EMS/HCI25 Icelandic Forex Trade

Please send an email to euclid.diodorus@gmail.com for this investment that has paid out an average of 14% per month for the last 2.5 years now. Minimum investment 4000 Dollar, locked for 6 months. Choose between compounded or noncompounded from month to month..


May 1st

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October 18th 2018

Hello !


All EMS staff will be in training/education for the next 8 days from Oct 19th to 26th. NO support related issues will be answered in this period. Please dont send any duplicate emails as all will be taken care of. Mr Millard is in intensive meetings obviously with Mr X and others in Management to make sure he has an update before the end of the month. We will have solutions in place for sure. God Bless !


October 16th 2018


We see many people starting to book flights already, we would advice not to do that yet but IF you do make sure its a re-bookable ticket ! We are still looking at the possibility to change the payout or arrival date to make sure that you all have time to arrive here in NY.


October 15th 2018


If you experiencing difficulties with some of the BTC addresses issued it could be because of the exchanger you are using

Please use this one from now on also.



October 10th 2018


The Management need a while longer to arrange a better set up in regards to the short time frame between the initial pay out and your arrival here. It is more complex to change this now but they are looking at all the available options.

Mr Millard hopes to have some News about this by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience about this. The Management have listened and they will rectify it.


October 4th 2018


From Oct 5th to 10th ALL of the EMS staff incl support staff will undergo some training and preparations for the Seminars so no emails will be answered, please refrain from sending in duplicate emails. Support staff will be back to normal strength on the 11th.

Thank you


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