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New York/Washington   April 12th   2018


Dear Friends and Investors


Just returned from Washington D.C and Im really excited, however, Im still waiting for the final date and that is being decided by the simulations team together with another very special individual and Ive been informed that I will get the final date on our next meeting which will be April 23rd.

I received more very Important information and updates that I was allowed to share with you all to some extent. It seems that the people at the very top are aware and they need to have a word with a few of you out there also and ALL of you need to sign an NDA upon arrival to our offices. He just wants to explain the importance of this payout and what it could do to the Banking Industry.

It was a great honour and privilege to meet Mr Jerome Powell together with the simulations team. For those that don’t know who Mr Powell is, he is the recently appointed and 16th Chairman of the Federal Reserve and took over from Mrs Janet Yellen earlier this year after being appointed by President Trump. His background in Investment Banking is unique and he certainly knows what he is talking about and are aware of what is about to happen with our Financial product.

His personal involvement made me realise the impact this will have and made me understand that we are making history here, actually writing a brand new chapter in the financial world. But also a chapter that cant be made as public as we all would have wanted perhaps to share our joy, hence the NDA that needs to be signed. This NDA is very important, and Mr Powell will explain this to some of you in person here in New York. Obviously, all cant attend and we need to make a decision who goes and who doesn’t. That will be decided in our April 23rd meeting.

There will be a gathering for parts of each group of people that arrive here, in a venue that we cant disclose for security reasons, this will be notified on the day of the gathering and will take place together with the dinner that we had planned also.

So to clarify a little, for now its ok to spread the word about this opportunity, but after the payout, You cant mention to anyone about this Investment. You can say you made an Investment but not what it was. Mr. Powell will clarify this and for those that wont get the opportunity to attend his gathering, a written statement will be issued to all Investors.

It was also explained to me that this was planned a while back but nothing could be said for many reasons, mostly security reasons but also due to the fact that this info isn’t something that many have or should have either in the upper ranks of the banking community.

My friends, this is Secret Service level on this so what we have done for so many years are now about to get real, , really real…..Im thrilled like a child on Christmas and so happy to be on this road with you all that is about to end soon and become a reality for all of you.

I will have more detailed info after the April 23rd meeting

Stay tuned and God Bless you all






New York March 23rd


Dear Friends

Firstly, let me please clarify something in regards to the ‘’C-Gold issue’’. It isn’t really C-Gold that has had any problems as many have said. It was one of the major exchangers working very closely with CG that has.

Private Gold Equities Exchange Limited owns and operates the platform and ensures safe storage of the gold wafers, and
nothing else. CG do not buy, sell or exchange anything.

Their primary bailment agents, who buy and sell gold wafers
for wholesalers and exchangers. It is then those exchangers who deal
with the users. And it is finally the users who enter into
arrangements and make deals with each other.

Some exchangers had an issue with their bank which forced them to convert all
foreign currency balances into the local currency in line with new
rules from that particular National Bank (So this was planned from the National Bank and nothing to worry about).

To avoid additional currency
exchange margin losses the exchangers requested their banks to return all
outstanding wires to their respective senders. They then received a
cheque from their banks in local currency for the combined foreign
currency account balances and is now waiting for that cheque to clear in order
to purchase additional gold wafers. These will then be bailed
into the c-gold platform and business will continue as normal if it hasn’t returned to normal already that is.

I do understand that the constellations might be a
bit complicated for some retail users but it is still important
that users don't believe that they have dealings with CG but with the Exchangers.

So to summarize, absolutely nothing to worry about and business will resume as normal.

So my friends, lets get this over with shall we!? 😊……. Finally we are getting somewhere with the stress tests for the remaining 3 banks and also the re-simulations on the other banks that was completed but where we got inaccurate results due to funding issues of Investments.

We now know whats needed to perform the tests, but we still don’t have an exact timeframe for it.

It has become a bit complicated as parts of the tests are re-simulations and some are new additional stress tests on 3 of the banks. The offers/tests are similar though and has only been adapted slightly to suit the new circumstances.

Investments in PM (Perfect Money) will give you a 15 for 1 deal, Investments in CG (C-Gold) will this time give you 19 for 1 and Investments in BTC will be at 26 for 1!! These tests will push the Banks to the limit of whats allowed in the Industry as the simulations team felt that is necessary.

I feel really confident that this is the last round of it all my friends…. This is in my prayers every day now….Please join me in this…..

Minimum Investment for ALL options are 10 Shares and maximum has been lowered to 425 Shares.

Angel Gifts still available but only for the 5 for 1 deal or 50 shares invested to get 10 for 1.

We also have been told that there is a Maximum number of Investors and that is set to 950 people.

Besides this there is only 75 Investor positions if you invest over 250 Shares. So make those bookings/reservations in good time if you want that.

Please note that with almost 11,000 Investors now in EMS/HCI25, we will only be able to accept just below 9% of All Investors. Bear that in mind when you book/reserve, but please, as before, ONLY book/reserve if you Know that you will be able to Invest. Bookings/Reservations can be made at the same time as the Investment itself but please state that accordingly in the email you send to us.

Investments to PM    U4121947

Investments to CG    19639

Investments to BTC account key address:


In the subject line of the email when you book/reserve please write as below: (depending on what option you want to invest in)

It is possible to make bookings/reservations from Saturday March 24th. Im meeting the simulations team again in Washington D.C. on Thursday March 29th and I hope to have the timeframe all set after that meeting as to when these tests stop.


xxx shares booked PM  15 for 1

xxx shares booked CG  19 for 1

xxx shares booked BTC 26 for 1


As always, make sure your bank account details are emailed to us and your KYC documents.

That’s all for now my friends….

We are also getting slightly tired over here and I will try to take a night off (As we have been doing 15-16-hour days last few months) in the week to come and spoil myself with a large Cappuccino with Extra sugar as my sugar levels need to improve after all this work 😊

God Bless you all and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, your thoughts, your prayers and for really making a difference in our world for so many people.






New York March 15th  2018

Dear Friends

Firstly, I’ve had several meetings with the simulations team and we are still not 100% clear on how to deal with the remaining 3 banks and what additional tests that will need to be done as I stated in my last update. It is essential we don’t rush and consider them 100% complete when we so far have gotten some results that aren’t satisfactory to us. We hope to have some more info on what actions that needs to be taken within the next 8-10 Days. Please also refrain from stating things like we should just cut them out and start the payout, it isn’t as easy as everyone wants it to be, we aren’t going to waste 10 years of building this up by making decisions that could jeopardize the entire payout. Please understand this my friends.

Now, as many of you probably have noticed we (together with many of our Investors) also had an issue with C-Gold and a few transactions to them from Investors and larger groups that have been on hold as they are changing banking partners because they had their accounts closed by the Bank (Please note that this is normal in todays banking industry). This has happened to them before and they have everything under control and this will actually make them stronger as a partner in regards to exchanging E-Currencies and turning cash into E-Currencies also, the timing of this was unfortunate of course but nothing we can do anything about.  Please rest assured that any transactions sent to them can’t be lost (but might take another 1-2 weeks to get released) as we have some security in place there also, but it has had an effect on the simulation results as we couldn’t register what was supposed to be registered in the ‘’Live parts of the Simulations’’. I can’t go into details about that, but the results weren’t what we normally get, and we haven’t gotten what we need from some of the parts in the simulations. New Bank Accounts for C-Gold are up and running already and some of them will be in the US, which is a testament that what they are doing is correct.

What this means is that some of the simulations needs to be re-simulated, but only to a certain extent (About 40-45% of what was simulated is needed) but that’s a minor issue as we still have the remaining 3 banks to sort also with additional stress tests. Please rest assured that all this will be resolved and there is no risk at all for the payout. It seems that we keep running into hurdles but believe me when I say this only makes us stronger and we are fully committed to make this happen for all of you. We wont sleep until this is done….

Please stay tuned my friends and as soon as I hear from them you will hear from me. I believe it ill be within the next 8-10 days as stated above.

In the meantime and until further notice, we are opened for business as usual (Investments And new members) but ONLY the 5 for 1 deal and the 10 for 1 deal (50 shares invested) right now until we know what will happen with the remaining 3 banks and the re-simulations to a certain extent due to the C-Gold issues and the withdrawal issues with Binance (BTC) and registered Investments there that is on hold also.

Please rest assured that C-Gold and BTC are still the best ways to go to finance the Investments you do with us. We are relieved that C-Gold are taking every measure needed to make sure that they are following all rules and regulations out there to be able to stay in business for a very long time. Also please check with your exchangers as they should have gotten back all the funds they had sent to C-Gold and can now process it again.

God Bless you all and take care of each other out there.






New York Feb 25th 2018


Dear Friends


Just a small update on the progress which has been good

The additional Michigan stress test is all completed and that has been cleared, no further action is needed.

We are on a temporary stop on 3 of the banks and that is one of the banks in San Diego and the 2 banks in Houston and New York. I haven’t received any info on why that is but I will be briefed on Monday Feb 26th.

So the bank in Detroit (as well as the state itself through the additional stress test), one bank in San Diego and the bank in Nashville are all cleared and those stress tests are completed and no further action is needed on them.

What the actions will be on the remaining 3 banks that was stopped about 3 days ago I don’t know yet. We hope it is minor issues and that we can sort them asap, so we get all this completed now.

For now the deadline of Feb 28th is still active in regards to reserving/booking any Investments and last Investments made is March 7th.

As soon as I hear back from the simulations team I will get back to you guys.


God Bless







New York  Feb 5th 2018


Dear Friends

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend

Just a short update regarding the simulations.

If you have a bank account in the state of Michigan you can’t invest with BTC (Bitcoin), to invest in the stress tests using PM and C-Gold is ok. The bank we are stress testing here also needs another small stress test and I will get back to 4-5 of our top group leaders regarding what that stress test means. You will be notified by them what those extra tests mean to you as an Investor.

Other than that, the simulations are looking promising and we hope we dont need to close any of the banks or limit Investment alternatives. All the banks are being simulated simultaneously.

Some members have asked if bookings/reservations are necessary if the Investment is made directly. No, not really as you can make the Investment and then send the info to us on email. That is an option also obviously.

However, the simulations team has requested that it would make their job a lot easier if the BTC Investment came at the same time as you guys make the reservations. The numbers that are put into the system will be slightly inaccurate when we have the fluctuations we had last few weeks in BTC.

Again, it isn’t essential for you to do that, if you want to wait until March 7th that is also ok.

The ‘’normal’’ simulations have reached 100% and was reached on January 29th.

We are very happy about getting over this hurdle and only need to complete these stress tests now which looks promising also.


That’s all for now

God Bless






Dear Friends and Investors





I hope that your Christmas and New Year Holidays was pleasant for yourself and your family.


We have entered 2018 and I feel very positive moving on to finally finish this in the early parts of this year.


The simulations team and our support team hasn't had many days off and I want to extend my gratitude towards them for working more then what they are suppose to just so that we can finish this as quickly as possible.


As we predicted earlier in 2017 we knew that the Washington simulations would be the hardest one as there is a lot of politics involved here, thats the main reason we postponed this State earlier last year and wanted to finish it all there. And we also need to make sure we have checked, double checked and even triple checked the simulations here before we hit the Big ''pay out button'', we are also doing this now with all other States as we saw what happened with the sudden stress tests we had in Washington.


We cant afford to miss a single thing about this or we will be stopped once again and be forced to rectify things which will delay things even more.


We are at 96% in the simulations as the activity in the simulations hasnt been what we thought it would be during the New Year holidays and the early days after, but we believe will be all completed shortly after the completion of the upcoming stress tests.


We are seeing some high activity in BTC (Bitcoin) at the moment, not only from our Investors but also in general that some Financial Institutes are starting to look into starting trading desks for this and of course the issuing of Futures on some US based stock/commodities exchanges in December last year.


This could be the start of something really unique and the simulations team have their eyes on this also obviously and they need to make sure this wont cause problems.


We are actually lucky that this wasnt an option to invest with BTC earlier in 2017 as that would have been even more simulations and it would have been very time consuming. I have been informed though that there are a few banks in some States that have started to implement the BTC for different financial products already so that is a stress test that needs to be put into place and executed. The simulations team have located 6 banks in total all over the US so it should be done quickly. 2 Banks are in San Diego, 1 Bank in Houston, 1 Bank in New York (Manhattan), 1 Bank in Nashville and 1 Bank in Detroit.


Considering we have had a total of 176 Banks simulated !! (Incl local branches) this is a very good result of only needing to stress test 6 of them. Again, big thanks to the simulations team for their work.


Now, the stress test involves KYC but as stated also the BTC transfers and to a certain extent also normal investment transfers like we did with the 17 for 1 deal. I wont go into details in regards to which bank needs what stress test as that isnt important for you to know.


Whats Important is what the deals are in these stress tests. The KYC tests doesnt involve any Investments obviously. All stress tests will be conducted simultaneously.


The normal Investment stress tests will be conducted with a 14 for 1 deal that stretches from January 15th to February 28th as to making your bookings/reservations (DO NOT send in any reservations before OR after these dates, ONLY in between these dates) . Minimum 10 Shares at 380 Dollar and maximum 200 Shares at 7600 Dollar.


There is No maximum number of Investors for this stress test. We need your booking written in the subject line of the email between Jan 15th to Feb 28th and Investment must be made and registered with us before March 7th.


Now, the BTC (Bitcoin) stress test is slightly different. The same dates apply but minimum is 15 Shares at 570 Dollar and maximum is 750 Shares at 28,500 Dollar


NOTE FOR BTC !! We can ONLY accept 45 Investors if the Investment is over 400 Shares !! So between 400-750 Shares of BTC invested a maximum of 45 Investors is allowed. Below 400 Shares there is no limitations in regards to number of Investors.


The deal with BTC is absolutely amazing and is set at 24 for 1 !!


I couldnt believe it when I was informed but it is essential for this ''currency'' to be tested properly when it becomes a part of the banking system as that is whats happening. This is what I have been informed about the decisions above with BTC.


In the subject line in the email for making your bookings/reservations write :


14 for 1, xxx Shares booked




24 for 1 BTC, xxx Shares booked


Again, Investments for 14 for 1 Deal is PM U4121947 or C-Gold 19639


Investments for BTC 24 for 1 is to address :




Please also note that after last Investment date on March 7th ALL INVESTMENTS WILL STOP INCL THE 5 FOR 1 DEAL AND THE 50 SHARES TO GET 10 FOR 1.


We will also stop for new Investors. All activity will stop. This is to start and prepare for the gatherings here in NY and getting all admin in place to make this process as smooth as can be.


So last chance to fill up your Investment with whatever you'd like.



Dear Friends, , the butterflies are back in my stomach...meaning im really getting nervous/anxious that Im finally getting to meet all of you very very soon, its a very good feeling indeed. It will be a fantastic gathering filled with joy and future dreams coming true and Im sure many stories will be told and shared.


Its time my friends. Get your people/teams together one last time and lets help the simulations team with their tests and the offers on the the table that will be the last ones.


It is Important we get some good results from these stress tests and especially the BTC simulations.


So please help out with that...




May God Bless you all and take care of each other ok ?







Jan 7th  2018


Hello Guys


Lars here

Just a short message from Joshua, he is writing on an update as we speak but waiting for some specifics about that.

There is stress tests coming up that involves KYC but also normal Investments and BTC (Bitcoin). This involves a total of 6 Banks. The stress tests will be conducted all at the same time so wont be very lengthy and doesnt matter really if its 6 Banks or 1 Bank

More detailed info within the next 48-72 hours.

A total of 106 Banks have been simulated (incl local branches) and only 6 needs stress tests which was a positive surprise for us as we expected it to be more. These will be the last stress tests as the other 100 Banks are all cleared.

We are all getting excited over here as we can see it closing very soon after this.


Blessings to you all




NEW YORK  DEC 23rd  2017


Seasons Greetings My Dear Friends and Investors


We hope that this message finds you all in good health

Well as stated in the last update Christmas and New Years is approaching fast and we will not make it this holiday season either. Its a shame and it isnt what we all would have wanted but there is nothing really any of us can do to change this fact or would have been able to do to speed it up...

The opposite actually, thats how I see it now, if we didnt do this extra stress test we would have been stuck in a situation that would have been even worse, so again, thanks to the simulations team for this to make sure that the current financial system out there, cant put a stop to this initial payout for whatever reason it can.

The recent stop we had in the simulation is because of another stress test, however it isnt about testing the financial system but to test the KYC process this particular bank does. It doesnt really effect any of you in anyway. This shouldnt put a hold to the simulations more then 5-7 banking days either. Its a quick stress test they are doing on this particular bank. We aim to start the simulations again on Dec 29th. We need to use every single day for these simulations so the decision was made to start it on the 29th. It needs to be stopped again on 31st and then restart on January 2nd. After that it should run smoothly and we will update you all about the progress closely when we are approaching the end or if we run into some other issues.

I have been reading speculations about all our teams taking long holiday which is untrue, they will work pretty much 24/7 in selected teams and the only days off is December 25th , half day on December 31st and January 1st. Thats it.. Again my friends....whats written in Forums or chatrooms all around the world is far from the truth, it is just speculations and adds on to the already nervous wait many of you are experiencing, there is no reason to speculate in anything. I myself try to refrain from setting a deadline as to the simulations now as we simply do not know. It became stressful for me as well and we really dont need that even though I know that people are suffering out there. We are doing it as fast as we can and will continue to do so until we have finished all of this, that is my promise to all of you. We will never stop and we will finish this.

Please make sure you dont send any duplicate emails to our support, they are a bit behind but mainly due to other admin duties they have had last few weeks. They wont have a long holiday either as they are back on Dec 27th and will catch up with all support related emails and complete them before the end of the year. So Thank you for your patience with that.

Also, we have received many new Investors that wish to Invest with their capital that they have had in BTC (Bitcoin) for many years. Obviously the returns they have had over the past 12 months is unheard of and they have asked us for advice. Its really difficult to say but all I can say is that there is no substance in BTC and could crash any day...or any hour for that matter, its to me a Media hype that creates the interest in a financial product like that. Myself would sell if I had any it. It reached almost 20,000 Dollar but has since then dropped around 30-40%. Looking at charts for the past 12 months I see that we could see it down towards 1000 Dollar again before we see more buying power in it. So my advice, bring home your profits and wait for it to drop to buy back in again.

If you want to use some of that profit to Invest with us it can be done by a direct deposit into Key Address :


PLEASE NOTE ! Its Important that you send us an email to support with your deposit Key Address so we can trace and confirm asap.

In the meantime it is business as usual with the 5 for 1 deal and an extra bonus with 10 for 1 if the Investment is 50 shares.

Investments to Perfect Money U4121947 and C-Gold 19639

People have asked again about the Investment security and that has actually been increased to 98,75% of your invested amount, so thats a security for you thats real and gives any Investor the peace of mind that the Investment itself can never be lost. Please keep that in mind.

I will get back to you all in the first week of 2018 again with more updates and where we are in regards to the simulations.

With that being said....

From all of us here to all of you out there we would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2018 and ill be very surprised if this isnt the year for you all !


God Bless and take care of each other out there.


On Behalf of all the EMS team


Joshua Millard






Dear Friends


Well, we are approaching another Christmas/New Year and we are working pretty much 24/7 to try and finalize this asap, however, many factors need to be taken into consideration as we have learned by now. Im so thankful for our simulations team that are doing everything in their power to make sure we dont trip right on the finish line. It would be a total and otter disaster of proportions never seen before in this community of Financial products. It is Now or Never.


When this Investment hits the accounts we will have a lot of eyes on us my friends. I hope we all can keep calm and not rush away with your thoughts, ideas of your new fortunes.


It is easy to be distracted and when this becomes more public you WILL get a lot of attention, not always for the right reasons Im afraid. We will always be here to support you all in any way we can when we come to that stage. This will be mentioned and explained also when we all get a chance to speak to you all in person here in New York.


We are about to reach the finish line so it feels a little to late but we have actually been granted permission now to accept Bitcoin (BTC) through the Interface of PM or through normal transactions to a BTC key code address.


Bitcoin account number in PM (Perfect Money) is : B16916128


Direct deposits is to address : 3C5fVTfGYAm9DSYRbHY4EABHjQv17x1A3x


Minimum Investments however for BTC is 10 shares (380 Dollar) Also note that the 17 for 1 deal with deadline Dec 15th can be paid in BTC.


Simulations are up and running again and we have reached back up to 86%.


Nothing is being forced/rushed right now and everything is being carefully looked into.


As soon as we see more progress I'll be here to update you guys asap.


Please enjoy your weekend and take care of each other out there.



Blessings to you all






Dear Friends and Investors

I hope your Thanks Giving was nice and that you got time to spend it with friends and family.

The results from the stress tests has been overwhelming to say the least.

I cant stretch enough how grateful we all should be to have this team in place that we have for the simulations, , now let me explain to you why...

But firstly, let me just comment on this. We have many Investors emailing, explaining to us why the SEC makes the decisions they are making, the Investors claim to know that this isnt a normal behaviour from the SEC and they even question it ! Please refrain from this and start rumours and speculations that only worry other Investors. This is something brand NEW, not even the SEC has experienced this kind of pending payout before so for someone to state that the SEC ''normally'' dont do this, , well its really a silly statement to be honest. This is something we dont understand but thats all good really, we dont Need to understand, as long as we have full faith in what they are doing and only are doing it for the good of the payout. Thats all that matters and Im sure you all agree to that as well.

With that being said......

If we didnt do these stress test we would have had problems and the initial payout would have been stopped actually ! Now you might understand my statement above that the results has been overwhelming. These guys KNOW what they are doing and are making sure this will not be stopped. Again, small things like this is what has happened to all the other RPP's in the past. Nothing was really in place to be able to execute the payouts. Has it taken longer then we all would have wanted ? Of course it has. Was this necessary ? Yes it was.

I know what many of you are going through out there and Im feeling the pain also and Im sure Euclid is doing whatever he can from his spot up on his Star.

We Will finish this and there Will be a payout, please hang in there and let us all support what the simulations team are doing right now to make sure there is Nothing that can be stopped once the initial payout process has started.

Initially we thought one of these 2 banks wouldnt be able to execute the initial payout, but after carefully looking through it again we need to remove both Banks !

The Investors that registered this bank as their payout bank have been notified already. It was only 4 Investors actually but that doesnt matter, the payout would have been stopped anyway due to this.

Simulations will restart Monday Dec 4th and the percentage it restarts on is 81%, please refrain from emailing why it starts on 81%, its to complicated to explain my friends.

As soon as I get updates on the simulations you will all be notified accordingly.

In the meantime the 5 for 1 deal is active again and the Angel Gifts as well as the 50 Shares deal getting 10 for 1.

Investments for the stress test deal has a deadline of Dec 15th and Dont miss it as Im sure they will NOT extend that.

God Bless you All and take care of each other ok ?



Hello my Friends !


To clarify some things about the 17 for 1 deal stress test


Payments must be registered in our Perfect Money account U4121947 or C-Gold 19639 BEFORE Dec 15th. Our strong advice is that you all have it sorted before Nov 30th though so you are all set a few weeks before. The date is very Important and we cant guarantee that you will be granted your deal if its even one day late. We are in no control of this so please dont ask for extensions after Dec 15th.


So it makes no sense to try and wait to the very last days as we normally see many Investors do. You DONT want to miss that deadline and Investment can be made any day up until Dec 15th.


Please also note that when your Investment goes above 9999 Dollar it wont show in your back office but will be confirmed by email, this is due to a security measure we have in place there.


Also, do Not send in duplicate emails. If you belong to a large group of Investors DO NOT send in an email by yourself but let your team leaders do that.


When you have received an email with a confirmation about your reservation you are all clear to go ahead with the Investment.


Its also very important that you check so you havent been updated twice in your back office or by email confirmation, if thats the case please report this asap to us.


If you for some reasons see that you wont be able to meet the amount that you have reserved and wont be Investing, please also report this to us asap so that we can delete this from the numbers that goes into the simulation stress tests.


Thank you my friends and have a Blessed weekend




Dear Friends


Sorry for slight delays, but we just came out from meetings with the SEC, dont worry its all good ! :) Explanation about this is below..


As some of you most likely know we started the Washington simulations earlier this year but decided to put a stop to that as we saw some issues and we understood it would be the most difficult of all simulations.


New York might be the Financial capital of the world but it is in DC where the big decisions are being made obviously....Like a certain President has stated, it is somewhat of a swamp.


There isnt any major issues, it is just that the bureaucracy in DC is a bit more difficult and people are very opinionated here and many people want their say in this. After all, some of these people are a part of creating our laws.


This is where everything is being decided. As a result of this we have been informed that we need to redo the simulations for 2 of the Banks we have already done. Its not a major thing but that puts the simulations back a little from 89% to 74%.


It will also be necessary to do some stress tests on these 2 banks. In other words we need to put more ''pressure'' on the transfer simulations and one of the things the simulation team (and the SEC) has requested is this....


I wasnt a fan to be honest with this as we have enough of good deals out there already but I understand the purpose of this.


Now when I have been more informed about it Im just glad they discovered this issue, if not, the payout could have been stopped after the initial $8500 payout. Why ?


Its complicated but I can say that these transactions would have been flagged as ''black money'' in these 2 banks meaning to be used within terror/drugs. Learning more about these simulations now, this is the main cause of Investments like this being stopped in the past. So massive thanks again to the simulation team and the SEC for advising on this.


The tests need to be done with more ''stress'' in it.


During 8 banking days only, the simulation team will stress test these 2 banks with the following :


This have been requested from the simulations team and the SEC so we have no say in it really....


There will be an offer where Investors/Investments will be given a deal that is 17 for 1 shares bought.


This goes only for Investments minimum of 20 Shares and a maximum of 300 Shares.


So for ex . 150 shares bought will give you 2550 shares.


We can ONLY accept a maximum of 100 Investors so its first come first served.


No Angel Gifts on this or extra bonuses.


NOTE ! This needs to be registered with an email to our support ( between Nov 16th to 27th (8 Banking days) with the following info in the subject line of the email.


'' xxx Shares, 17 for 1, Username : xxxxxxx '' Thats all you need to write in the subject line in the email.


Its important that we get these registrations between those dates, however, payments arent necessary to be in this period, the deadline for these Investment is Dec 15th.


But again and please note....We NEED to have it registered with us by an email sent to us between Nov 16th to Nov 27th (8 Banking days). We will update frequently on the number of Investors until we have reached 100 which we believe will go quickly so dont wait if you want a part of this.


If Investments arent received on Dec 15th we will go onto a waiting list that will also be registered once we have reached 100 Investors.

Progress on the simulations during this period will be given.

We also hope that all your account are updated now, if not please send a reminder to us as it should have been updated by now.


God Bless you all and thank you again for your patience. We are getting there and Im sure you all understand the importance of getting this 100% correct.








Joshua here, just so we have it all clear and no misunderstandings.

There will be no delays in regards to anything, I understand the frustrations out there and that we all want to finish this asap, however, there is no way of me to speed things up more then we have. This has nothing to do with ''extensions'' or ''delays'' , it will still take the time it takes. Maybe I wrote in a matter that was interpreted in a way thats normal when being under stress, With me ''thinking'' about it was about us to let more people come in and not set a final date on that, please note that this doesnt ''delay'' or ''extend'' the payout in any way, shape or form. It will still be the date it was meant to be from the beginning, whatever that date now is, I cant answer that, it is solely up to the rest of the simulations now, which by the way is at 72% now. I felt what Euclid wrote in his letter, Ive tried to make the wishes come true to all people, by letting more people come in we will grant Euclids wish, we will also grant this opportunity to a few more, WITHOUT extending/delaying any payouts as that upcoming date would have been the date anyway without keeping this offer opened to all.

This is the conclusion we have come to. We will keep the doors open for more people to grab this opportunity and that WONT delay anything in regards to the final payout date once we have reached the end of the simulations. So...All deals are the same incl the 5 for 1 and extra bonus for 50 shares. This will continue until the simulations are over.

Note again........This will NOT extend any payout date and it will NOT cause any delays in any work that we are doing here. Simply the best solution for all and we can now set more people free without it having an effect on whats ongoing. Im sure that when you take a step back and think about this it is the correct thing to do for all.

We are getting very close and we will all see this freedom soon my Friends.

God Bless






New York Sept 24th 2017


Good Evening


Well, its at least evening here in New York and Im sitting alone here in the offices on Upper East Side reflecting over life, family, business and what life really is about and our purpose here on our Planet. As I look out over Central Park I feel a tremendous wave of gratitude pouring over me and its very overwhelming. One of the reasons is that I have my eyes set on a specific Star in the sky that I have chosen.......... I believe that is where he sits and looks down upon us.....


It has been a few very hectic months, very rewarding indeed, many ups, but obviously also many downs. We are really close now to the payout and it is with a bit of a heavy heart that this will actually come to a close how strange now that might sound. It has been our daily work for so many years, and after you all have been here in NY, we will go our separate ways in one way, but we will also remain as friends forever and Im sure our paths will cross in all of the many adventures that awaits so many of you for the rest of your lifes. I cant wait to see what you all plan to do with the freedom that you all are about to experience.


Washington Simulations is at 66% and it is looking good.


Looking back at everybody that has worked with us over the years in HCI/EMS it now becomes even more clear which one of us was the brightest Star, A Star that never stopped to twinkle up in the sky even when he was amongst us all, the first Star you always saw when the sun was setting every day, a Star that was brought to us and to this planet for a reason and one reason only. To make a difference, to spread hope and love, to make sure that everybody was happy, that everybody had a purpose in life. A Star that we had the privilege of meeting almost on a daily basis for so many years. A Star that that Now even shines more bright every evening and I've picked mine that I look upon every night before I go to bed.


Euclid was more than a man, he was more than an employee , he was more of a Human Being than anybody I have ever meet and Im starting to think if he actually was more than that, a man, a Messenger ? A Gift from Him ?


It becomes even more clear now when I received and read the letter he wrote from when he transported to the Hospice and a few days before he passed...


Im going to leave it at that and just let you read below.....




-------I've been thinking of writing for a while now and I feel its time. I will try and make sure that nobody finds this here at the Hospital or when I arrive at the Hospice. If it goes according to plan nobody will read this until Im in HIS backyard, he has saved me a spot HE says. People might even think Ive gone mad if they read this.  What many dont know is that I received my diagnoses almost 3 years ago but I saw no point in informing anybody, whats the point in making a happy person sad I ask myself ?


They thought I was sleeping last night when they had their talk about me, but I heard them, I've actually been aware that the Hospice is the last resort and I settled in with that idea almost 1 year ago when I found peace in knowing that my time had come, and it was just that, a matter of time.


That im here now almost one year later is just a miracle really but I believe that my conversations with HIM has helped. I speak to HIM everyday, sometimes HE actually wakes me up. The conversations are real, they are present and HE has explained to me why this journey was mine and when it all started back in Greece when I was about 6 Years old and HE woke me up for the first time.


It was like lightning had struck on that very sunny day without a single cloud in the sky, through the top of my head down to my toes. I froze and went blind for a few seconds, when my eyes ''opened'' again everything was sharper, more bright, the colours had more colour in them, all sounds around was clearer, not louder, just clearer. I became connected to Everything, Everywhere and Everyone. From our Planet and beyond. Bear with me here my dear friends


I remember turning to my grandfather and answered him on the question I thought he asked if I was ok, he said he didnt ask me anything, I looked around and there was nobody there but my Grandfather. That was my first encounter with HIM and every day since then we have been on a path to try and make this little place called Earth a better place. It is not up to HIM, it is up to US to make the best of what we have. We are only visitors here and we must adapt, if we dont take care of what we have been given it will be taken away from us and that is whats happening in the world today. Mother Earth is angry and she has had enough. Mother Earth doesnt need us, we need Mother Earth, when we are all gone she will still be here, I hope that the next generation of visitors will be more friendly and caring then the Human Beings have been.


From what I have understood from HIM there are only about 100 of us around this planet that has been connected with HIM in a very special way, its not only about Faith, its a step beyond that when you actually have been given access to parts of the Universe. This cant be written in words though, but travels have taken place outside of our hemisphere and beyond, where we have looked down on Mother Earth. What becomes obvious is that there are colours, green, blue, grey, black, white. White as in clouds, there are no borders though, we see so many maps being printed with white lines separating us all. But from up there, there arent any white lines, there are no borders.


There are colours down there you dont see from up there, and thats also how it should be, the colour of your skin. Black, yellow, white. The only colour you should look at in regards to the human race is red, because thats the colour all of us have when you cut yourself, what comes out from the inside is red, and its red from all people, no matter the colour of your skin. We are all RED when we bleed, We are all People, Human Beings, From deep down inside we are all red, not black, white, yellow.


This is One Planet, amongst so many others that also are habitable, they arent in our galaxy obviously and thats why we cant see/hear or are aware of them. They are just like us actually just not as far ahead in evolution. I would say they are 400 years behind us. There is one Mother Earth in each galaxy. I can tell you that they are out there. But it is difficult to grasp. To travel to Pluto in a spaceship would take about 12 years. The distance to our next habitable planet is about 10 times that. You wont get there in a spaceship. It wont happen unless you have been connected. Im trying to write down as much as I can to try and explain but I also understand it is difficult to take in many of these things. But trust me when I say, we are not alone, our brothers and sisters are out there and they have the same questions that we have.


I will leave this subject at that and I hope you all can find some peace in knowing that the universe is just as spectacular as you always thought it to be and 50 times more.


When I arrive to my Hospice tomorrow I have told HIM that I really need a little extra time, Im in a position to transfer my gift to someone else that already have opened up. This person doesnt know that yet though, and wont be aware until a few months after my human body has left this Planet. But You will know once it arrives and that person will be one of the Investor in EMS/HCI25. If you wish to share the knowledge of that gift you have been given to others you can. But I would advice you not to. People would just not understand.


There is only so much the 100 of us can do, BTW, HH The Dalai Lama is the only person I know that holds one of these positions/connections. I had the great privilege of meeting him about 11 years ago and we didnt even speak about it. We just looked at each other and we knew.


It is somewhat sad that the world has come to the


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