EMS Monthly Trade


This Trade will start April 10th 2013. All contracts with the bank have been signed and we are already receiving deposits for this trade. There is a BG issued to all investors for 45% annually. Yes, that’s correct. A BG of 45%! You can decide if you want to be paid on this monthly or add it to your principal investment and get it compounded.

The monthly ROI will be 3.75% compounded + percentage of the trading result. But be quick, the BG will only cover the first $500.000 invested in regards to the 45%. When this amount is reached a new BG will be issued that covers the principal investment.


Trades will take place in XAU/USD (Gold/US Dollar), XAU/EUR (Gold/Euro), XAG/USD (Silver/US Dollar) and XPT/USD (Platinum/US Dollar) Every 3 months we will evaluate the investments products we trade in to see if any adjustments needs to be made.

Investment locked for 12 months.

A certain percentage of the trading result will be donated to a charity of Your choice. You will send in info about your favorite local charity and we will have a look at this and choose a new charity each month for the donation. 

Minimum invest is $250 and maximum $250.000. There is a 10% commission to be paid for your Ref’s investments and this is paid to you on the 3rd Friday of every month.

How to Invest

Investments to our Liberty Reserve Account U9949738 stating your username 

EMS Monthly Trade

The monthly ROI will be 3.75% compounded + percentage of the trading result.


A certain percentage of the trading result will be donated to a charity of Your choice.


Latest News

July 23rd 2017

Dear Friends

There has been some confusion in regards to simulations dates we posted for NY and Washington. Now, please understand that these are dates that we are getting from the simulations team and they are based on different things. It doesnt really reflect what the real progress is going to be but simply a date that they get from different scenarios the are calculating on. For instance, one of the States were suppose to take 2 months and took 3 weeks. One of the smaller States had an estimate of 12 days and took 1.5 Months.

So please dont get worried/anxious about this. I think it would have been better if we didnt mention this at all to be honest :)

Its all good my friends.


July 22nd 2017

Dear all
There seems to be some concerns about the deadline of NY simulations and Washington. I have spoken to Joshua and he will explain to you all these deadlines and why they are set like that and why they could be shorter of course. They dont really reflect what could happen when the simulations move along. He hope to get a message out there on Monday


July 12th 2017

Great News !

Joshua reports that we have moved up to 87% in just a few days so instead of projections to end simulations for NY on Aug 30th, we are now at Aug 15th. Please also note that on Aug 15th we will stop and give the extra bonus on 50 shares bought to get a total of 500 Shares. If 50 shares are invested after this date you will only get 250 shares. Make sure that you all are invested by then top be able to get an extra 250 shares.

Please also be patient in regards to support related issues, we have a backlog but working on it. Please dont send duplicate emails.

God Bless


July 7th 2017

Hello !

Joshua says Hi with this.
NY is 82% completed ! If all goes as planned without any bumps along the way they aim to complete NY by Aug 30th.

Washington is scheduled to take 3,5 months. Of course and as always, this is what they predict. No guarantees but lets keep our fingers crossed guys ok?

Have a good weekend


July 3rd 2017

My Friends

I hope all are doing alright out there. We have restarted the NY Simulations and all looking good. Its a bit complicated here as we are in the financial capital of the world really and we have to adapt to that so to speak. But we hope the remaining part of the simulations will go smoothly here.

Nothing more to report really, all the old deals are still on as to the 5 for 1 deal and the bonus shares on top of this for Investing 50 shares. In the name of Euclid, lets continue to pray for him, may God Bless him and make him stronger. Please continue to support his wish as much as you all can. I hope to be able to bring you all some good news soon again in regards to the simulations.

Take care my dear and patient friends


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