Welcome to a new future!

The new electronic economic world of today has created new laws and regulations.

These regulations require that financial trading firms maintain enough liquid reserve capital to cover their deposits and operate under a fair and equitable principle of trade. Today, when technology enables us to do business with people who we have never met in person, trust and good name becomes the most valued commodity.

Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan

As the first company now online we are extremely proud to announce the release of the world’s first online PFRPP. Many of you have probably heard about the RPP that has been on the online market for many years now but have had some serious problems in regards to the banking situation around the world and getting them to actually transfer the funds without jeopardising their own current business.

Latest News

April 26th 2017


Few things, we know we are behind on support issues, please dont resend emails. We will catch up soon. We are late for several reasons but all good ones. Joshua will update as soon as he gets the chance. We are actually almost done with the California simulations. Due to a wish from Euclid the 5 for 1 deals expire on his Birthday which is May 12th. I have also been told to inform you about this but im sure Joshua will explain more in detail. As mentioned Euclid was moved from the hospital where he was receiving treatments. Its difficult to inform you all that he has been moved to a Hospice. We strongly believe that the Lord has another agenda though. He will get through this and he is still talking to us and is determined that he will be back soon. God Bless you Euclid.

In the meantime we will make sure that as many as possible gets this opportunity within EMS to set themselves free.



April 16th 2017


We are so busy my friends but all good ! California simulations are moving along and 30% of that state is done. Due to some technical issues the banks cant "close" the system right now in regards to the bonus shares and the 5 for 1 deal. Not sure why that is but they will inform us once that is resolved and they predict 8-9 Business days. This wont put delays for anything more then the offer is still pending until 25-27th of April. BUT we arent sure, so please note it could be cut off any day. We will keep you all updated of course.

Joshua will update you all very soon.

Please note that we are a bit behind of Support related issues but dont worry and dont resend your emails. It will be taken care of.

Ps. Euclid is doing ok after receiving some treatments but he has been moved to another hospital where he will get more advanced treatment. Mr Euclid is very strong and we are confident he will pull through. Thank you for prayers and thoughts. More info to come shortly.


April 8th 2017


Just a short note from Mr. Millard. The state that we have been doing simulations in right now are still on hold. Decision has been made to wait a little with that so we can move along so on Tuesday simulations will start in California.
We dont want to go into details in regards to what State that we are having problems with as of yet, but Mr. Millard is confident it will be fixed. In the meantime lets start with California as of Tuesday April 11th. Many people are struggling getting their final funds in so please make sure that you are all set, only a week to go guys.


March 29th 2017


We are a little behind in regards to support related issues right now due to the fact that we have been in training sessions about how to handle all of you arriving here. Joshua informed us that we are at 79% of simulations. There has been a hault in the State we are in at the moment for the same reasons as Arkansas. The economy in this State isnt what it is supposed to be. Please stay tuned for Mr. Millards update in the next week to come.

Take care


March 28th 2017


Please make sure that when doing an Angel Gift, send in the Investment info AND the info about the people that you want to gift this to at the same time and in the same email. It will be easier for our new staff taking care of this in the registration process.

Please also note that 9999 DOllar is the maximum you will see in your backoffice due to a security measure we have, but we have it all registered for you of course.

Thanks for your help


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