EMS/HCI25 Icelandic Forex Trade

Please send an email to euclid.diodorus@gmail.com for this investment that has paid out an average of 14% per month for the last 2.5 years now. Minimum investment 4000 Dollar, locked for 6 months. Choose between compounded or noncompounded from month to month..


May 1st

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April 12th 2018


Short update from Mr. Millard in News Archive


April 7th 2018

Hi Guys

Sorry for the silence, I'll have a short update for you all early in the week. Please enjoy your weekend


April 1st 2018


Just a quick note informing you guys that I will be going back to Washington on Monday. We havent gotten a final date yet mainly due to that all the funding issues hasnt been cleared yet. We hope to get it done this week. I hope your weekend is nice..

God Bless


March 30th 2018

Please note about KYC !

If KYC was emailed to us if WONT show up in your back office, the confirmation email you get is enough and you are cleared.

If you had your KYC cleared and approved in the HCI25 site there is No need to upload or email it to us again.


March 23rd 2018


Please see Mr Millards update in the News Archive


All news items can be found in the News Archive