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Feb 17th 2017

Hi Guys

My goodness me what a few simple days out in Central Park can do for you after spending a lot of time in a hospital. You really appreciate the cold crisp air, all the smells, impressions, people walking by, It has been some of the nicest walks I have ever taken in the Park especially with the great news fresh in mind of the simulations here in the US.

When I got back home it suddenly hit me though. Im not sure why but I felt anxious, very anxious, didn’t understand it at first but after I had a long talk with an old friend, he’s a priest actually, it all came forth. I really cant wait for the payout, but what about all the unfortunate people out there that are missing this opportunity?

What if they don’t get the chance that THEY deserve just as much as us? Is there time enough to “find us” for all the people that really deserves this after a life of perhaps pain and suffering? I have asked Mr. Millard and also the Board of Directors and the banks involved in this what more we can do to reach out to AS MANY AS POSSIBLE before we “close the doors” forever for Investments like this. That also makes me slightly anxious, that this opportunity wont ever come back. Ive had a hard time grasping that as I really want ALL to experience what we are about to experience, but at the same time I Know that not all will find us before its to late.

I have reached out to Mr. Millard and the management team about this for a suggestions that involves a bit of charity from their side. Will let you all know what they decide as soon as they have responded to my request/wish.

HCI25….As explained, any numbers in your back offices aren’t correct so we have decided like this, the 65% of the ROI is set and will be paid into your EMS accounts, so All Investors need to have at least the 98 Dollar Trust in EMS to get the 65% of the Pension Plans ROI in HCI25. This is all registered and put into the bank system. So, there is no need to actually log in into your old accounts. What we will do is this, if you want a new account just register a new one. So no request/emails for old passwords or old usernames will be attended to. If you can, please use a new email address for the new account as well. So, really no need to start a new account unless you want to invest more, and your old investment is all set so no reason to create a new account for that.

Simulations as of today Feb 17th is at 64%, mostly because there has been a stop due to some issues that needed to be addressed in the state of Arkansas. The economy there isnt the best in the US so adjustments needs to be made for that State. No risks for any Investor living there so don’t worry. That State just needs to be prepared on whats coming. We believe that this could be the case for 2-3 other States as well. Time will tell once we reach those States.

Im sure Mr. Millard will come with an update very soon with more specifics, but all good here my friends

God Bless you all




FEBRUARY 9th 2017


Dear Friends

We are getting there and the simulations have been very good with no obstacles whatsoever. I pray it will continue like this. Last week’s simulations has been smaller States so it could be a reason for that.

Many questions about HCI25, but to be honest. I wouldn’t waste to much time on it investing more. It is possible to Invest but you all can see that it doesn’t give as much as EMS even though its a fantastic ROI anyway. Whatever is written in your back offices isn’t correct so ignore that. Your old Investment wont be posted in the back office as that is already “booked” and pending payout. IF you Invest in new shares that will be updated. No need for KYC or Bank Account. All this will go through EMS. Ignore any old emails and ALL correspondence still to The site is , no other sites out there have anything to do with us. And again, 65% of what was initially meant to be paid out as ROI in the HCI25 Pension Plan is what you will get, and that is the main thing here really.

Really nothing special to report ( wait for it ) but I can tell you how the speculations are going in regards to President Trump and his first few weeks in power. Its like a rollercoaster even though you don’t see it on the stock markets. We see some tendencies in breakouts on some currencies and also metals as soon as there is a controversial subject being discussed or decisions that is being made that reflects the entire world, such as the travel ban which is turning into a circus to be honest. The world is watching our great country and they aren’t happy with what they see.

As long as his advisers gets through to him to a certain extent all should be ok we believe. But he really need to stop the “sitting-at-home-in-his-sofa-twittering” attitude which we all thought would stop after the inauguration. But I guess not. Everything he puts out there can be interpreted in so many ways and there are people around the world that also have some real power to make some real decisions.

A reminder of current deadline my friends that has changed slightly …5 for 1 deal is still on until March 7th.  3 for 1 deal has been moved back from May 1st to Monday April 17th (We are assuming its because of the flawless simulations right now) AND from April 17th it wont be 2 for 1. There wont be any bonuses at all after that date so 1 share bought is 1 share added to your Investment. Don’t miss out at the end of this journey now..

The reasons for the above we believe is this, and Im SOOO thrilled to report this… As of the evening of Feb 9th we are at 61% done in the simulations of the US!

Have a good weekend my friends and please spend it with Family and Friends and start to plan your final Investments and what you will do for your future. We have been truly blessed.

God Bless you my Friends and Im so happy to get to meet all of you very soon and we all pray that Euclid will be able to join us as well and get some time out from his little “office room” in the hospital.



January 23rd  2017


Dear Investors , My Friends


I must say that Euclid really explained it well for all of you and I hope that you all are a little more updated now on the complexity of Investment vehicles like this that isnt common to the average Investor/Banker. This is something really unique and not for everybody to be offered or even believe in and that’s why it will work. Do you know why??  If everybody wanted this Investment it simply Wouldnt work and our banking community would cease to exist in its current form and this is something that the world isnt ready for yet, or for another 100 years for that matter. Like Euclid mentioned, all of you are a few thousand very lucky Investors that has made the right decision to join us in this journey that will be life changing. But we MUST obey with what our regulators tell us to do. You can inform your near and dear right now but once this is all completed… Must continue to enjoy your newfound financial freedom in total silence in regards to what kind of Investment this was. That is Very Important for each and every one of you.

We are still receiving tons of “advice” from Investors on how we really should be handling this and I cant really understand why. Please read the updates my friends. We cant do anything but to obey and follow the rules They set, its that simple. There is no way we can rush this or “hurry things up”, so please, spare us the ideas,thoughts,suggestions etc etc. It saves us all time and we can also focus on what we are supposed to do.

The team that are handling the simulations are still waiting for a few configurations (that’s what they told me) before they are able to start the simulations, they hoped to get all their info on the 21-22nd January but havent received all the data yet. They believe all info will be received by the upcoming weekend so they are aiming to restart the simulations on Tuesday Jan 31st. This means that we are able to get the 5 for 1 deal and 3 for 1 deal extended but only for another 7 days.

The last date to be able as a group receive the 5 for 1 deal is Tuesday, March 7th.

After that 3 for 1 goes for everybody but only until Monday, May 1st.

From May 1st the offer will be 2 for 1 only and that goes for All individuals and All groups.

As stated, if simulations are completed before these dates, initial payout will start of course and the process of getting you all to NY has started. So don’t speculate in having to wait so long etc etc. Its negative energy being spread and I really don’t want that for Euclid first and foremost as he hurts as it is, not because of his health situation but hurts because of all of you that are waiting and waiting. He needs positive energy around him and im trying to spread that towards him in my daily Prayers.

As soon as we are Live with the simulations again and running with it, I’ll get back to all of you with updates. In the meantime don’t be afraid to invite others to this life changing opportunity because once initial payout is activated and you all are being sourced to get to New York, it will be too late to ever enter an Investment like this again. And once ALL funds have been distributed….IT IS LOCKDOWN ON ALL INFO IN REGARDS TO THIS INVESTMENT…This for the sake of the entire banking system as we know it.

God Bless you all and God Bless United States of America which is now under the leadership of a person that wasn’t even in our minds a few years ago as being our Commander. I sincerely hope he will work for all of us and make sure we will have stability around our great and beautiful planet Earth.

All for the sake of Peace, Freedom and our World Economy.


Yours Truly




January 8th 2017


Hi Everybody!

Euclid here wanting to share some thoughts/info with you all.

I really do hope that your Christmas and New Year Holidays was ok and that you have had the chance to spend this with your family and friends.

And of course, thank you so much for your wishes in regards to my health situation. It really helps and I get more strength from this.

I had a few days off to try and relax with my Family but my thoughts are with all of you out there and I must say, a Christmas/New Year at the h`ospitals we have here in New York isnt all that bad! J Our beloved Mr. Millard spent his Holidays in Washington but we managed to have a “get-together” over Skype with some of the other Directors. I wanted to share some things with you that Mr. Millard and the entire simulation team has approved, which I think can be a little help along the way to make you all understand the difficulties we face in an Investment like this. These are no secrets really but you will understand the challenges they are facing when knowing the eventual consequences any mistakes can have.

Im going to try and “paint a picture” for you, so you see the obstacles we are facing at times.

We have to see the big picture here my friends.  How the world economy works, how banks work and what they make money on and how a normal bank operates.

It is essential that the banking system as a whole remains exactly as it is run today, there is no other option. Lets say that an average bank gives you 2% interest every year for putting Your money in Their bank. The bank uses this money as working capital times a certain gearing factor. Now, if you want to borrow money from the same bank you have to pay the bank, lets say 6-7% (That’s an average in Europe right now depending on what kind of loan such as Property, Car, Business) This is all easy mathematics right ? More cash in to the bank then what goes out.

Now, lets say that you find a bank that will give you 10% per year for depositing your money into their bank (This bank charges 13-15% on loans so the mathematics work in that bank as well). Would you withdraw your money from your current bank and deposit that into this new bank?

Perhaps people would even borrow money at your first bank at, lets say 6% interest rate and deposit this into the new bank and then use the 10% in the new bank to pay the interest of 6% making you an extra 4% profit every year. This 4% could be used to pay of the 6% interest loan “for free”! ...  This is also simple mathematics right?

Now, lets say you find something like EMS/HCI25!! And you can show proof to others that an Investment like this actually does exist (After the payout of course, and believe me, people will talk and it doesn’t matter that this opportunity doesn’t come back, the word is out there and the copycats will go to work). This would spread like wildfire… People would want to withdraw their entire balances from their banks to be able to enter an Investment like this. Would this be good for the banks? What would happen to the entire banking system if this was a wish for Everybody to enter Investments like this? Would the banks have any working capital? Would they be able to give loans to the public? This scenario is something that we in the financial industry aren’t even allowed to talk about outside of certain walls. A scenario like this would be the end to the banking system as we know it. People will start and see the other options and there will be a complete change in our normal “banking behavior”.

My wonderful birthplace of Greece is a very good example of this change in “Banking behavior”. Greece was more or less bankrupt. IMF and the European Central Bank bailed them out and put limits, heavy limits. The entire population was scared and wanted to withdraw all of their savings to move to other countries where the banks gave them better “offers”. This could have been the end to Greece as we know it. It became regulated and now there is a limit that states that Greek people can only withdraw 600 Euros every week from their bank accounts even though they have millions of Euros in it!!

This is a scenario that could happen and will happen if we make the slightest mistake in an Investment like EMS/HCI25.

With that being said please read the following which is VERY VERY important.


Once you arrive here in New York and all the paperwork is in order you must all sign an NDA! This stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement and means that you cant under Any circumstances tell Anybody about this Investment. Whatever you tell your friends or coworkers is really up to you but you cant say what kind of Investment this was. Its ok to do now. But once the payout is cleared and you have received ALL of the funds, not a single word or even a hunch can be made when people start and ask. It is actually a felony if you do that after you have signed this NDA. It is a very easy thing to follow and I truly hope that you follow this. This is for the future of the entire banking system as we know it. I cant even begin to explain how important this is. Mr. Millard will repeat this many many times in the upcoming weeks, im sure about that. Everybody will be given certain statements to use once you meet any media people (Papers, TV etc), Please use these statements!

I know it sounds harsh, but we must do what the regulators tell us to do to have a successful payout during 2017. Its been a very long journey and I really cant wait to experience the freedom that lies in front of us.

Please take a moment and reflect over the explanations above…and then read it again and perhaps even a third time.

How the banking system works today…

Why it must remain like it is…

The danger in having large amounts of people all around the world changing their banking behavior…

The Lehman Brothers crash was Nothing compared to what we would face here.

Banks collapsing…

Currencies collapsing all around the world and with that entire Countries Economy collapsing…

Anarchy….. Followed by who knows what….

I hope that the “painted picture” is starting to be clearer for you guys now. One of the main reasons for other RPP’s failures is the above, they simply couldn’t let it happen. NOW is the only time it will be tested “LIVE” when we have been all cleared with simulations. Im SO excited about this my friends.


My friends…I consider myself so blessed that words cannot even describe it!

I was in the right position at the right time when I meet our late, but great founder of HCI25, Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash, and when Mr. Millard took over his legacy I Knew he was going to do what was right and that is to work for all of YOU, just like Mr. Stallings would have wanted. They are truly a Gift from God and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this journey since the beginning. I share the same faith and values as they do/did and believe that we all together will help set so many people free at last.

I have spent a great deal of my hours here in the Hospital since March 2016 thinking about Mr. Stallings and what he stood for and what he accomplished before he passed and moved on to his Maker. He had a mission to fulfill and that’s why he was put on this Earth to do. Mr. Millard is following in his footsteps and I’ve been put alongside these 2 great Men to assist and help in any way I can to fulfill this. This is my purpose and I couldn’t be more grateful.

This is their legacy and will be my legacy as well. HE has spoken and I listened subconsciously at first and now consciously.

This is why I was put on this Earth and I couldn’t see any greater honor then this and I know that we will all experience this before my “departure”. It is a very good feeling my friends and a sense of joy having made a difference to so many people.

Mr. Millard knows this as well and that’s why he was kind enough to arrange for a small “corner office” here in my room at the hospital which was my wish for Christmas J. I wanted to be as close as possible to all of you thousands of Investors all over the world. At first he wanted me to rest but finally gave in to my wish of being “close” to all of you. Im very thankful for that.

I cant wait to see HCI25 back online soon again after being away for so long. Its almost like a long lost child that has come back homeJ. HCI25 is where this journey started and it feels very good that it is back when we are approaching the end and the long awaited payout.

Speaking about HCI25, once again Mr. Millard and his team has delivered. We have gotten HCI25 back and we all can enjoy 65% of the original profit that was calculated. They did face one obstacle and that was a fee that all Investors had to pay to be able to “activate” the accounts again……My Friends, you should have seen the look on Mr. Millard face when he mentioned this to me over Skype.. He wasn’t happy, and when he mentioned that the “activation cost” would be around 1850 US Dollar for each Investor I was shocked to say the least!!

Mr. Millard explained to the people that approved HCI25 once again that it was totally out of the question and that we couldn’t add ANY more costs/fee’s to all of our members, especially when it was as high as it was. Discussions started and finally an agreement was reached and a part of that agreement is the 65% of the original value of your ROI. I’m sure all of you agree that its better then to add more costs, it’s a large return anyway my friends. Another part of this agreement is the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deal. It has been decided as follows, and this depends on the simulations as well of course as they might finish before we reach these dates. So stay away from speculating about a timeline for this. Its just a waste of time.

The last date to be able as a group receive the 5 for 1 deal is Tuesday Feb 28th.

After that 3 for 1 goes for everybody but only until Friday April 24th.

From April 24th the offer will be 2 for 1 only and that goes for All individuals and All groups.

As stated, if simulations are completed before these dates, initial payout will start of course and the process of getting you all to NY has started.

So, NO extra fee’s for ANY of you my friends, only the “adjustments” you can read about above which I believe is fair enough to be honest.

So lets make the best of the time we have left on this Journey with EMS/HCI25 before we finally get to experience the freedom we all have been seeking for all these years now. It will be a blessing and my mission here on Earth will be fulfilled. F each other out there

God Bless each and every one of you and take care of each other my friends.

Yours Truly






DEC 24th 2016


Dear Friends


As Christmas Eve is approaching its end in New York, Im sitting here in Washington with my closest family trying to get some sort of Christmas Feeling.

Im thinking back at 2016 and consider it to have been a Roller Coaster like no other I have ever experienced. Ups and Downs and at some points my hope was lost but I Never lost Faith in what we are doing here.

I pray every day and I Thank God for giving us this unique opportunity that NO ONE ELSE have been given or will ever be given again.

It is truly a blessing and I thank the team behind the simulations for making this happen for us, even though we all would have wanted this completed already.

What makes me fall asleep each night is the fact that I KNOW this will happen.

To my special friend Euclid, what would we do without you! J  You are there for us through thick and thin and work so hard for each and every one of us. What you Havent shared is that your health isnt good, and I thank you for letting me share this for you. Back in March of this year Euclid was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Treatment started right away and the outlook is ok according to the doctors we arranged for him in New York.

When we are together in the office we normally start our day with a prayer, please join us in this. I know he will make it through this as the strong person he is and because of the faith he has. His prayers will be answered.

This is why you sometimes get answers from others like Lars, this is when Euclid is either receiving treatment or just need a little bit of rest even though he says he doesn’t need it J Thats Euclid for you….His mindset is with You guys, not his own wellbeing.


This is a time of the year for all of us to spend time with our loved ones and time to reflect. Don’t take anything for granted, show love and respect towards all human beings and pray for a better world out there without any violence, wars, racism and intolerance.

Together we are strong and We Will make this world a better place and We Will help you all to set you financially free as well.

Later in January i will give you some detailed explanations as promised on this kind of Investment and Why it is so Difficult.


On behalf of the entire team at EMS/HCI25…


We hope that you have as good of a Christmas as you can have considering the circumstances. A Happy New Year 2017 to all of you as well


God Bless You and Your Family and God Bless our lovely Planet and make it heal.




DEC 15th 2016


My Dear Friends/Investors

Like our dear friend Euclid said… Oh Boy! ….

When I saw the site offline I immediately made a call to the people in charge of the simulations and also Mr Lars Georgsson (Our IT Boss) as I got a nervous feeling of authorities making some negative decisions. I meet up with them 45 min later and they looked at me in surprise asking what I was nervous about. That was one of the greatest feelings of relief Ever for me my Friends. I got a completely different sense of how safe we really are in this Investment and it really MUST be executed/delivered for all parties involved even though we ALL would have liked to have had it done a long time ago.

There are some really bad/sad/jealous people out there that want to try and destroy things for others and my feeling is that it is other RPP’s that has been shut down and they really cant accept where we are going with this as the only company left that actually will deliver a payout.

OUR Higher force have decided that it is Our time and we will All experience this Gift of Financial Freedom that will be given to us soon.

We All feel the energy of so many worried souls out there and it really pains me and the entire management and staff within our company. That’s why the next few lines are difficult to write. I understand 100% the difficulties so many of you are experiencing and I wish I could fast forward this last leg of this journey. On a positive note is that we have reached 29% of the simulations in a very large simulation like this last one is. On another note is that we have been on hold since 8 days back due to issues that we knew was going to put it on hold, so all good in regards to that because we know the reason for it.

What I didn’t know a few weeks ago was that this stop in the simulations will be until Monday January 23rd. I havent been informed why that is but a feeling I have is that they want to have the Inauguration for PE Trump on Friday January 20th all finished and done with. I believe they are sitting on some information that they simply cant disclose.

Also my friends....Washington has Everything to do with an Investment like this, this is where the big decisions are being made in regards to the entire world economy. To state/write and even question this, as I have seen in different forums, is really ignorant and I feel upset towards the people that are trying to finish this as soon as possible for each and every one of you!

The simulations so far has been very “bumpy” and unstable and from what I have understood its because of the uncertainty in regards to the reactions all around the world about our PE.

Now, here is something that I truly feel grateful towards… The simulations.

This was the best thing that could have happened to us and without this we most likely would have ended up like ALL the other Online Investments like what we have here even though it is classified as an Offline Investment. This actually makes me feel more relaxed when I have the mindset like that instead of feeling the stress that is so easy to feel.

Please bear with me in these thoughts and stay strong with me ok?

We must stay strong, keep our faith and Pray for what is about to set us free.

Deadline for ALL activities is because of the above moved to at least Friday February 24th and that include new members, investments, bonus shares etc.

The simulations are totally different from any other we have done, not only because it is the US but also because of the situation in the country right now with uncertainty for the new administration. The situation in the world isnt at all what we see or read about in the media. It is Extremely tense out there and important people in many countries are sitting and waiting for decisions that could have huge consequences on any country’s economy in the world.

I have also received a lot of information about whats being written in many different forums out there. Everything that is written is far away from the truth and the reality of How it really works. Even though the markets are up it doesn’t reflect what consequences Any new decisions from PE Trump can have for his new administration and for the country and the relations between the US and other countries around the world. You just have to trust all the people that are dealing with this as they see things none of us have the possibility to see.

There will be NO going back to the other simulations that has been done and approved already. So NO need to even listen to the rumors you have heard or been reading about. All other simulations have been cleared and they are all good to go. So nobody have to worry about that. And please remember, whatever is written on Any forum… if it doesn’t come from us… it isnt true. Speculations only make you feel more worried and for no reason at all. We will NOT make any hasty decisions now and you all understand why that is of course.

Im really frustrated that this didn’t complete this year, which for me and all involved was a sure thing back in January, and it is extremely disappointing for each and every one of us here, as well as for you guys. This goes to show the complexity we are dealing with here in a totally new financial instruments which this is. It has Never been done before and will Never be done again after we have completed all of this. That’s one thing that’s for sure and I will NOT try and make any guesses as to when we finish in 2017.

NOW…… Time for some exciting News which I have been able to hold back on, I’ve not even mentioned anything to Euclid!

One of the other reasons I have been going frequently to Washington is this….During the process of these simulations we have been in touch with some really important people that has the ability/possibility to make decisions no one else can make. The simulations has been a success so far (even though we are facing some temporary obstacles for the US)

This has resulted in HCI25 will be back online but with an Offline status just like EMS and the Investments will be active again as of Monday Feb 27th 2017!!

The terms and what we had to agree upon in this settlement is that the payout will be 65% (so if you expected 10 Million in profits, 6.5 Million will be paid out) of what you originally was expecting as ROI from your Investments in the RPP which of course is a lot of money anyway. More News about this great and unexpected move from them will be released end of January. Please don’t send any questions in regards to this until we are Live with it.

Please note that this doesn’t affect the ongoing simulations of EMS in any way and wont add any further delays. So please don’t start and speculate about this online.


It has been a Veeery long journey and Im sure none of the people involved would want to go through this again. But believe me when I say. There is absolutely NOTHING that can stop these TWO (2)!! Payouts no matter what you hear or whatever conclusion You or any other make about this. This is a sure thing and it really needs to be done so that they can learn from this for future Investment programs that could be similar to the ones we have here now, but never as attractive as this PFRPP/RPP has been. The returns are simply to great to have this as a common financial investment instrument for any financial institute/bank

In the next Newsletter I will explain more in details about the Investments we have here and why it is as complicated as it is, I’ve been given the go-ahead to do this so that you get the larger picture in Why this is so difficult. I promise you will ALL understand it better once you get this information.

I have said it before, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, don’t miss it!

As soon as I have more relevant issues to report I will do so.

Please take care of each other and God Bless






Dear Friends/Investors


Well, we are just about to get back to some sort of normality after the election with the big “E”, that didn’t end up in the way that all the so called experts thought.

The simulations was started as scheduled even though a little rocky as it is still uncertain times in regards to what kind of politics Mr. Trump will have and what effect this will have on the markets when more info comes out in regards to whom he will have on his “team”

We are hoping it will run smoothly but we are a bit uncertain of the timeframe to when have this completed still as this is a new situation for all of us.

New deadline for the last (we hope) Investments and to prepare for the payout is now December 16th!  And that also goes as a last date for sending in Bank Account details! That is very important as after that date you can’t change your details for the bank account. We hope that this is a sign of them feeling we are getting close now to hit the button for the initial payout. I have asked about the timeframe but very difficult to get a straight answer as they themselves arent sure.

Im going back to Washington Monday morning as I want to be present now in the final stages.

Hold on tight my dear friends, we are getting there…Finally!!

So keep in mind! December 16th most likely the final date for Everything in regards to Investments, Lucky Draw, Bonus deals,  Your Bank Account info, KYC !!


God Bless







Well Praise The Lord…

I guess HE heard in the sound of my voice and saw it in my presence when I explained to Him that it was essential to give a little hope to all of our dear patient Investors.

Nothing has changed in regards to the election decisions BUT they did decide to start the US simulations as of today Nov 3rd so that we at least are on it. It will continue for the next 5 days and be stopped midnight eastern to Nov 8th. They hope to achieve at least 6-8% completion during these days which helps us all a little to reduce the time frame towards the end of this journey.

My prayers are focused on reaching our goal before the end of the year now, so please join me in this…….

I can see the light at the end of this road in this financial journey we have been upon together, a light that we in the management have been working towards for ALL of you during so many years now and I keep praying every night at sunset and every morning at sunrise that all of you will experience some peace of mind soon and that you all will be able to rest within yourselves and rest within your soul once this financial freedom has set you all free to explore whatever you want in life.

Please take care of each other out there my friends


God Bless







New York November 2nd 2016


Dear Patient Investors/Friends

There is a lot of talk going around about the decisions being made and the upcoming simulations, the election etc.

To say that the election shouldn’t have anything to do with what we are doing here is like saying that the banks shouldn’t be involved in transferring capital.

This has almost Everything to do with what we are doing as our great nation is just that,, The Greatest Nation in the world and many are following our example and the world economy is more or less controlled from the little place down on Manhattan called Wall Street.

It is not about the election itself but what could happen after this election and after Mr. Trump eventually becomes our next President. Lets just tell it as it is. Here in the US we don’t hear about what other countries think/believe/prepare and CNN, amongst other News Channels doesn’t really report what they are doing and talking about. We are an example of how a country should be run and when we are at this point in time, with a Republican candidate, many countries are doubting our judgment. Especially financially. It is no secret really about Mr. Trump’s own financial journeys over many years and he isn’t one of the largest tax contributors to our country, that’s one thing that’s for sure. The example he sets for America to be seen all over the world could be a heavy Heavy blow to the US economy which in turn would be a heavy blow to the world economy and the markets would react upon this. There are many other factors that plays a role in this that could be disturbing factors. Just a simple speech could turn other countries from allies into enemies.

My friends, there are many scenarios I could bring up but Im not going to do that. And No, we couldn’t foresee this as this wasn’t an option until After the Republican Convention when Mr. Trump was standing there as the only candidate left.

Would we have these issues with the US simulations if the nominee was any other?  No!

If we will wake up to a world after the election where we are in the hands of a President that can cause problems worldwide, how do you think the world economy will react? Will it be calm waters or could some countries be worried and cause issues that would affect the entire world economy?

If Mr. Trump urges other countries (which he has stated) to arm themselves with Nuclear Weapons, do you think they would do? If they did, would that be good for the peace and order in the world and do you think this could have an effect on the world economy if that was a real threat?

These my friends are scenarios that we cant look upon with ease.

Nothing, absolutely Nothing is going to stop this payout after almost 10 years with you guys now taking over from Mr Stallings, its been a journey like no other and we are going to do Everything to prevent any scenarios that could jeopardize Your payout !


There has been some discussions about this being a prefunded plan and that this is a Gold Investment.

Yes it is prefunded and Gold is what keeps us safe for a long period of time to stay away from Currencies being unstable. But when you all want your Investments materialized, do you want Gold sent to you physically or do you want a redemption to be done and receive your capital in your local currency such as Dollar, Euro, Yen etc?

At the end of the day its all about the currency and what our big financial instrument can do to the banking systems out there once this will start and hit your bank accounts. Keep in mind this huge amounts that will start and flow from sources that has never been done before in regards to any investment.

Think about all of this for a moment and take a step back and let it sink in what we are doing here my dear friends. There is nothing or any comparance to anything in the financial field ever in history to what we are all waiting for. Any guesses about why things are being done this way instead of another way is just a waste of time to be honest. We must follow all their advice no matter how stressful it is on us all my friends.

We Must stay strong. You Must have and keep your faith in what we are doing here.

I Know that this will be a journey with a very happy end and I pray it will be very soon but I will keep my focus on making sure that we don’t jump into decisions that could be costly and hurt the entire process.

I can only hope that the American people understand the importance of this election and what it can do for your future and for the future of the world in general…

May God Bless You and Your Family and God Bless The United States Of America for a smooth transition of the Presidency in this, the greatest country on Earth.




DC on Oct 24th 2016


Dear Investors/Friends

Just a small update from Washington DC. Im still here, a bit delayed, talking to a group of people about the upcoming simulations for the US which will be the final one, but im flying back to NY Wednesday  afternoon. Not only is The US the country where we have most Investors, it is also still the largest economy in the world and the simulations here will be a bit different, that’s one of the reasons it was saved for last.

Also, as many of you might know that when we started all this with HCI25 here in New York it was initiated by a local New Yorker to be the main individual behind what has now become EMS. We can’t disclose who this person is but many of his people around him are now involved in other activities. With that being said, on Nov 8th we are going to experience an election that we have never seen like before in our great country. The world could be shaken up if especially one of these candidates wins. And this will of course have an effect on the stock markets around the world and the world economy as well.

At this point in time Im actually happy that the simulations have taken as long as they have. It wouldn’t have been a good position to tell you all that we can’t start the US simulations until earliest the weekend after the election which is Monday Nov 14th. The reason I’m a little calmer about it is that we are only about 3 weeks away from that. That’s an ok timeframe instead of us perhaps finished the Japan simulations back in July/August for example, having to tell you we have to wait 3-4 months. So that’s the good news in all of this. Many are of course asking are we going to finish this year. It is still my hope that we will accomplish this but we have all learned that different scenarios can occur that changes what we initially saw as the absolute end to all the simulations. But believe me when I say that I have addressed this to the people that run this show and they are aware of this as well and are working towards this.

The risks involved in starting the simulations here in The US before this election is simply to great and to jeopardize this is something Nobody wants to do and Im 100% confident that neither any one of you out there wants to jeopardize this as well.

It is with great satisfaction Im leaving DC soon and I must say that everybody within the management are feeling proud of where we are right now and how close You guys all are to finally have this completed which of course will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you all for your continued support, without this it would have been hard to continue on this road that has been long.


For the above reasons the Lucky Draw and the 3 for 1 / 5 for 1 will continue to at least 2 weeks after the simulations start which is November 28th.


God Bless you All and God Bless The United States Of America





New York September 10th 2016


Dear Investors/Friends


Good to have been back in NY for about 2 weeks now and our training/education with local authorities (Police/fire department/security companies) have been great and we are now fully prepared to take care of all of you here upon your arrival.

Next week we have set up meetings with a few selected media representatives that will cover all of this and they have strict rules in how they can report this.

It has been decided that they won’t have access to our offices and there will be a security section where they can operate from that is about 200 meters from the entrance to our offices. The street in front of our offices will also be closed during office hours during the days that we have all of our Investors here.

It is also recommended that you don’t talk to any of the media here while we are processing the accounts, please wait for this once all clients have been cleared.

To be honest the best thing would be to do what many says in a situation like that, which is to say – No Comments! – We really don’t want too much attention while we complete this, and we want it to run as smoothly as possible of course without any disruptions while you all are here.

I have a really good feeling inside of me my friends and Im starting to see the finish line now even though we have some time to go with Japan and especially the US.

Im not going to go into details right now but there is a reason why this was the last district and also a reason why Japan and the US was the last 2 countries. Its really not only about the number of investing clients but also the complexity of the banking systems in these 2 countries.

Japan has reached 22% of its simulations but there was a minor stop in the simulations last week due to some small issues that was resolved after only a few days so we are on route again.


Thank you for your continued support and patience my friends


As soon as we see more movements in Japan I will of course let you know.


Tomorrow is also of course a very special day, please join us in sending our prayers and thoughts to the victims, families of the 9/11 Terror Attacks here in NY.

15 Years have passed but We Will Never Forget.


God Bless you All






Tokyo/New York  August 30th 2016


Dear Investors


As Im writing this, Im sitting at the airport in Tokyo after having wrapped up the Canada simulation and successfully started the Japanese simulation about a week ago. As Euclid have mentioned I was invited to meet parts of the Japanese Central Bank which of course was a great honor that one doesn’t turn down. It has been a very productive few days to get more insight in the Japanese system and there is a reason they are one of the leading Central Banks in the world.

Simulations have started smoothly but I haven’t gotten the chance to get any info in regards to how far we have come, Im hoping to get that in the week to come. I would be prepared though that Japan will take longer than what Mexico and Canada did due to its large system and more investors then we had in CAN/MEX.


As soon as im back in the offices in New York I will update you further but first we have about 10 days of training/education with local authorities about the security measures we are taking in preparation for the arrival of all of you guys.

In the meantime don’t forget to share this opportunity with whomever you bump into as once we are closed and the initial payout starts, this opportunity wont come back.

Don’t forget the final Lucky Draw we have so make sure you are in that.



God Bless and stay tuned my friends







New York/Dubai August 5th 2016


Dear Friends

Sorry for the silence the last few weeks but it has been absolutely crazy over here  and on top of that I had to leave urgently for Dubai for family matter that has been resolved now. Im still in Dubai though but plan to head back home to NY on the 7th.

We ran into a small problem at the end of the Mexican simulations and had a stop there for about 9 days but all was sorted out and all Mexican Investors now has a green light, so we’re so happy with that for our friends down south.

There aren’t so many down there, we counted a total of 54 Investors. Great fun to be able to help these guys as we have seen many are struggling down there as well and the average amount of shares in between these Investors is 3.

On a different note, even though I don’t like to be political. You are All very welcome to our great Nation and if I was the “Boss” I would never build a wall.

Enough said….


The Canadian bank system is now underway with the simulations and we hope it will be a smooth process. Will update you more on that once we have come about 75% on the way there, we are right now at 45% completed. It is more complicated simulations as we need to go “deeper” into small communities with local branches of small banks when we have a larger number of Investors as we have in Canada, there are about 475 Investors from our friends up north.


More on this in the next update of course.


Now…To what many have been waiting for…The Big Lucky draw has been completed and Im so very happy to announce that our winner is from South Korea and Is one of our long time investors. H since 6 years back. Her username is 1988dream and first name that we were allowed to issue is Hye-Jin , we really wanted to do a more detailed presentation of the winner but we must respect the privacy of every investor and this is what she told us that we could share with you guys. She did say that she will send us some pics in regards to a charity that she wishes to donate 25% of her winnings to so I hope I can share this with you all in the upcoming weeks. Very nice gesture from her and she wanted to pay back a little to what EMS/HCI25 has given to her during these years we have been giving this opportunity.


Big Congrats to Hey-Jin from South Korea for the 375,000 Dollar Lucky Draw Winning !!!


On another more sad note is All the negative emails we have received about the never ending word Scam the last fw weeks….Im really getting so tired of this and it takes away A LOT of the positive energy we have going for us right now even though there is silence sometimes but this is for good reason and because of Extremely hard work behind the scenes..I really don’t know how to respond to that anymore more than it all is total BS talk (excuse the language, but sometimes enough is enough) We are here 24/7 to make sure that all of you guys eventually will get what you all have been waiting for. It’s a struggle waiting and to have your own thoughts about the timeframe but not even me or the delegation that runs the simulations can state Exactly when this will be finished. The payout Will come, its just a matter of time and to finish what Must be finished.

Enough about that for now….

We have 2 more countries to go after Canada and that is Japan and the US. Two big countries with a large economy and many Investors for us.

The 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deal is extended to Aug 30th. By then we hope that we have come far within the Japanese simulation. And then we only have the US left my friends.

As mentioned in a short note by Euclid the Board want to make sure that you all have a goal to work against before we finally have the initial payout for you all to be able to come to New York.


The Board together with me has approved to have one last final Lucky Draw of the same sort as the one we just had. But we have had some complaints that only one person got the chance to win it so this time there will be 3 Winners !!

The board has generously decided to donate to this again together with a sponsor we have in New York.

1st Lucky Draw Prize is 375,000 Dollar

2nd Prize is 250,000 Dollar

3rd Prize is 125,000 Dollar

Exactly the same conditions as last time, see below..


Contest still the same which means that you must refer 5 new Investors and they must invest in a minimum of 10 additional shares (changed from 15 shares) a 38 Dollar plus The Trust at 98 Dollar. So a total of 478 Dollar invested.

The difference is that the lucky draw price won’t be 25,000 Dollar….

It will be 375,000 Dollar!!

You will also receive 50 Shares yourself with the 5 for 1 deal once you have referred what’s stated above.

Also what’s new, and what the Board have added is that you yourself can be a part of the Lucky Draw of 375,000 Dollar IF you Invest 50 Shares yourself into your own account!!

This is because we know that there are members out there that doesn’t have the connections to manage to refer 5 new members or even have time for it.

The Board wants as many as possible of our Members/Investors to have a chance in this Lucky Draw which might as well be the last we have of this kind.

So either 5 new Refs’ a’ 10 Shares each at 38 Dollar + The Trust at 98 Dollar or 50 Shares invested for yourself to be in the Lucky Draw of 375,000 Dollar!!

Registrations for this Lucky Draw starts Monday August 8th and will end October 16th. Of course, IF we have finished the US simulations before that we will of course stop the Lucky Draw on that same day.



Now, please spare us the negative mental attitudes that some will have about this, just trying to stall, delay or any other excuse that you can think of. It couldn’t be more far away from the truth. We are doing this only for You ! If you don’t want to give it a go, that’s fine, but for the people that like to give it go we should support them and be happy for them my friends.

Please note that this doesn’t affect the ongoing simulations and doesn’t make it take any longer then it is doing already. So no need to comment on that either my friends. We should Help each other in these times and Support each other instead of spreading rumors, negative statements, and trying to find more and more reasons why it is taking so long. It Is taking this long because the Financial World has Never seen an Investment like this before, that is the God Honest Truth.

Bear with us my friends


Will update you guys very soon again as soon as Im back to New York.


God Bless








New York June 8th 2016


Dear Friends/Investors


Finally back home in New York with the board of directors and the people that will monitor the 11th and final district. This will start on Monday June 13th and will start with Mexico followed by Canada, Japan and finally the US.


I myself have learned a lot more about the economics in the part of the world we just left as that hasn’t been my main area over the many decades that I have been involved in the financial world.

Its been very educational and one really appreciate what we have in the western world and we shouldn’t take Anything or Every day for granted.


POA  (Power Of Attorney)


This is important, if you for any reason cant make it to New York because of bad health etc you can of course issue a POA for any individual that you trust.

Visit your local lawyer’s office and they will know exactly what to do in regards to this, as long as you explain the nature of the business that you will conduct here which is receiving funds from an Investment. This can be done at any time and be issued at any time.


We are seeing some nice activities all over the world really in regards to grabbing the chance to win the Big Lucky Draw. Very nice to see that so many want to share this opportunity with others to fulfill their dreams as well.


The 5 for and 3 for 1 deal.


The banks feel it is ok to extend this from June 10th with another 15 Banking Days to July 1st. So make sure you have made your Investments by then even though the banks might feel there is time for another extension. As we have stated before it is all up to them.


We hope that the simulations for the last 4 countries in the 11th district will run smoothly and we will of course update you all on the progress.


God Bless you All







Bangkok May 23th 2016


My dear patient friends


I’ve received information that there has been some “turbulence” amongst many investors in regards to the VISA issues. I believe I have addressed this before but I will do this again to set the record straight about this. I know I haven’t explained in detail, I was going to wait with that but I might as well do it now.

It is a very complex situation with the multiple nationalities we have and to sort this out wasn’t easy, but it has been resolved and that was our plan from the very outset when we knew we had to get all the Investors to New York. The system as it works today is that all individuals checking into a flight have a specific “code” which is really your passport or ID in some circumstances.

The check-in area at an airport is one of the safest places you can be at and all info in regards to criminal activities are impeccably saved and registered.

If a registered terrorist or a person with a warrant out for his/her arrest, this will be detected.

This means that on the other side of this, we can also with special permission from the very top…I cant disclose any of this but there are officials that can “clear” people through a passport/immigration check, lets call it a temporary “diplomatic status” of a number of people wanting to go to a specific country.

That is what the case is right now with the active Investors of HCI25/EMS.

A normal procedure is of course that a valid VISA must be presented upon check-in to the US from wherever you are departing, unless there is a specific temporary “diplomatic status” issued (You as an investor)

To state this simple. You just need to check-in as any other flight without any VISA, show your passport and you will be cleared. All is registered in the systems when you check in for one specific flight to New York in a specific time period. This period isn’t set of course as we don’t have that. But this will be arranged of course. This is one of the reasons we need your KYC and to make sure all is correct. ALL of our Investors have been “checked”, if there is a problem with any investor in EMS you would have heard about this already in regards to entering the US. Please also note that you CANT travel to the US right away and expect to be able to enter. This is a onetime thing and the specific dates will be registered by us as soon as we have cleared everything with the simulations and are set to go ahead with the initial payout and for all of you to come to New York.

A diplomat would know exactly what Im talking about and Im sure this doesn’t sound very familiar to all of you out there, but believe me when I say that this is how it works. So please take my word for it..There Wont be any problems for you checking into that specific flight to New York when that time has arrived.

I can also say, even though they will inform you about this upon arrival in New York and when you pass through immigration there, that you will get a specific stamp in your passport stating that you have 7 days to stay in New York, after that specific date, you must leave the country. So make sure you book your return flight no later than the 7th day.

I can also inform, just as an example of these procedures that a similar solution is just about to be cleared for the North Korean team that will depart for the Brazil Olympics later this year…otherwise they wouldn’t have been granted entrance to Brazil. This isn’t that uncommon actually and can be done with the right connections.

It doesn’t matter which airport in NY you arrive at, all info will be within the system. Once u arrive you must also state where you are going to stay so make sure you have the address and name of the Hotel that you have booked.

We strongly recommend that you book a hotel on Manhattan and also in the region between 14th to 59th Street and also from 3rd to 9th Avenue, this will make the transport easier for all


Latest News

February 21st 2017

Hi Guys
Short message from Joshua, IF you are registered in the State of Arkansas please submit your KYC again either in your back office or send to email. No worries about the Investments there, they just requested this and then all should be ok.

Thanks guys !


February 18th 2017

Hi Guys

To clarify..I would NEVER ask for an extension of time from Mr. Millard and the management team, that isnt my request/wish, so please dont jump to any conclusions ok? My idea is to do something before we reach the current dates. If he accepts you will all be informed what it is all about. Its about helping others before we have to close for further Investments so the deadline we have right now still remains.

God Bless


February 17th 2017

Hi Guys

Small update from myself in the News Archive
God Bless


February 9th 2017

Hi Guys

Some News updates for you in the News Archive, Please enjoy !
On another note that i just wanted to share on a personal level as many have emailed about their prayers, ive been given 3 days to leave the hospital to get some "fresh air" as they stated, Its been a danger for infections due to treatment but not anymore so feel really good right now. Thank you ALL and God Bless you all. See you all soon ! Time for me to get some sleep.


February 7th 2017

Hi Guys !

44% reached in the simulations, cant believe it ! :)
We are getting there guys !
But please do not speculate about a time frame for completion ok ? You never know in this business and ive been in it for to long now to make any quick conclusions.

God Bless


All news items can be found in the News Archive