EMS Monthly Trade


This Trade will start April 10th 2013. All contracts with the bank have been signed and we are already receiving deposits for this trade. There is a BG issued to all investors for 45% annually. Yes, that’s correct. A BG of 45%! You can decide if you want to be paid on this monthly or add it to your principal investment and get it compounded.

The monthly ROI will be 3.75% compounded + percentage of the trading result. But be quick, the BG will only cover the first $500.000 invested in regards to the 45%. When this amount is reached a new BG will be issued that covers the principal investment.


Trades will take place in XAU/USD (Gold/US Dollar), XAU/EUR (Gold/Euro), XAG/USD (Silver/US Dollar) and XPT/USD (Platinum/US Dollar) Every 3 months we will evaluate the investments products we trade in to see if any adjustments needs to be made.

Investment locked for 12 months.

A certain percentage of the trading result will be donated to a charity of Your choice. You will send in info about your favorite local charity and we will have a look at this and choose a new charity each month for the donation. 

Minimum invest is $250 and maximum $250.000. There is a 10% commission to be paid for your Ref’s investments and this is paid to you on the 3rd Friday of every month.

How to Invest

Investments to our Liberty Reserve Account U9949738 stating your username 

EMS Monthly Trade

The monthly ROI will be 3.75% compounded + percentage of the trading result.


A certain percentage of the trading result will be donated to a charity of Your choice.


Latest News

November 18th 2018

Hi Everybody

Please hang in there a few more days for update.
Talks with Mr X are very productive and changes will happen, some negative, some positive. there are a few things we just need to confirm first and we expect to have this confirmed by Wednesday evening. Please stay tuned


November 11th 2018

My Dear Friends

We will be connected with Mr X again on Thursday Nov 15th.
We will have a few days of ''catching up'' and then we will inform the next steps during that upcoming weekend.

Please also be patient with support related issues. We are ALL still in training and getting new info also as we speak. DONT send duplicate emails... We WILL catch up shortly...

Thank you all for your patience.


November 7th 2018


Small update in the News Archive


October 27th 2018

Hello All !

Please note that all staff incl support staff is still in training and education, this will go on to Nov 4th so please be patient with support related issues until then and DO NOT send in duplicate emails.

Mr Millard and Mr X are very busy arranging an easier set up for your arrival here in NY and they will inform accordingly as soon as its all cleared.

Stay tuned for the beginning of November and God Bless


October 18th 2018

Hello !


All EMS staff will be in training/education for the next 8 days from Oct 19th to 26th. NO support related issues will be answered in this period. Please dont send any duplicate emails as all will be taken care of. Mr Millard is in intensive meetings obviously with Mr X and others in Management to make sure he has an update before the end of the month. We will have solutions in place for sure. God Bless !


All news items can be found in the News Archive