EMS/HCI25 Icelandic Forex Trade

Please send an email to euclid.diodorus@gmail.com for this investment that has paid out an average of 14% per month for the last 2.5 years now. Minimum investment 4000 Dollar, locked for 6 months. Choose between compounded or noncompounded from month to month..


May 1st

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July 3rd 2018


Small update in News Archive guys


July 1st 2018

Hi !

PM Investments is hereby closed and wont become active again as the books/accounting are being finalized for this option.

So please refrain from using that option now as the Investment will only be refunded to the account it was sent from.


June 28th 2018

Quick reminder guys !!

Deadline for PM Investments is 11:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday June 30th. Make sure you have it all in order now. Any Investment arriving after that will be returned. Please also note that the update will be a few days late and will be posted July 3rd. Mr Millard is waiting for some new deadlines for the Angel Gifts and Referral Fee's that will end soon also.


June 23rd 2018

NOTE !!!

Less then ONE WEEK away now to Invest using PM (Perfect Money) as payment option !! Hurry up if you only have that option guys !

After June 30th it wont be possible anymore and it wont come back....Acc.nr U4121947


June 18th 2018


Update posted in News Archive


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