EMS/HCI25 Icelandic Forex Trade

Please send an email to euclid.diodorus@gmail.com for this investment that has paid out an average of 14% per month for the last 2.5 years now. Minimum investment 4000 Dollar, locked for 6 months. Choose between compounded or noncompounded from month to month..


May 1st

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May 6th 2019

Hi all

Please note that some of the numbers in the latest update arent correct at all in regards to your ''tax savings''

This will be updated shortly. Mr Millard and Mr X isnt available right now as they are discussing the pay out date.


May 3rd 2019

Hi !

Update posted in News Archive


April 30th 2019


Update from Mr Millard will be posted Friday Evening, NY time


April 7th 2019


Small update to be posted morning of April 8th.


March 23rd 2019


Sorry for forgetting to inform you all but during our stay here in Washington DC there will be no replies to your support related issues. So please no duplicate emails. We are back in NY at full strength on Tuesday 25th. Possibly Sunday evening.


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