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March 15th 2018


Anybody that has been dealing with C-Gold and have had your transfer on hold, can you please email us and state what the status is of your exchange please. We just want to match our records with what has been on hold. Thank you


March 14th 2018

Hello !

Update from Mr Millard in the News Archive


March 12th 2018

Hi Guys

Joshua here, just a short note to say Im still in meetings with simulation team and I will be until Tuesday evening. Ill update you all on Wednesday.

Thank you

March 8th 2018

Joshua is in meetings with the simulation team and banking partners and will update you all during the weekend in regards to the remaining 3 banks and the C-Gold situation. All is good and solutions are being implemented.

God Bless


March 1st 2018


As of March 1st (Deadline midnight eastern time to Friday) we do not accept any more bookings/reservations of Investments or register new Investors either.

Last day for Investments is March 7th and Investments without reservations can be made also obviously

Joshua will have an update before March 7th he states as he is in talks right now about the remaining 3 banks.

All accounts will be updated within 72 Hours


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