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We have a number of High Net Investments ranging from $50.000 up to $1M. They will be presented to you upon proof of funds registered in your name.


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June 17th 2017

Dear Friends/Investors

Sorry for delays in posts, Im so busy I havent had a day off in 3 months now. Short message, im spending everyday with the simulation team assisting them with all I can to speed things up. I would like to say we are doing GREAT!!

NY now at 67% complete ! Fantastic news and i will refrain from leaving this to focus on updates when we are making great progress, i hope you understand this, however, next step in NY requires us to prepare a specific bank, we cant start that bank until June 30th. And that bank needs to be done before we continue with the others so simulations will restart on June 30th. Please also note that support issues are behind mainly due to the fact that we need all staff to monitor the registration process when you all arrive here. Its a big task and need to be practiced over and over. We hope to have catch up on support issues within the next 20 days.

Euclid is sending his love. I will update more on his progress in my next update. Please stay with us and keep praying for Euclid and honor what he wants. We all have here within EMS/HCI of course.

God Bless


June 6th 2017


Sorry for silence but Mr. Millard is very busy overlooking the NY simulations, very happy though to inform that 36% of the NY simulations is done !! So happy really and it feels like we can smell the finish line here :) Stay positive guys and we will get there. Euclid have had a few very good days and he sends his warmest regards to all of you. We hope that he might be able and have the strength to write a few words to you all in the week. Joshua will of course also update you all when time allows.

God Bless you all for your patience andfor your thoughts and prayers towards Euclid.


May 29th 2017

Hello Friends

So happy to announce that the issue with the NY simulation has been resolved so the simulation started today May 29th !

Please stay tuned for an update from Mr. Millard in the week.



May 24th 2017


Small update in News Archive


May 13th 2017

Im shocked and sad ....

Receiving emails about some info that is interpreted differently. Euclids wish was to continue to at least his birthday and then he asked if it can continue until completion. We accepeted both. Now people make this into lies !? The people who have sent these emails should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES !!

These people we have discovered writing anything about this on forums or any public media we will instantly now freeze those accounts and when payout occurs these individuals will receive their Investment back with no ROI. Enough is enough..



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