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August 16th 2017


We had a nice farewell ceremony for Euclid here in NY and he has been flown to Greece where he will have his final resting place. Many photos was taken and we will make them public when his closest Family says it is all ok. They want to make sure everything goes well in Greece also.

The last simulation has started as planned on Aug 14th and we have completed 2% so just getting started obviously.

Up to date since the announcement of the monuments we have received about 30,000 Dollar in Investment meaning 3000 Dollar goes towards Monument and the Fund. God Bless you all and Thank you so very much.


August 5th 2017


Small update in News Archive

New York simulations are completed !
Washington simulations start Aug 14th and is the last one !

We are ''celebrating'' with ease and respect of course as we are preparing our final farewells to Euclid in a few days time.

God Bless


July 27th 2017

Dear All

Update in the News Archive


July 26th 2017


Please stay tuned for a News update from Mr Millard within the next 24 hours, no later then Thursday afternoon eastern time.


July 23rd 2017

Dear Friends

There has been some confusion in regards to simulations dates we posted for NY and Washington. Now, please understand that these are dates that we are getting from the simulations team and they are based on different things. It doesnt really reflect what the real progress is going to be but simply a date that they get from different scenarios the are calculating on. For instance, one of the States were suppose to take 2 months and took 3 weeks. One of the smaller States had an estimate of 12 days and took 1.5 Months.

So please dont get worried/anxious about this. I think it would have been better if we didnt mention this at all to be honest :)

Its all good my friends.


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