounts and when payout occurs these individuals will receive their Investment back with no ROI. Enough is enough.. Regards JOSHUA MILLARD

May 10th 2017
Hello everybody Sorry for silence, so much to sort the last few weeks. California simulations completed, we are starting New York on Monday and we are at 91% done in simulations. All the deals with 5 for 1 is extended until we have reached full completion of simulations. Why ? Because Euclid asked us to and the banks will honor this of course as his 'quest' her on earth is now obvious. He is doing ok considering the circumstances and we wish he gets to experience this payout very very soon. Mr. Millard is planning to write a longer message as soon as time allows. Thank you all Lars

April 26th 2017
Hi Few things, we know we are behind on support issues, please dont resend emails. We will catch up soon. We are late for several reasons but all good ones. Joshua will update as soon as he gets the chance. We are actually almost done with the California simulations. Due to a wish from Euclid the 5 for 1 deals expire on his Birthday which is May 12th. I have also been told to inform you about this but im sure Joshua will explain more in detail. As mentioned Euclid was moved from the hospital where he was receiving treatments. Its difficult to inform you all that he has been moved to a Hospice. We strongly believe that the Lord has another agenda though. He will get through this and he is still talking to us and is determined that he will be back soon. God Bless you Euclid. In the meantime we will make sure that as many as possible gets this opportunity within EMS to set themselves free. Regards Lars

April 16th 2017
Hello We are so busy my friends but all good ! California simulations are moving along and 30% of that state is done. Due to some technical issues the banks cant "close" the system right now in regards to the bonus shares and the 5 for 1 deal. Not sure why that is but they will inform us once that is resolved and they predict 8-9 Business days. This wont put delays for anything more then the offer is still pending until 25-27th of April. BUT we arent sure, so please note it could be cut off any day. We will keep you all updated of course. Joshua will update you all very soon. Please note that we are a bit behind of Support related issues but dont worry and dont resend your emails. It will be taken care of. Ps. Euclid is doing ok after receiving some treatments but he has been moved to another hospital where he will get more advanced treatment. Mr Euclid is very strong and we are confident he will pull through. Thank you for prayers and thoughts. More info to come shortly. Lars

April 8th 2017
Hi Just a short note from Mr. Millard. The state that we have been doing simulations in right now are still on hold. Decision has been made to wait a little with that so we can move along so on Tuesday simulations will start in California. We dont want to go into details in regards to what State that we are having problems with as of yet, but Mr. Millard is confident it will be fixed. In the meantime lets start with California as of Tuesday April 11th. Many people are struggling getting their final funds in so please make sure that you are all set, only a week to go guys. Lars

March 29th 2017
Hi We are a little behind in regards to support related issues right now due to the fact that we have been in training sessions about how to handle all of you arriving here. Joshua informed us that we are at 79% of simulations. There has been a hault in the State we are in at the moment for the same reasons as Arkansas. The economy in this State isnt what it is supposed to be. Please stay tuned for Mr. Millards update in the next week to come. Take care Lars

March 28th 2017
Hi Please make sure that when doing an Angel Gift, send in the Investment info AND the info about the people that you want to gift this to at the same time and in the same email. It will be easier for our new staff taking care of this in the registration process. Please also note that 9999 DOllar is the maximum you will see in your backoffice due to a security measure we have, but we have it all registered for you of course. Thanks for your help Lars

March 16th 2017
Hello An update from Mr Millard in the New Archive section. Please have a good day Lars

March 6th 2017
Dear friends Joshua here..Update for you in the section of News Archive Kindest Regards Joshua

March 6th 2017
Hi guys Please stay tuned for update within 12 hours..Good News for all. I also wanna take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your support over the last few months. It has helped me a lot to keep fighting this and i feel truly blessed no matter what the outcome will be. I will always cherish this, whether it being here on Earth or some place better perhaps. Make sure that you tell the people that are close to you what they mean to you and that you love them deeply. You only have one family so make it count during the time you have been blessed to be here on Earth. Take care my friends and God Bless You and Your family. Euclid

March 2nd 2017
Hi Guys Sorry for a few days delayed with updates, Joshua wanted to get all into that info so might take another 2-3 days. Deadlines are still them same but the bonuses can change from March 7th, he will have more info on that. What we know is that the 3 for 1 Bonus wont happen. Stay tuned guys.. God Bless Euclid

February 26th 2017
Hi Guys Short message from me in the News Archive ! Euclid

February 21st 2017
Hi Guys Short message from Joshua, IF you are registered in the State of Arkansas please submit your KYC again either in your back office or send to email. No worries about the Investments there, they just requested this and then all should be ok. Thanks guys ! Euclid

February 18th 2017
Hi Guys To clarify..I would NEVER ask for an extension of time from Mr. Millard and the management team, that isnt my request/wish, so please dont jump to any conclusions ok? My idea is to do something before we reach the current dates. If he accepts you will all be informed what it is all about. Its about helping others before we have to close for further Investments so the deadline we have right now still remains. God Bless Euclid

February 17th 2017
Hi Guys Small update from myself in the News Archive God Bless Euclid

February 9th 2017
Hi Guys Some News updates for you in the News Archive, Please enjoy ! On another note that i just wanted to share on a personal level as many have emailed about their prayers, ive been given 3 days to leave the hospital to get some "fresh air" as they stated, Its been a danger for infections due to treatment but not anymore so feel really good right now. Thank you ALL and God Bless you all. See you all soon ! Time for me to get some sleep. Euclid

February 7th 2017
Hi Guys ! 44% reached in the simulations, cant believe it ! :) We are getting there guys ! But please do not speculate about a time frame for completion ok ? You never know in this business and ive been in it for to long now to make any quick conclusions. God Bless Euclid

February 1st 2017
Hi Guys ! Guess what !? Mr.Millard called me this morning. 39% of the simulations completed !! :) I almost jumped out of my bed pulling out the needle i have in my hand :) This made my day and my week really..Hoping to get an update from him soon. Take care guys ! Euclid

January 26th 2017
Hi Guys ! So happy to announce that the Simulations have started today 26th instead of 31st! Ahead of schedule for once :) Im almost trembling inside of joy and feel like a kid on Christmas here at the Hospital :) God Bless you all my dear friends. Hope to see you all very very soon here in NY. Euclid

January 23rd 2017
Hi Guys ! Small update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Euclid

January 9th 2017
Hi Guys ! Update/News posted in News Archive God Bless Euclid

January 6th 2017
Hi Guys ! On a short note to prepare you all. The 5 for 1 deal finishes on Feb 28th and the 3 for 1 deal shortly thereafter..Just so that you guys are aware. The reason for this will be explained in the weekend update. Euclid

January 5th 2017
Hi Guys ! Please stay tuned for an update during the weekend.. God Bless Euclid

January 1st 2017
Happy New Year my Friends ! I have had some very good and constructive talks with Mr. Millard during the holidays and im putting this together in a newsletter to you all in the next few days. Please stay tuned God Bless Euclid

December 24th 2016
Hi Guys Small message from Mr. Millard in the News Archive. I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well ! Ill be spending my Christmas in the Hospital but i feel ok my friends :) God Bless Euclid

December 15th 2016
Hi Guys !! Update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive ! Euclid

December 12th 2016
Hi Guys ! Joshua wants me to tell you guys that he needs to finish some important meetings before he updates you all. Give him another 48 hours please.. Good News ahead for the future for all of us ! :) Euclid

December 8th 2016
My Friends Oh boy... I sure could get a heart attack for less things then that :) Apparently there are some people out there that doesnt want us to complete this, but believe me...And i just talked to Joshua. NOTHING is going to stop us ! Mr. Lars (our head of IT security) located the DDOS attack within 2 hours and contained it. I dont think you guys even noticed it once it happened before the site went down. So my friends, sit back and relax and wait for the update from Mr. Millard, hopefully tomorrow or latest this weekend. God Bless you all Euclid

December 6th 2016
Hi Guys Joshua is still in Washington and he will most likely update you guys within the next 2-3 days. Many things going on of course as we are getting so close now. Stay safe out there and God Bless. Euclid

November 20th 2016
Hi Guys ! Update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive ! Euclid

November 18th 2016
Hi Guys We are aware of the backlog in support , we are working on it and will be back on track with no backlog within the next 3 days, so no need to resend your inquiry. Thanks Euclid

November 16th 2016
Hi ! Busy times ! Simulations have started again for the US!! Joshua will update as soon as it is less busy for him, , get your last investments in my friends !! I feel really excited :)... Euclid

November 9th 2016
Hi ! Just a short note from Mr. Millard, when the simulations was closed before the election day we reached 7% guys ! Thats nice progress. Mr.Millard will update you guys about the simulation and the election early next week. Euclid

November 3rd 2016
Hi Guys ! More updates from Mr.Millard in News Archive ! Euclid

November 1st 2016
Hi Guys Small update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Euclid

October 25th 2016
Hi Guys ! Update from Joshua in News Archive Euclid

October 22nd 2016
Hi Guys ! Japan simulations ended successfully yesterday Oct 21st ! That is great news and Joshua also informed that he will return back here to NY on Monday Oct 24th after some really productive meetings in Washington DC. Some great decisions have been made there for the security and safety of this great company we are in for many many years to come after this payout ! He will update you all early next week he said. Have a great weekend guys ! Euclid

October 15th 2016
Yes, the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 is still on until Oct 30th at least...Just to make it clear.. Euclid

October 14th 2016
Hi Guys ! We are at 93% and this is mainly because we are at a stop again due to another bank that we need to take away from the Initial payout. No big issue, we just need to sort things out for the clients that have this bank and make sure that they are transferred accordingly...I'll keep you guys updated of course. Mr. Millard is still in Washington DC and he will update you all upon his arrival back here to New York, please enjoy your weekend my friends ! Euclid

October 8th 2016
Friends !! Joshua is on a role ! :) Reported again today that Japan has reached 92% of the simulations since yesterday :) Very good News and we cant wait to get the US simulations started very soon. God Bless you my dear friends.. Euclid

October 8th 2016
Hi Guys ! Joshua reports from Washington DC that we have reached 86% in the Japanese simulations, we had a short break there for about 6 days due to some of the Banks that has issues and cant receive funds from this Investment so they have been replaced and all is ok. Also for the investors there that had to change their bank accounts due to this and this was fixed for them. I hope to get some more info soon from Joshua about the upcoming US simulations. Enjoy your weekend guys ! Please also note that the Lucky Draw will be extended until Oct 30th mainly because we have had some problems with members transferring funds. Euclid

September 30th 2016
Hi Guys Joshua is on the road again and this time he is headed not to far but to Washington DC and this is for the preparations for the US simulations. The Japan simulations have now reached 67%. Joshua will update you guys very soon about the meetings he will have in Washington. Exciting times ahead my friends ! :) Make sure you have all your friends and family in now and the Lucky Draw is scheduled to close for further participation on Oct 16th !! Euclid

September 25th 2016
Hi Guys 55% reached for the simulations of Japan Euclid

September 15th 2016
Hi Guys ! Mr. Millard just informed me that Japan has reached 40% completed of the simulations !! Great News Guys !! Euclid

September 10th 2016
Hi Guys Small update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Euclid

September 1st 2016
Hi Guys Please note that the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deal will run until the end of the Lucky Draw which is Oct 16th. Good Luck guys ! Euclid

August 30th 2016
Hi Small update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Euclid

August 21st 2016
Hi Guys ! Great News, just a quick note from Joshua, Canada's simulation ended successfully last Friday and the Japan simulations is starting today Monday. Joshua is actually as we speak on a plane to Tokyo as he was invited to speak and meet with the Japanese Central Bank which is something you dont turn down. He will update you guys in the week. Good times ahead my dear friends ! Euclid

August 11th 2016
My Friends Joshua is back here in New York and really excited to close the simulations of Canada very soon as we now are at 90% completed !! Great news and cant wait to get Japan started very soon... Grab the chance now for what will most likely be the last Lucky Draw/Contest we will have in this venture we all have been on for so many years. Good Luck to All !! Euclid

August 6th 2016
Hi Guys ! Just got an update from Mr.Millard back in Dubai that we have now reached 75% completed for the Canada simulations so Great progress there the last few days ! We are feeling really excited about that over here. Joshua will head back to New York tomorrow already he stated as all have been sorted in Dubai in regards to his Family issues there. Euclid

August 6th 2016
Hi again Please also note that if your account hasnt been updated it is automatically transferred to the last Lucky Draw we now have with 3 prizes, so dont worry about that. We are aware that we are a bit behind on updating this mainly because of the admin staff here in NY have many things to learn as well before we hit the end of the final simulation of the US. Euclid

August 6th 2016
Update in the News Archive !!

August 1st 2016
Hi Guys Just a small note to inform that Joshua had to travel urgently to Dubai for a family issue. He wont have time to update with Newsletter today, he will write one when he comes back in 3-4 days. He informs progress still ongoing and Canada have reached appr. 35% on the way, we have quit a lot of Investors there so it takes a little longer. The Big Lucky Draw has finished and the Winner will be announced on the 5th !! But we have some very good News about that as well. The board might want to do one final Lucky Draw like this again, more details in the Newsletter once they have agreed upon the terms of it. Thats all for now Guys. Euclid

July 26th 2016
Hi Guys Small reminder that its only 4 days left now before we stop the Big Lucky Draw contest ! So make sure you are in it ! Newsletter will be out 1st or 2nd of August and the Lucky Draw will take place on Friday August 5th. God Bless and Good Luck ! Euclid

July 21st 2016
Hi Guys Please note that we are running about 7-8 days behind in regards to updating accounts due to internal education about the process here in NY when you all arrive, NO duplicate emails please ! We will have caught up in about 3-4 days. People have asked for extension about the Big Lucky Draw but that wont happen the board said. So make sure you have all your Investments in before the end of the month. Extension of the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deals until Friday August 5th. God Bless Euclid

July 17th 2016
Hi Huys ! As you might have understood Mr. Millard is extremely busy to finish this now, , Mexico's simulations completed and All Ok ! We are now at our friends north in Canada, , Mr Millard hopes to update u all very soon when time allows, , please keep in mind the BIG lucky draw, , we are almost there to see Who wins it ! Euclid

June 30th 2016
Hi Guys Mr. Millard just want to report that the first country of Mexico in this last district is about 94% completed and looks good. Banks have also extended the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deal but only for 12 banking days so the new date is July 19th. Stay tuned guys for more Euclid

June 8th 2016
Small update from Mr. Millard in News Archive Euclid

June 1st 2016
The last Monthly Lucky Draw and it winners are as follows: 3000 Dollar to username : docmag1246 1500 Dollar to username : mystified2015 750 Dollar to username : bidaboy Congrats all and the best of luck to all in the Big Lucky Draw !! Euclid

June 1st 2016
Hi Guys Just a short note telling you all that Mr. Millard with the board and the "simulation team" has landed safely on JFK this morning. Updates soon from him in the week. Euclid

May 24th 2016
Update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Euclid

May 17th 2016
Dear friends I understand there is some worries about the VISA issue to the US. Joshua will address this shortly and all this has been handled already. Its complicated but he will explain soon. No need to worry Euclid

May 13th 2016
Newsletter out in News Archive Euclid

May 9th 2016
Hi Guys Newsletter will be out Saturday May 14th, stay tuned for some alterations in the contest as well all to Your benefit and has been approved by the Board on their initiative. 10th district is just around the corner to be completed. God Bless Euclid

May 3rd 2016
Hi Guys To clarify something in regards to the contest. It is 15 Additional shares that needs to be invested to be a part of the contest, which means that it is $570 + $98 = 668 Dollar invested. Sorry for the confusion. Also sorry about the typo with June 13th, its of course May 13th, , we have many numbers in our heads at the moment as Im sure you all understand. Euclid

May 1st 2016
Hi Small update from Joshua in News Archive Euclid

April 27th 2016
Hi Guys Update in News Archive Euclid

April 15th 2016
Hi Guys Just a short note, Mr. Millard states that they are about halfway done with the 10th district and so far no problems in the countries that has been simulated. So great progress there my friends. Also a reminder about the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deals in shares. We have had request to extend this but it isnt really up to us as this is a decision made by the banks. Last date is still April 30th. Mr. Millard has however asked the question about extension but its all up to them to decide upon this. So for now its still April 30th that goes. Please enjoy your weekend Guys and talk soon again. Also dont forget the lucky draw for April which ends on the same date and the draw will take place May 1st. Euclid

April 3rd 2016
Lucky Draw Winners 3000 Dollar to username : BJM1946 1500 DOllar to username : wolf101 750 Dollar to username : rijbe22 Congrats to all, remember that most likely the last day for the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 Deal is April 30th, Last day to Invest for the April Lucky Draw is also Saturday 30th at midnight US ET. Good Luck Guys Euclid

March 27th 2016
Just a short reminder for the Lucky Draw this Month. Last day to Invest to be in the draw is Thursday 31st midnight to Friday US ET. Minimum 5 shares invested. PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639 1st prize 3000 Dollar 2nd Prize 1500 Dollar 3rd Prize 750 Dollar Good Luck Guys Euclid

March 19th 2016
Small update from Joshua in the News Archive.... Euclid

March 12th 2016
Hi Guys Update from Joshua in the News Archive Euclid

March 1st 2016
Hi guys Update from Joshua in News Archive Euclid

February 28th 2016
Hi Guys Lucky Draw Winners this past week: 1000 Dollar to username: waterhorse 500 Dollar to username : germanywc2016 250 Dollar to username : chenet3746 Congrats to all and good luck for next week my friends. Euclid

February 22nd 2016
Hi Guys Please note as no updates of accounts have been made the last few weeks no Lucky Draws have been made. February 28th will be next lucky draw so any investments in by midnight 27th NY time is in for the draw. Updates of accounts will start again within the next 24 hours due to other activities we in the support section have had to do to prepare the arrival of the members. Euclid

February 14th 2016
Hi Guys Just a short message to tell you that Joshua is still in Europe and he informed me that 8 of the 11 "economic districts" have now been successfully simulated, so only 3 remains. He will explain more in detail which these 3 last districts are soon..stay tuned ! Euclid

February 2nd 2016
IMPORTANT NOTICE We have started a new support email as of today due to the attempted hacking of many of our systems. The support email isnt in effect anymore so No emails will be answered there. New email is : If you havent been responded to your support enquiry as of today, please resend your request to this new support email and we will take care of this accordingly.. As of today NO EMAILS sent to the old support email will be answered. It will be shut down for security reasons.. Thank you my Friends.. Euclid

January 31st 2016
Last weeks lucky draw winners: 1000 Dollar to user: rockymountain 500 Dollar to user: moneytime 250 Dollar to user: muzmel Congrats all..Next draw will take place same time next week. Euclid

January 27th 2016
Friends Small update from Mr. Millard in the News Archive Euclid

January 17th 2016
Small update from me in News Archive.. Euclid

December 31st 2015
Best wishes and a Happy New Year to all of our Friends out there all over the world. 2016 will be the most incredible Year you will ever experience. God Bless Euclid

December 28th 2015
News posted in News Archive Euclid Ps. There was a small typo in the news, last lucky draw will take place January 17th. So about weeks more to invest to get the chance to win the extra cash. Also FYI, if you havent been updated in the back office you havent been entered into the draw. When you are updated you will be in the draw for the end of that week.

December 24th 2015
Dear Investors Joshua here, I have only been home a few hours and feel that I need to get into the NY time set again. Please give me 2 days more for the update I have for you. Its good News and we are making great progress. I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016 which of course will be the year that will change all of your lives out there..This is my promise to you. God Bless and you will hear from me very soon again. Joshua

December 22nd 2015
Dear Friends A small message from me is posted in the News Archive. Please stay tuned for Mr.Millards News tomorrow. Euclid

December 21st 2015
Hi Guys Mr. Millard is on his way back to New York tomorrow morning. He will send out some News the day after about the progress. Euclid

December 19th 2015
Hi Just to confirm for those in doubt. I have joined the hciemsboard forum. This weeks Lucky Draw Winners are: 1000 Dollar to username americandancer 500 Dollar to Lemuel55 250 Dollar to tommygun Congrats Euclid

December 16th 2015
Hi Guys Apparently the lucky draw winners from last week in Nov was missed. I thought that was announced already..but here they are. 1000 Dollar to username boylove 500 Dollar to username janbodyme 250 Dollar to username dustmachine

December 15th 2015
Lucky Draw Winners posted in the News Archive section

December 15th 2015
My Friends Im sorry about the delays, I have actually once again been on a training course for the admin work that needs to be done once you all get here. I was called to do this with very short notice so I hope that is a good sign from Mr. Millard very soon. He is still in Europe and the talks are ongoing, He is very silent and I believe this is because nothing should come out now before Everything is All Ok...Last 2 weeks lucky winners will be presented tomorrow and all support issues will be sorted by the end of the week so please dont send any multiple emails on your request...I have a Very good feeling guys...Take care for now.. Your Friend Euclid

December 4th 2015
Hi Guys Please note that last weeks winners of the lucky draw will be announced during this weekend together with this weeks winners as well....On another note, Joshua is still in Europe and talks have been very good he states, he didnt say more than that but as soon as he have something concrete he will announce it.. In the meantime take care my friends.. Euclid

November 22nd 2015
Dear Friends Last weeks Lucky Draw Winners 1000 Dollar to username : 1234 500 Dollar to username : tuleby 250 Dollar to username : coffee4two More News soon my friends, Joshua is working hard back in Europe.. Euclid

November 14th 2015
Hello My Dear Friends After have just finished registrations of last weeks Investment we hereby have last weeks lucky draw winners.. 1000 Dollar to username : Christian 500 Dollar to username : ramack 250 Dollar to username : Silverfox 2244 Congrats all and Good Luck for next Week...Also dont forget the trips we have up for grabs for the people investing more than 15 shares..deadline Dec 30th, IF we dont have a payout before that is..God Bless My Friends. Ps. Of course, today our thoughts, prayers are sent to the people of Paris, France. Its a sad world we are living in sometimes and we must all start to take care of each other and spread love...not hate.. Euclid

November 8th 2015
Hi Guys Last weeks Lucky Draw Winners.. 1000 Dollar to username parvatidasi 500 Dollar to username caroldouglas1 250 Dollar to username delivermycash Congrats all and Good Luck for this upcoming week. On another note...Mr.Millard left New York yesterday and headed back to Europe to get the talks going again towards the payout...As soon as I get some News I will of course share it. Take care my friends. Euclid

October 30th 2015
Hi Friends Lucky Draw winners posted in News Archive

October 23rd 2015
Dear Friends Small update in the News Archive..

October 18th 2015
Hi As we had few Investments last week as the time frame was short after the News, the first lucky draw will take place this Friday Oct 23rd. Good Luck Guys Euclid PS. Joshua is answering many of your questions now as we speak and will be published in the upcoming week.

October 11th 2015
My Friends Results of the Vote is in News Archive. Thank you so much for your support Joshua

October 6th 2015
Dear Friends Short update in News Archive, we need your answer on the options before Sunday Oct 11th. Euclid

September 30th 2015
Hi All Joshua is now back in New York a little later then expected, , News will come soon...Thanks guys

September 18th 2015
Hi Guys We found the bug and its fixed, , but as suspected we are going to need you all to send in your support enquiries again to us, , sorry about that.. NOTE...This only goes for what u havent been answered on so far, , all the other updates are still intact of course Euclid

September 18th 2015
Hi guys Please stay tuned for News very soon from Mr. Millard, , anything thing we was aware is that we have been sitting here and answering support emails but apparently a bug in the safety system hasnt "approved" the outbox to send and updates in your account that has been connected with this also didnt show, , we are working on this problem and will let u know when its fixed, , So IF you havent had your account updated you most likely need to send in your email support enquiry again, sorry about that... Last months talks between Mr. Millard and the Banks have been very hard...but a solution its on its way that will be explained..He's heading back to NY on Sunday evening..I hope he have some News early in the week then.. God Bless Euclid

September 3rd 2015
Hi Guys Yes, we know, , we should be more efficient with updating you guys, , sorry about that, , I have been in greece helping out some family that of course have issues with the economy there so land must be sold,, but thats not important in this case of course, Joshua is still in Europe and the main discussion they have had again is the initial payout to your bank accounts, they want to lower that again due to the fact that there will be some problems with banks in South America, Eastern Europe and some countries in South East Asia as that amount is even at that level very high not to be controlled...Joshua asked me to tell u that u all have the option to invest until Sept 29th so u all have that opportunity now, , he hopes to have all sorted then and have the last amount set for the initial payout...Its getting a bit frustrating but i feel we are getting there...Take care guys and thanks for the patience again and again in this extremely complicated product. Euclid

August 10th 2015
Hello Friends Just for info again, Joshua is still in Europe talking the Banks about the final things that hasnt been agreed upon, there are many things that need to match and points they can agree upon, so with that being said its possible to invest still and take in new investors, Joshua didnt want to put the deadline to far ahead as things could progress quickly, new deadline is Aug 30th. Take care my Friends Euclid

July 21st 2015
Hi Guys FYI, we are about 8 days behind on updating your accounts, so please do not send in multiple emails, this will only make the progress more difficult for us..stay tuned for update soon, Mr. Millard is in Europe but will be back in a couple of days. Euclid

July 13th 2015
Hi Everyone ! Just a short note to say that there will be an extension of the deadline for the shares, this mainly because we are a bit behind schedule and this is actually due to the situation in Greece...It WILL NOT be Any problems with the payout but it has slowed down the process due to the fact that All people have been involved in the situation, the delays arent any major ones either, as stated it has just slowed down the process a little..more about that in the upcoming Newsletter..Deadline for purchasing shares is now set to Aug 10th. Talk to you soon again.

July 4th 2015
From all of us here in New York a Happy 4th of July to all of you !! Management is on business trip regarding the payout of course so cant celebrate with us here..We hope to have the next update next week God Bless ! Euclid

June 11th 2015
Q & A in the News Archive now published..

June 9th 2015
Short update in News Archive is published.

June 1st 2015
Dear Friends As you might have understood already Mr. Millard and the rest of his closest team have been Extremely busy the last few weeks in regards to getting a date set for the payout. Some meetings had to take place here in New York as well so he is halfway through answering the questions that you all had which was about 120 ! Please be patient a few days longer as he want to answer them all in a correct way. As usual, we appreciate your everlasting patience.But please do not worry, Mr.Millard just want to be 100% sure on the dates that are being discussed right now as we speak. God Bless Euclid

May 29th 2015
My Friends Mr. Millard is back to NY and will post and answer questions during the weekend...Will be posted no later then Tuesday evening Eastern US time.. Euclid

May 20th 2015
Dear Friends We know that you all are waiting for the News Letter, , please be patient a while longer as Mr. Millard has been forced to stay abroad for a while longer due to bank meetings that has to do with the payout of course. No need to worry but he want to clear matters as quickly as he can now to get a final date set. So deadline of Investments of May 15th has been extended but no final date has been set as of yet. The 3 for 1 deal as well as the group 5 for 1 deal is still active. Euclid

May 14th 2015
A small reminder and also stated in the latest Newsletter that there Will be an extension of the last Investment Day of May 15th. The date hasnt been set yet but will be set when Mr.Millard is back to New York again middle of next week. Euclid

May 4th 2015
Small update in the News Archive..

April 30th 2015
Please ignore ANY posts in forum about a payout date !! No date has been set !! Please stay tuned for Newsletter within a few days. Joshua is on his way back from a business trip in Asia.

April 8th 2015
Small update in the News Archive now...

April 5th 2015
Please hold on for another 24-48 Hours for the Newsletter as Mr. Millard is on a business related trip that took a little longer then expected....Sorry about that. Euclid

April 5th 2015
Please hold on for another 24-48 Hours for the Newsletter as Mr. Millard is on a business related trip that took a little longer then expected....Sorry about that. Euclid

April 2nd 2015
Hi We know that there is a lot of talk about the value of each share bought. Mr. Millard will address this in the next Newsletter that will be out during the weekend.

March 27th 2015
Small update in the News Archive...

March 21st 2015
C-GOLD EXCHANGE Edited.... After many discussions the Asian contact we have for exchange C-Gold doesnt feel comfortable with that anymore. We will still accept C-Gold but Strongly recommend that you make arrangement to use PM (Perfect Money). We know its banned in the US, but try and make arrangements to use that through friends perhaps or by using other IP that is common today of course and nothing that is illegal.

March 14th 2015
NEW UPDATE IN NEWS ARCHIVE... NOTE !! We know that PM is banned in the US but we urge you to find a solution to use that as your choice number 1 before C-Gold. It is easier for us to deal with and it will also speed up the process internally here for us. So please try and find a solution for that (friends that might have PM abroad etc)

March 10th 2015
Finally .... Update in News Archive here on the site.. Some Good News but Also some Bad News Im afraid but all ok my friends considering the circumstances...You will hear from us very soon again... And please try to refrain from any insults, accusations etc as that only takes energy from the support staff, , lets move forward instead to what we all want to happen and will happen Euclid

March 8th 2015

January 26th 2015
Hi Guys ! As u might have imagined we have been more then busy sorting out the new set up....We havent been able to say anything as we are the only RPP left that will pay out and it has to be done differently....News out in 4-5 Days !!

November 3rd 2014
Hi Guys Again. sorry for the silence as we have been extremely busy behind the scenes complying with the authorities. We cant discuss any details right now but all ok, please trust us on that. As you might have seen the HCI25 site is down temporarily. This is due to a Spam complaint we got against us which we will of course settle and explain to the hosting company. Stay positive my friends. Joshua will send you all a message very soon Euclid

October 18th 2014
Yes, of course. We are still here...Very sorry once again for the silence...We are awaiting crucial info from different authorities and they include Money Laundry, ISIS, Threats that we have received to our offices...I can assure YOU ALL that all is Go ! BUT...certain things needs to be sorted that we couldnt plan for...We might change the number of people as well coming here at one time from 800 people down to 250 people, , this is also a security measure due to the threats we received...Please stay tuned and stay safe..A lengthy response from Mr Millard is out very very soon... God Bless You All Euclid

September 15th 2014
Update in News Section of the HCI25 site...

August 18th 2014
Important update in the News Section of the HCI25 site !!

August 14th 2014
Sorry about the small delay in regards to the Newsletter...Mr Millard is on his way back to New York as we speak and will finish up on the News during the weekend. Thank you guys Euclid

August 7th 2014
small update in the News Section of the HCI25 site....

July 17th 2014
Small update/notice in the News Section of the HCI25 site....

July 16th 2014
Newsletter on the way this weekend !! Many great things and we are all on track !! Make sure to make your investments in time..July 25th is still deadline but as we see now we are on track with everything so might be extended !! But dont take it for granted ! So make sure you have all done by July 25th !!! Many Fantastic and Happy Days ahead me dear friends and I cant even begin to tell you the joy we are felling here in our new offices.. God Bless each and everyone one !! Joshua and Euclid

June 15th 2014
News update in the News Section of the HCI25 site..

May 26th 2014
News update in the News Section of the HCI25 site..

May 18th 2014
Hi All ! Please stay tuned for the next News update within the next 3-4 days ! Please make sure not to send any duplicate emails as that just increases the workload here. We are almost there in handling all confirmations in regards to KYC/NP Stamps being sent in, , give us 6-7 days more please. If u havent received confirmation by May 25th, then please resend. In the meantime please read all the news in our news section to stay updated and informed.. God Bless Euclid

April 30th 2014
Small update in the News Section of the HCI25 site is posted...

April 25th 2014
Please stay tuned for Newsletter this weekend in the HCI25 News Section on the site ! A LOT of progress behind the scenes and we are right on track with all activities. Sorry for any miscommunication amongst our Staff in regards to PM and C-Gold Accounts. We are still using the same account as you can read about in the latest newsletters in that section.

April 1st 2014
Sorry for delays once again my friends. Support staff is being trained/educated still about the upcoming process in New York for all of our members. We hope to catch up in the next 7-10 Days. Please do not send your enquiries twice as that only extends the time frame of it all. In the meantime take the opportunity to read the newsletters again in the news section. The workload is enormous but will be worth it for sure my friends. Stay tuned Euclid

March 3rd 2014
ID/Passport does NOT need to be in color....Bland and White is ok...sorry for any confusion.....New Update in the News Section of the HCI25 site will be out March 4th. In regards to the Forex Trade, , as explained in the last news letter this is compounded for Dec and Jan and will be compounded until at least April. This is due to a new Guaranteed Offer we will start with during the summer. So all ok and the result has been added to your Investment. Euclid

February 14th 2014
News update and progress in the News Section of the HCI25 site now

February 2nd 2014
Yes, we are alive :) Very sorry for no updates, a detailed Newsletter will be out soon about the payout that actually has occured and its all set in the accounts. Only one minor detail..You ALL have to come to New York ! On our expense of course. Please stay tuned for the News in the next few days. Euclid

January 17th 2014
Small update in the News Section of the HCI25 site..

January 7th 2014
Sorry for the delays my friends...Things are progressing slowly but surely and News Release will come on Monday January 13th after the weekend meetings with the SEC that have been very productive in regards to the payout. Stay tuned ! .....

December 24th 2013
Please! Do not send in your enquiry Twice ! It literally makes the support staff work double as they need to check every enquiry being sent in....This makes it All take some much longer....Of course we are working during the holiday as well and we would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year....We are getting there my friends...You have my word on this.. Euclid

December 19th 2013
Small update again in the News Section of the HCI site...

December 13th 2013
Small update in News Section of the HCI site...ALMOST there...........

December 11th 2013
Dont worry about the HCI site, , all is ok and its temporary glitches with the domain only....We are extremely busy at work so keep calm and good news will come soon...

December 10th 2013
DO NOT send in any more support enquiries from now....We have 3 days of A LOT of work now so stay patient...Thank you!

December 8th 2013
Please note ! Do Not double send your Support Enquiry ! 2 more days to go, last accepted investments is Dec 10th 11:30PM Eastern Time (US) Payout process starts Dec 13th.

November 25th 2013
Small update in the News Section of HCI25

November 21st 2013
Hi Friends We are a bit behind on Support issues again due to the enormous amount of requests. Nothing to worry about and all will be sorted before Dec 10th of course as we are putting in extra staff for this. So only 18 days left my friends ! Then we will close the doors for further participation in any RPP or PFRPP..Please read latest newsletter again (News section of the HCI site) for the promotional deal with extra shares and dont miss out. Please also note some small technical issues with the HCI25 site. Nothing to worry about its only technical and will be sorted out shortly..

November 16th 2013
Good Morning From Dubai Just a short note to inform you all that we have now sat down with the Management of the Issuing Bank and are discussing the final details about the Gold Entity Trusts and the execution of these as it is the largest and most complex execution of Trusts ever being made in history. All is looking good my friends even though i know some of you out there have had problems funding C-Gold or PM. Im sure you will all make it in time. More to come very soon !! Joshua

October 28th 2013
October ROI for the Forex Trade was cut on the 26th and we have 9.8% to pay out to our Investors !! Big Congrats to you all and send us an email now on with your proof of investment and to what CG or PM account you want your ROI or if you want to reinvest it. If you havent invested in the Icelandic Forex Trader, then get your investment in Today ! Euclid

October 20th 2013
News Update posted in the News Section of the HCI25 site now.It is also being sent out on email, but even though you havent received it please dont request it on email as we have the same message posted on the Site. Dont worry about not receiving it either as all the necessary documents you will need for the payout will be available for download on our site as well when that time comes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Euclid

October 18th 2013
My Friends We are reading some confusion statements from other RPPs which is simply wrong. To talk down other RPPs is just not very productive and we are not going to enter into a discussion like that but to just wish all Good Luck in their efforts to make their RPP an success. All we know is where we are at and Why we will be successful in regards to a payout. Also, we have NEVER stated that we need 100% of our member base to get their Gold Trust for the payout of HCI25 and EMS. It doesnt matter if 20%, 40% or 75% have gotten the Gold Trust, there will be a payout ANYWAY !! With that being said, we are now less then 2 months away my friends !! So if you havent gotten your payment in for the Gold Trust make sure you have within the next 7 weeks ! 98 dollars for the Trust and 38 dollars for any additional shares. Payments to PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639 Euclid

October 16th 2013
Dear Friends ! We are a little behind in regards to support issues but plan to be on track again before the end of the weekend...Small news update during the weekend as well in regards to the work being done

September 29th 2013
News Update posted in the News Section of the HCI site...

September 28th 2013
Stay tuned for news update early next week. Many things are happening and they are all good things ! Payments for the Forex Trade will be made this weekend Euclid

September 16th 2013
FYI..We are starting to set up Gold Trust Entities already for you all that have paid the $98 Entity Fee. I thought the info would be appropriate for you all to know to see that even though we are silent MANY things are happening behind the scenes. make sure you or your downline have it all set up now !! As I also explained we have had only 2 weeks of trade in our Forex Trade this month due to holidays amongst brokers so we have drawn the line last friday with a result of 3.85%. So congrats on that. Next month will be first "real" trader month again with normal ROI rates. As usual send an email to to claim your monthly ROI and if you want it to CG or PM..Also send proof of investment and the amount that was invested. Euclid

September 1st 2013
Site down at HCI25 due to server migration, so no worries my friends ! :)

August 29th 2013
Icelandic Forex Trade results for August have been paid to all Investors, Congrats on this investment once more ! We have about 48.000 dollar left to offer for investment in this. Please reserve your investment today not to miss out ! Euclid

August 25th 2013
Small News update in the News Section of the HCI25 site has been posted..

August 21st 2013
2013-08-21 Busy Busy ! :) Please stay tuned for news update in the weekend ! Even though the news have been slow there is many things happening.. Euclid

July 25th 2013
2013-07-25 Forex Trade...As you all are aware the trading during June/July/August is always way below average as the summer trading is low in regards to volume traded in the market. Due to holiday in July and August as well we have less trading days as well. The result for July is 5.15% which is good considering the months. Expect August to be similar as the first 2 weeks is Trader holidays as well. Please send email about your Forex Investment to get this months payout and if you want it out or reinvested (Compounded) Pay out on Wednesday July 31st.

July 21st 2013
Update in the HCI25 News Section is posted...

July 15th 2013
Please hold to the weekend for the newsletter as Mr. Joshua is busy busy :) All ok and we might have a pay date on paper soon signed by the bank...

July 14th 2013
message from member....../////........for those still having problems getting their trust setup paid and shares.......EXCHANGESPLUS.COM SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO HELP.....VIA BANK WIRE FOR US CITIZENS my friend who is a fellow club member of EMS/HCI just placed an order with ExchangesPlus.....and they will fund C-gold [and perhaps PM as well] for US citizens. HYGOLD in Vietnam will no longer work with US citizens. ExchangesPlus will accept a bank wire to fund e-currency least for now. Hope this helps others still struggling to get their trust and extra shares paid.

July 8th 2013
Just a short note about us having only 34.000 dollars left to invest in the Forex Trade now by the Icelandic Trader. Send a booking request to support if you want to reserve and be in this investment. Booking means it have to be invested 2 weeks after the booking day at the latest. Thank you Ps. Newsletter scheduled for July 15th.

June 24th 2013
Forex Trade Result from the Icelandic Trader for June is 7.4%, Congrats ! The volatility of trading in the summer months is always smaller and that reflects the result as well, so thats a very good result indeed. Send an email with your proof of investment to get the payout. Payout to C-Gold or PM. Euclid

June 24th 2013
News update in the News Section of the HCI site is now out...

May 28th 2013
No more votes please !! Please hold until June 1st for the update and results from Joshua, he is finalizing a deadline date that has been set to get The Gold Trust Entity. And it will not be to far after the summer! Payment to C-Gold 19639, , or PM U4121947 , its also ok to register and pay through another members PM account if you're US citizen. Thats no problem.

May 25th 2013
We have started a Perfect Money account....If you dont have an account for yourself start it here.. Payment for the Gold Trust Entity to U4121947

May 25th 2013
Liberty Reserve... There is nothing to worry about in regards to your deposits as they leave the LR account within 10-15 minutes after you have deposited. It is transferred to our different bank accounts we use in venture capital purposes. All was registered with us up until 2am on Saturday morning May 25th New York time. If you sent in before this you have it registered with us. For now use C-Gold 19639 and we will start a PM (Perfect Money) account during the weekend.

May 25th 2013
Lets wait and see what happens with LR before we start speculate my friends, , in the meantime please use C-Gold account 19639.

May 23rd 2013
Time to vote.. Read the News Section of HCI25..

May 22nd 2013
A date has been set for the payout by the bank which we could decide to go with. Joshua will write about it within 24 hours. He wants to make this a democratic vote within the member base so be prepared on sending in an email to and state ok or not with this date. Stay tuned... Euclid

May 17th 2013
Good Morning After reviewing the response we got from you the member in regards to the latest news update and to put a deadline for the Trust Package Purchase in EMS, I will take this wish to the bank parties involved and settle this. I understand the importance of it better now and agree that we should work towards a deadline. Give me a few days. Thank you Joshua

May 15th 2013
News update is in the News Section of HCI25

May 10th 2013
Hi We are about to almost catch up with the support issues, if you havent been updated now please send your request again and it will be sorted out within 24 hours. Also keep calm about the HCI25 site as we are only changing hosts to improve the security for the upcoming payout, so nothing to worry about there..Once that is up an update will come from Joshua as well. Have a great weekend my friends Euclid

May 8th 2013
Hi guys Still integrating the database for HCI25 with the new Hosting to improve security. So no worries my friends. Will be up very soon, and an update will come from Joshua just after that.

May 4th 2013
FYI...We are moving our hosting for HCI25 for more stability, will be up soon,, so nothing to worry or PANIC about ! ;)All is good and a lot of work is being done behind the scenes to close these 2 RPP/PFRPP. Stay tuned

May 2nd 2013
We have a minor server problem where the HCI25 site is located. Nothing to worry about and its being worked on..

May 1st 2013
My apologies for a slight delay in the support issues again. This will be taken care within the next 7-10 days. There is a lot of new things I have to get used to and I also need to attend some family business back in Greece this week. Please dont send any more support related issues until May 6th. Thank you for your patience. Euclid

April 26th 2013
We are taking a long position in the Gold Spot Price again at 1455. Please join us in our decision and lets see where we are headed. We hope you all will enjoy your weekend.

April 26th 2013
Another update in the HCI25 News Section..

April 20th 2013
Update in the News Archive...

April 19th 2013
Busy Busy...Please hold for the weekend to get the accounts and investments updated...Thank you. Euclid

April 16th 2013
As stated earlier we have now closed our position in Gold when we reached the resistance at 1400, we sold at 1396 and received a total ROI of 6% on all the positions. We will stay out of the market a couple of days to see where we are headed. Please note these positions we have taken and how you should act in regards to major corrections in the market we now are experiencing.

April 15th 2013
We have taken a new long position at 1335. We now hold an average price at 1380 in Gold. We believe that we will see an adjustment soon and plan to go out of our gold positions when it tries to hit 1400.

April 15th 2013
We now see the importance of having capital to use when there is such instability in the metal market as now. Which we think is only temporary. We are taking a new long position in Gold at 1365. We hold an average price now of 1405.

April 14th 2013
Please read update in News Archive ! We have taken a fourth position in the Gold Spot Price at 1450. Our average price is now at 1485.

April 13th 2013
Hello We have taken a third long position in gold to even out the price again. We have bought at 1485 and the average spot price now in our 3 positions is 1523. We are seeing some frustration amongst the small traders not believing the large amount of short positions that is out there amongst the Big traders. Be careful taking any positions now if you have limited resources to even out the spot price.

April 5th 2013
Please bear with us in regards to support issues and updates of accounts until Monday. Euclid have had some days of to settle in with HCI25 again. Thank you for understanding.

April 4th 2013
Good Evening/Morning valued Investor !
On behalf of my Staff let me welcome you to EMS, the number one precious metals broker in the Industry today. Our record speaks for itself so please have a look at our News Archive and you will get an idea of the value we have created for our Investors the last couple of years.

Being in this market, it was of course an easy decision paying out an Online PFRPP in Gold as this will have the greater value of any Metal in the long run. No matter what is happening with the price right now there will always be a bigger demand for this metal which will show in the coming 18-24 months.

We are still trying to get our joint ventures together and are looking at the easiest way to implement what HCI25 has to offer in our system making it the most effective way to run our businesses together with them.

Please bear in mind that HCI25 has their RPP in the Pipeline for the payout already so let me commend them on that once they have set their Entities up which will be shortly I've been told. You can not reserve any PFRPP with us, they have to be purchased directly since there is a great demand right now.

So if you have plans on participating dont sit and wait around like some did in HCI25 with the result of missing the opportunity they offered. So if you want to participate in the Oct. 2014 payout get in now. 34% of the shares have been sold and this was during the first 3 weeks of the merger. I want to wish you a nice weekend and I will be back soon again with the "inside member area" Investment Info (Only for registered and Invested clients)

Ps. I understand that many of you want to register to get Info about the Investments we are doing but try and understand that this Info is very valuable for our Investing clients and we could face the fact that we need to only make this for the Invested clients.

They have raised this questions themselves and I can understand their point of view. So to honor them and our Highly Qualified Team of Professionals, please be an active invested member. It is not mandatory of course at this stage. But if it turns out that we have thousands of members registered that arent active Investors we cant focus on our core of Investment clients that has issues that requires our assistance and support time.

Dr. Steve K. Heyden

April 2nd 2013
To even out the price in Gold we are now taking another Long position at 1565. Our average spot price is now 1578. We remain as we are in our Silver position.

March 29th 2013
Please use "admin" as Ref. if you havent got a personal Ref. when signing up.

March 28th 2013
Investor Information We are as of today a much stronger company. In talks with one of our competitors we have now joined hands. The company is HCI25, Human Capital Insurance and is in the same field as we are. Having had the late Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash (Founder and former CEO of HCI25) as one of my mentors, the choice was easy for us to get the knowledge and experience these guys posses and it will be a thrill working with them being the strongest, and the company with the biggest economic muscles out there. Together we are only stronger and we congratulate the members of HCI25 and EMS. On this positive note we would like to inform you all that we have gone long in Gold AND Silver again at 1597 and 27.90. The positions are small to be able to gain up on the price down at 1550 and 25. We wish us all good luck in these positions.

March 28th 2013
Investor Information We are as of today a much stronger company. In talks with one of our competitors we have now joined hands. The company is HCI25, Human Capital Insurance and is in the same field as we are. Having had the late Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash (Founder and former CEO of HCI25) as one of my mentors, the choice was easy for us to get the knowledge and experience these guys posses and it will be a thrill working with them being the strongest, and the company with the biggest economic muscles out there. Together we are only stronger and we congratulate the members of HCI25 and EMS. On this positive note we would like to inform you all that we have gone long in Gold AND Silver again at 1597 and 27.90. The positions are small to be able to gain up on the price down at 1550 and 25. We wish us all good luck in these positions.

March 22nd 2013
A profit is profit is a profit.... We decided to close our positions yesterday in the Gold Spot Price at 1610. With the leverage in the 4 positions we had we closed at a total profit of 22%. We will observe early in the week to come to either go long again or if it is time to see some short positions being taken by the heavy investors out there...Dont miss our ideas and steps we take to give you the best possible profits in the market today.

March 1st 2013
Gold has been basing for a long period now and we see some tendencies that 1500 could be the turning point. We are going long again in the gold price and have gone in on 1560 , 1565 and 1575...We suggest you do the same but have cash on hand to even out the price if we are seeing the drop down to 1500 which could happen....stay tuned and be informed be following our lead which has proven profitable for many years now..

December 18th 2012
In the awaiting of the Fiscal Cliff we will not take any positions in the market before the end of the year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !Our monthly trade is right on track to launch on January 10th and make to get your shares in the PFRPP. Start package with the Trust is $98 and shares thereafter is $38.

December 16th 2012
Today we would like to welcome Mr. Euclid Diodorus to our great and highly qualified team of professionals. He will be our manager of support and admin staff and make sure that all of you get the service you want, need and deserve.Welcome onboard !

December 13th 2012
We will be looking into Uranium little more carefully. The spot price is just over $40 which is close to its 3 year low. The anticipated winners of the Japanese elections are very Pronuclear and a new reactor needs 3 times the amount of Uranium than an old one.About 80 reactors is being built around the world and many more is on the drawing table.The mines supply 140 Million lbs. and it is anticipated that 185 million lbs. is needed. The world is in a supply shortfall. Reserves are coming in from Russia but these reserves end in October 2013.The list goes on and on and we will monitor the spot price carefully.