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Joshua here, just so we have it all clear and no misunderstandings.

There will be no delays in regards to anything, I understand the frustrations out there and that we all want to finish this asap, however, there is no way of me to speed things up more then we have. This has nothing to do with ''extensions'' or ''delays'' , it will still take the time it takes. Maybe I wrote in a matter that was interpreted in a way thats normal when being under stress, With me ''thinking'' about it was about us to let more people come in and not set a final date on that, please note that this doesnt ''delay'' or ''extend'' the payout in any way, shape or form. It will still be the date it was meant to be from the beginning, whatever that date now is, I cant answer that, it is solely up to the rest of the simulations now, which by the way is at 72% now. I felt what Euclid wrote in his letter, Ive tried to make the wishes come true to all people, by letting more people come in we will grant Euclids wish, we will also grant this opportunity to a few more, WITHOUT extending/delaying any payouts as that upcoming date would have been the date anyway without keeping this offer opened to all.

This is the conclusion we have come to. We will keep the doors open for more people to grab this opportunity and that WONT delay anything in regards to the final payout date once we have reached the end of the simulations. So...All deals are the same incl the 5 for 1 and extra bonus for 50 shares. This will continue until the simulations are over.

Note again........This will NOT extend any payout date and it will NOT cause any delays in any work that we are doing here. Simply the best solution for all and we can now set more people free without it having an effect on whats ongoing. Im sure that when you take a step back and think about this it is the correct thing to do for all.

We are getting very close and we will all see this freedom soon my Friends.

God Bless






New York Sept 24th 2017


Good Evening


Well, its at least evening here in New York and Im sitting alone here in the offices on Upper East Side reflecting over life, family, business and what life really is about and our purpose here on our Planet. As I look out over Central Park I feel a tremendous wave of gratitude pouring over me and its very overwhelming. One of the reasons is that I have my eyes set on a specific Star in the sky that I have chosen.......... I believe that is where he sits and looks down upon us.....


It has been a few very hectic months, very rewarding indeed, many ups, but obviously also many downs. We are really close now to the payout and it is with a bit of a heavy heart that this will actually come to a close how strange now that might sound. It has been our daily work for so many years, and after you all have been here in NY, we will go our separate ways in one way, but we will also remain as friends forever and Im sure our paths will cross in all of the many adventures that awaits so many of you for the rest of your lifes. I cant wait to see what you all plan to do with the freedom that you all are about to experience.


Washington Simulations is at 66% and it is looking good.


Looking back at everybody that has worked with us over the years in HCI/EMS it now becomes even more clear which one of us was the brightest Star, A Star that never stopped to twinkle up in the sky even when he was amongst us all, the first Star you always saw when the sun was setting every day, a Star that was brought to us and to this planet for a reason and one reason only. To make a difference, to spread hope and love, to make sure that everybody was happy, that everybody had a purpose in life. A Star that we had the privilege of meeting almost on a daily basis for so many years. A Star that that Now even shines more bright every evening and I've picked mine that I look upon every night before I go to bed.


Euclid was more than a man, he was more than an employee , he was more of a Human Being than anybody I have ever meet and Im starting to think if he actually was more than that, a man, a Messenger ? A Gift from Him ?


It becomes even more clear now when I received and read the letter he wrote from when he transported to the Hospice and a few days before he passed...


Im going to leave it at that and just let you read below.....




-------I've been thinking of writing for a while now and I feel its time. I will try and make sure that nobody finds this here at the Hospital or when I arrive at the Hospice. If it goes according to plan nobody will read this until Im in HIS backyard, he has saved me a spot HE says. People might even think Ive gone mad if they read this.  What many dont know is that I received my diagnoses almost 3 years ago but I saw no point in informing anybody, whats the point in making a happy person sad I ask myself ?


They thought I was sleeping last night when they had their talk about me, but I heard them, I've actually been aware that the Hospice is the last resort and I settled in with that idea almost 1 year ago when I found peace in knowing that my time had come, and it was just that, a matter of time.


That im here now almost one year later is just a miracle really but I believe that my conversations with HIM has helped. I speak to HIM everyday, sometimes HE actually wakes me up. The conversations are real, they are present and HE has explained to me why this journey was mine and when it all started back in Greece when I was about 6 Years old and HE woke me up for the first time.


It was like lightning had struck on that very sunny day without a single cloud in the sky, through the top of my head down to my toes. I froze and went blind for a few seconds, when my eyes ''opened'' again everything was sharper, more bright, the colours had more colour in them, all sounds around was clearer, not louder, just clearer. I became connected to Everything, Everywhere and Everyone. From our Planet and beyond. Bear with me here my dear friends


I remember turning to my grandfather and answered him on the question I thought he asked if I was ok, he said he didnt ask me anything, I looked around and there was nobody there but my Grandfather. That was my first encounter with HIM and every day since then we have been on a path to try and make this little place called Earth a better place. It is not up to HIM, it is up to US to make the best of what we have. We are only visitors here and we must adapt, if we dont take care of what we have been given it will be taken away from us and that is whats happening in the world today. Mother Earth is angry and she has had enough. Mother Earth doesnt need us, we need Mother Earth, when we are all gone she will still be here, I hope that the next generation of visitors will be more friendly and caring then the Human Beings have been.


From what I have understood from HIM there are only about 100 of us around this planet that has been connected with HIM in a very special way, its not only about Faith, its a step beyond that when you actually have been given access to parts of the Universe. This cant be written in words though, but travels have taken place outside of our hemisphere and beyond, where we have looked down on Mother Earth. What becomes obvious is that there are colours, green, blue, grey, black, white. White as in clouds, there are no borders though, we see so many maps being printed with white lines separating us all. But from up there, there arent any white lines, there are no borders.


There are colours down there you dont see from up there, and thats also how it should be, the colour of your skin. Black, yellow, white. The only colour you should look at in regards to the human race is red, because thats the colour all of us have when you cut yourself, what comes out from the inside is red, and its red from all people, no matter the colour of your skin. We are all RED when we bleed, We are all People, Human Beings, From deep down inside we are all red, not black, white, yellow.


This is One Planet, amongst so many others that also are habitable, they arent in our galaxy obviously and thats why we cant see/hear or are aware of them. They are just like us actually just not as far ahead in evolution. I would say they are 400 years behind us. There is one Mother Earth in each galaxy. I can tell you that they are out there. But it is difficult to grasp. To travel to Pluto in a spaceship would take about 12 years. The distance to our next habitable planet is about 10 times that. You wont get there in a spaceship. It wont happen unless you have been connected. Im trying to write down as much as I can to try and explain but I also understand it is difficult to take in many of these things. But trust me when I say, we are not alone, our brothers and sisters are out there and they have the same questions that we have.


I will leave this subject at that and I hope you all can find some peace in knowing that the universe is just as spectacular as you always thought it to be and 50 times more.


When I arrive to my Hospice tomorrow I have told HIM that I really need a little extra time, Im in a position to transfer my gift to someone else that already have opened up. This person doesnt know that yet though, and wont be aware until a few months after my human body has left this Planet. But You will know once it arrives and that person will be one of the Investor in EMS/HCI25. If you wish to share the knowledge of that gift you have been given to others you can. But I would advice you not to. People would just not understand.


There is only so much the 100 of us can do, BTW, HH The Dalai Lama is the only person I know that holds one of these positions/connections. I had the great privilege of meeting him about 11 years ago and we didnt even speak about it. We just looked at each other and we knew.


It is somewhat sad that the world has come to the stage where money is as important as it is. Money brings freedom yes, but it can also bring destruction, arguments, divorce even War...


We need a balance on our Planet, we need more people that take care of others, we need tolerance.


We need people that can spread the word of being positive, being happy, helping others


It has come to a point where money is the tool for this. As much as I dont like it we have to accept it


With money comes freedom, with freedom comes time, time to be spent on whats Important. The more people that grab this opportunity that EMS/HCI25 has given the more people we can set free, and the more people we can set free the closer we will get to freedom for all and ultimately the world. This would lead to the collapse of the entire banking system but perhaps thats what the world needs to wake up, just like I woke up when I was 6.



Today is July 19th 2017, I havent had the energy to write for a while and thought I would ''save up'' what might be my last words here on my visit to Mother Earth.


I woke up last night because of a large bang in the room, even the nurses heard it as they came running in. There was nothing in the room obviously, I have a difficult time moving but Im ok with the Pen still, I hope the people reading this can see what I write as its a bit shaky to say the least.


When the nurses left I aimed my focus to enter my other dimension that has been a part of me since I was a little boy. I asked HIM why he did that and in a way that actually made the nurses aware. HE told me it was time, I have known this but all of a sudden it came as a surprise, I wasnt ready yet. I wanted to write more, I wanted to share more of the positive things that the Universe can bring to all if they just open up. Please hurry with our message of EMS's opportunity to make the world a better place even though in a smaller scale to begin with. For the first time I really feel anxious and its not a good feeling. I really dont want to leave yet even though my next Journey will be even greater.


It is July 20th today they have told me. Im not aware of any deadlines, last day of Investments or how long the simulations have come, Im sure that Joshua has informed me but my memory has failed me the last few days. Im having really intensive conversations with HIM, its like HE wants to rush things, I really dont understand it. Let nature do its thing, My body will shut down when its time, its just a body, nothing else, a shell, a tool to keep the real me on this Planet for the time I was suppose to be here. When my body is done here I will start my real travels, Im sure HE has a plan for that also even though HE doesnt say much about it.


I hope that thousands and thousands of more people can get the opportunity before Joshua and his teams closes it all, I hope that they will continue until the very last day, even up until the day before the payout to you all. It has come to the stage where money will set you free, I also hope that the money you will receive which is a lot, will be spread accordingly, please share, please give, be kind and spread the word, please, please, please


Joshua my friend, please dont stop because someone has set a date for this in Washington, I know you. You can talk to. Talk to them, Please, at least until the simulations are done, all people on this planet should have the chance to enter this before the simulations are closed, if it is a possibility to continue all the way to payout day, please do so. Please. One day or two day extra can mean that we liberate even more people from the evil in the world today. Dont take this opportunity away to early now when we are almost there. However, it cant be at the expense of delaying things, if so stop it, if your team can guarantee same progress whilst continue to offer this I see no reason why it has to be stopped earlier then when payout starts. I trust you and the team will make the best decision for all involved Joshua. Place your heart into this decision my friend. Do whats best for all Investors and for those that havent found us yet. And most importantly as we spoke about early this year. 50% of our dear Investors have been ''sleeping'' for the past 3-5 years. They have not been informed properly, I take that upon me as my responsibility. Please inform them. I know email isnt your normal way of communicating to members that arent active, but its time my friend, please ''wake'' them up so that they dont miss out, the consequences to many would be devastating. We wouldnt want that publicity whilst others are experiencing their well deserved freedom.


Its evening of July 20th.


I have had a lot of pain the last few days, but all of a sudden earlier this evening it was gone, no pain at all. I cant explain it really, but its like I have moved on already even though I know im still here, perhaps its a sign that its time, I dont know but I welcome the feeling very much and I feel very relaxed. Perhaps a miracle on its way ? Anyway, im going to try and catch some sleep while my pain is gone, Ill try write again tomorrow.


…........      ...............      .............



Hi, Joshua writing again, that was the last Euclid wrote, about 48 hours after that he passed and went home to Him and his backyard as he so nicely put it.


I have some thinking to do and have talked to the board about his letter also, give me a few more days to digest this and lets see what we can do for him.



God Bless






NEW YORK Sept 9th 2017


Dear Friends


Sorry for the silence but we have been very busy the last few weeks with the last simulations now and we are seeing some really nice progress there...


Euclid has arrived to his final resting place and from what we have heard from his closest family the ceremony was very peaceful and filled with Love. They have some other issues that needs to be sorted there and have asked for some more time to sort this before they want to release any photos and more detailed info about the location of his final resting place. Understandable of course and there is no rush in regards to this is what we have told them.


We are a bit surprised as to the speed of the simulations in Washington as we expected this to be most difficult one. We wont jump to any conclusions but just let this run and hope that the last leg will be just as smooth. Everybody in the offices are really excited.


1,4M USD has been invested where 7,5% goes to the fund and 2,5% to the monuments we are doing outside of the offices so this is simply fantastic news for all of us. Thank you all so much and we hope to fill this fund up even more in the final days.


Lastly, please join us in prayers for the citizens of Florida as ''IRMA'' is about to hit any hour now.....Please follow the advice and leave. Properties can be rebuilt, but life's can never be replaced.


God Bless you all and take care




New York Aug 5th 2017


A Final attempt to make a difference for a lost soul in our troubled world


 I have had a short talk with one of our larger groups up in Scandinavia (Norway) and their leader, and he informed me about a gathering they have done there for a last effort to help your fellow human being. It really moved me when I understood what they were doing. This IS the last chance to leave a real mark to his (Euclid) legacy, name and to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer. This opportunity that we now have here is a last chance to make a difference in the world towards the people that really deserve it.

This opportunity Wont come back and people are starting to realize this now....

The leader of this group gathered all and they have decided to do exactly the same Investment they All have done from the very beginning, this means very large Investments and we will be able to do a Monument that will be talked about not only all over New York but all across our great nation and hopefully all over the world once this become public knowledge, a ''Euclid Charity Fund'' will also be set up with $50,000 And 7,5% of the 10% donated through the investments will also be added and once a year 2 different charities (Chosen by the EMS board) will receive $25,000 each for the work They are doing. This will continue indefinite.

So what they are asking their members now in their respective groups is that everybody does one final Investment and that is the amount they have invested so far in EMS and from that you dont only get your bonuses but 2,5% goes to the Monuments and 7,5% goes to the Fund.

We will of course make these amounts public after Sept 18th.

It would truly be something that has never been seen before and we would get publicity/awareness for our cause for this and your group would get recognition as well with a smaller ''gratitude monument'' next to the main monument. A mark that will be there forever and written into the history books as a moment in time that actually made a difference to So many people.

Please raise this issue with all of your team members and ask them if they want to join in this cause that the Scandinavian group initiated. We will leave a Final and Everlasting mark on this, and then we can all be happy with what we have given and be happy with the fruits that we will get from this very very soon..

God Bless you and your team and we hope that you will all join us in this the final journey towards our own freedom and others. And on Euclids Final journey also which will end in a few weeks time.





NEW YORK  JULY 27th  2017


Dear Friends/Investors


Well, here it goes.....Last few days have been very sad for us here at EMS/HCI25


Our dear friend, colleague and probably one of the finest human beings that has ever sat foot on our planet Mr. Euclid Diodorus isnt with us anymore and has returned home to his Maker.


Euclid isnt in pain anymore and we got to spend some quality time with him during his last 2 days when we were told that his time had come.


Euclid passed away in his hospice surrounded by the people who was closest to him during his last years, on Sunday July 23rd just after 11pm.


Euclid kept talking about the legacy he wanted to leave behind and talked a lot about what he learned in Laos (a few years back if you can remember) and what kind of peace he felt there and he was really happy to be able to feel that again very soon after our Lord had taken him home.


He wanted to be remembered as a kind and giving person, a person that was always there for Anybody at Anytime and Everywhere, Whenever it was needed.


He wanted to make sure that we All did our very best to make sure this opportunity that we offer here was spread all over the world, he Knew, as well as we do now, that this opportunity wont come back.. period.. He was a bit anxious about that not being able to keep an opportunity like this out there forever for everyone to enjoy.


Its not only about honouring his name, his legacy or to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer.........


Its about giving the average human being out there a ''break'' , making sure that they have some quality in life and doesnt have to live from pay-check to pay-check.


We aimed to be able to offer this opportunity with the 5 for 1 bonus and Euclid's Angel Gift (You can now have 5 people being gifted for new Investments) until we close this deal and started the payout, but as it looks now we will most likely close this deal on Monday Sept 18th Incl the 5 for 1 deal and also stop for new Investors.


So on Sept 18th it all stops. Please note that the 50 shares invested to get 500 also stops on Sept 18th now ! So hopefully only 7 weeks to go if we get what we want this time around and the simulations team are capable of this.


Euclid also said that we cant bring more pain/suffering to all of the Investors so he advised that we would should ask the simulations team to speed things up and we do have a message to them that Euclid wrote that will be given to them. Im sure that they will try and finish the simulations asap once they have read it And are capable of doing it legally.


So if you want to Invest more for yourself and family and also to make life easier for a fellow human being, now is the last chance to make a difference in the world and to someone else.


In the Investments made from today up until Sept 18th , 10% will be allocated to the ceremony that will be held here in NY on Aug 13th and the ashes of Euclid will then be flown to Santorini in Greece, which is what he wanted for family reasons. After Aug 13th that 10% will be allocated to raise a monument outside of our offices which we have people working on right now and that will also be for past staff that has passed but also of course incl Mr Stallings that was our founder.


Obviously we cant disclose where the NY ceremony will take place due to the fact he only wanted the closest family there but it will be revealed once it has taken place.


We will also be able to disclose where in Santorini Euclid's final resting place will be but only after everything has been handled over there. We know that many of you out there after have been given this Gift from God that EMS/HCI25 really is, would like to visit him there.


This is what Euclid wanted. Share this Gift is what he wanted. Make a difference in another persons life is what he wanted. To be remembered as person that gave more then he received is what he wanted.


When you have left Planet Earth, money doesnt matter anymore, what matters is what you Did for Others while they was here on their temporary visit.


My friends


Wherever you are sitting now, Please lets take a moment of silence for yourself and for Euclid and join us in a silent Prayer.


God Bless you and your loved ones


God Bless Euclid and his family


God Bless EMS/HCI25 for the opportunity...


..and God Bless the United States of America


Yours Truly


Joshua Millard



New York May 24th 2017

Dear Friends

Just to keep you all updated. We havent been able to start the New York simulations yet. There are several reasons why and we wont go into details why this is as its simply to technical. We are hoping to be able to start the NY simulations 2nd week in June. This is the estimate they can give us right now. The percentage we have been given as to whats completed has been wrongly informed to us and is at 86%. It really doesnt matter as we are now at 2 states left still so if its 86 or 92 doesnt make any difference.

Euclid says Hi to each and everyone of you out there and is so grateful for what you all are doing for the less fortunate out there by giving them this Gift.

If anything drastically happens at our end we will of course inform you all.

God Bless




New York March 16th

Dear Friends

We have just completed 2 more States and are at 77% of the simulations! All is looking good but we cant know for sure how the simulations are going to be for the remaining States.

2 of the States that are left are California, Washington and also New York.

But will keep you all in the loop of course.

Nothing major to report on really, we just need to keep going with this and hope to approach the end of this very soon.

What I feel sad about is all the negative talk going around about the Angel Gift that was Euclids idea.  Im almost speechless and shocked that people can turn this into a negative, all I can say is, shame on you! Im embarrassed on behalf of Euclid and what he is going through.

If there is ANYTHING negative to say about this please address this in an email to Me. I will be more than happy to put a freeze to your account and You will be the first to get a refund on the Invested capital and nothing more while the others are getting their initial payout and plan for their NY trip at the same time. Its time to stop this negativity and I will be watching All that is written publically in any shape or form on any forum/social media.

To the majority of the Investors…Thank you all for the wishes towards Euclid and his health issues. We haven’t been allowed to visit him so not sure how things are progressing there but will inform you all of course when we get some news.

We had a suggestion from a member to name this Angel Gift after Euclid actually and we talked about it and thought why not. He’s been a major part of making sure that you are all updated properly and have been our Rock for so many years. So officially this Gift is now referred to as the “Euclid Angel Wish”

Again, we never know what the future holds, but hopefully for many decades to come this could actually be a foundation for research towards a cure for Pancreatic Cancer or any other Cancer for that matter.

We continue to pray for him… And hope that you all want to help 1 or 2 other people out there with the match that the banks have set up for the Euclid Angel Wish.

Im in New York right now but going back to Washington soon again to monitor the simulations and do what I can to speed it up.


Take care my friends and God Bless





Dear Friends / Investors


Sorry for slight delays again but we wanted to make sure all is in place…

So, what has been decided is this…We told the banks that there is NO option for any extensions for the dates we have set already, they did stretch that one of the bonus deals needs to be cancelled as we are approaching the end of this. What we came up with is the best solution and gives time to all that hasn’t been able to enter with all that they want yet. To cut everything off at March 7th isn’t an option as many are struggling funding their final Investments. What is being cut off is the 3 for 1 deal and that is cut off on March 7th. What they have agreed is to use the other deadline we had for the 3 for 1 and continue with the 5 for 1 until that date (April 17th) meaning that the 5 for 1 deal is now up for grabs for ALL Investors. A fantastic solution and we in the management thank them deeply for this.

Bonuses for your purchases of 50 Shares and getting 50 shares extra Plus the 5 for 1 deal expires on April 17th as well. What we have been informed now is that after April 17th it is buy 1 get 1 that is in effect. No bonuses, No extras. Fair enough I must say and I hope this date is kept now.

Simulations have restarted and we are at 68%. We are going through some States again that have some financial difficulties similar to what Arkansas has. This was the reason for the simulations there. If a certain State’s economy isn’t what it is supposed to be the simulations come out differently and the system gives us signals that we need to “correct” to bypass them.

I won’t go into details as that will be a book to write, but I will keep you all updated of course when we are making good progress again like before. But rest assured, we are getting there and absolutely Nothing can stop this, im really excited for all of you reading that has joined us and Pray that many more can come onboard with the offers below now…


A few weeks ago Euclid came to me with a request/wish from his side. I could feel and could see his pain in trying to help as many as he possibly can before we close the doors and end this long journey we have been on. Many won’t get this opportunity that we have been blessed with, we just have to accept that and Pray for the ones that doesn’t “find us” before deadline.

Now, How can we be of help in joining all of you out there that want to help as well?

What we have come up with is this and the banks support us in this as well, both in regards to finances (this is backed by the banks) but also the admin work that will be needed, so all registrations will be taken care of through the banks so it doesnt burden the workload within EMS/HCI25.

Every Investor in EMS/HCI25 will be granted to give what we would like to call an “Angel Gift” , this is limited to 2 individuals per Investor and means that whatever you Invest for yourself between March 7th to April 17th, EMS together with the Banks will match 100% and incl The Trust.

Example..You invest 20 Shares for 760 Dollar (You will receive 100 Shares valued at 3800 Dollar) You then have the option to pick 1 or 2 people to give this gift. It can be one person that receives 100 Shares or 2 people receiving 50 shares each, incl The Trust.

I must say we are truly blessed that the banks see this possibility as well as they are sitting on large amounts of capital and I have now for the first in my career seen that they Do chose people before capital at times.

I know for a fact that some of these decision makers have visited Euclid at the hospital as well and Euclid have a way to him that’s very kind and understandable. They understood what he was asking and he got his message/wish presented to them. I believe a part of their decision is due to Euclid and what he deeply wished for. God Bless You Euclid.

May God Bless them for this decision. Speaking of Euclid, he won’t be available to answer any support issues for a while. He’s undergoing some treatments, starting tomorrow actually, and need the rest as he’s become weaker over the past week due to complications with infections. He is in our daily prayers... Support issues will be taken care of by Mr. Georgsson (Lars), and also some admin staff from the banks when it comes to registering your gifted Investors.

Of course KYC on these individuals you want to give Your Angel Gift is necessary and registration of EMS accounts. So same procedure on this, email that in to us and explain what Investment has been made and whom should be gifted with the same amounts.

Please note above is only an example. If You can buy only 2 shares extra for yourself making it 10, this will then help 2 blessed people with 5 shares each and they will receive The Trust as well. Everything is a blessing in this opportunity.

Im on my way to Washington again in a few days for talks about taxes and financial planning for all of our Investors upon your arrival to NY to have something to present here at our offices.


All thoughts at EMS/HCI25 are with Euclid right now, please join us in our prayers.

I hope to update you shortly again.


God Bless







Hi Guys


Ok, so the state of Arkansas has been all cleared and ready to go, they expect the simulations to be up and running again on Thursday March 2nd ! So great news on that, lets hope the remaining States are as smooth as when we started the US simulations.

I have also received info that either the 5 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal will close sooner than expected, haven’t received which one of the deals or when, only that we need to close one of them asap. I got the feeling from Mr. Millard that this has to do with the simulations team knowing we could be close to completing this and they want to make sure all is set for this.

I hope to have more info on this in the next few days as well. Mr. Millard said he will set up a conference call with me on Wednesday morning.

Just wanted you guys to know..God Bless you all and I will be back very soon with more specific news about this.






Feb 17th 2017

Hi Guys

My goodness me what a few simple days out in Central Park can do for you after spending a lot of time in a hospital. You really appreciate the cold crisp air, all the smells, impressions, people walking by, It has been some of the nicest walks I have ever taken in the Park especially with the great news fresh in mind of the simulations here in the US.

When I got back home it suddenly hit me though. Im not sure why but I felt anxious, very anxious, didn’t understand it at first but after I had a long talk with an old friend, he’s a priest actually, it all came forth. I really cant wait for the payout, but what about all the unfortunate people out there that are missing this opportunity?

What if they don’t get the chance that THEY deserve just as much as us? Is there time enough to “find us” for all the people that really deserves this after a life of perhaps pain and suffering? I have asked Mr. Millard and also the Board of Directors and the banks involved in this what more we can do to reach out to AS MANY AS POSSIBLE before we “close the doors” forever for Investments like this. That also makes me slightly anxious, that this opportunity wont ever come back. Ive had a hard time grasping that as I really want ALL to experience what we are about to experience, but at the same time I Know that not all will find us before its to late.

I have reached out to Mr. Millard and the management team about this for a suggestions that involves a bit of charity from their side. Will let you all know what they decide as soon as they have responded to my request/wish.

HCI25….As explained, any numbers in your back offices aren’t correct so we have decided like this, the 65% of the ROI is set and will be paid into your EMS accounts, so All Investors need to have at least the 98 Dollar Trust in EMS to get the 65% of the Pension Plans ROI in HCI25. This is all registered and put into the bank system. So, there is no need to actually log in into your old accounts. What we will do is this, if you want a new account just register a new one. So no request/emails for old passwords or old usernames will be attended to. If you can, please use a new email address for the new account as well. So, really no need to start a new account unless you want to invest more, and your old investment is all set so no reason to create a new account for that.

Simulations as of today Feb 17th is at 64%, mostly because there has been a stop due to some issues that needed to be addressed in the state of Arkansas. The economy there isnt the best in the US so adjustments needs to be made for that State. No risks for any Investor living there so don’t worry. That State just needs to be prepared on whats coming. We believe that this could be the case for 2-3 other States as well. Time will tell once we reach those States.

Im sure Mr. Millard will come with an update very soon with more specifics, but all good here my friends

God Bless you all




FEBRUARY 9th 2017


Dear Friends

We are getting there and the simulations have been very good with no obstacles whatsoever. I pray it will continue like this. Last week’s simulations has been smaller States so it could be a reason for that.

Many questions about HCI25, but to be honest. I wouldn’t waste to much time on it investing more. It is possible to Invest but you all can see that it doesn’t give as much as EMS even though its a fantastic ROI anyway. Whatever is written in your back offices isn’t correct so ignore that. Your old Investment wont be posted in the back office as that is already “booked” and pending payout. IF you Invest in new shares that will be updated. No need for KYC or Bank Account. All this will go through EMS. Ignore any old emails and ALL correspondence still to The site is , no other sites out there have anything to do with us. And again, 65% of what was initially meant to be paid out as ROI in the HCI25 Pension Plan is what you will get, and that is the main thing here really.

Really nothing special to report ( wait for it ) but I can tell you how the speculations are going in regards to President Trump and his first few weeks in power. Its like a rollercoaster even though you don’t see it on the stock markets. We see some tendencies in breakouts on some currencies and also metals as soon as there is a controversial subject being discussed or decisions that is being made that reflects the entire world, such as the travel ban which is turning into a circus to be honest. The world is watching our great country and they aren’t happy with what they see.

As long as his advisers gets through to him to a certain extent all should be ok we believe. But he really need to stop the “sitting-at-home-in-his-sofa-twittering” attitude which we all thought would stop after the inauguration. But I guess not. Everything he puts out there can be interpreted in so many ways and there are people around the world that also have some real power to make some real decisions.

A reminder of current deadline my friends that has changed slightly …5 for 1 deal is still on until March 7th.  3 for 1 deal has been moved back from May 1st to Monday April 17th (We are assuming its because of the flawless simulations right now) AND from April 17th it wont be 2 for 1. There wont be any bonuses at all after that date so 1 share bought is 1 share added to your Investment. Don’t miss out at the end of this journey now..

The reasons for the above we believe is this, and Im SOOO thrilled to report this… As of the evening of Feb 9th we are at 61% done in the simulations of the US!

Have a good weekend my friends and please spend it with Family and Friends and start to plan your final Investments and what you will do for your future. We have been truly blessed.

God Bless you my Friends and Im so happy to get to meet all of you very soon and we all pray that Euclid will be able to join us as well and get some time out from his little “office room” in the hospital.



January 23rd  2017


Dear Investors , My Friends


I must say that Euclid really explained it well for all of you and I hope that you all are a little more updated now on the complexity of Investment vehicles like this that isnt common to the average Investor/Banker. This is something really unique and not for everybody to be offered or even believe in and that’s why it will work. Do you know why??  If everybody wanted this Investment it simply Wouldnt work and our banking community would cease to exist in its current form and this is something that the world isnt ready for yet, or for another 100 years for that matter. Like Euclid mentioned, all of you are a few thousand very lucky Investors that has made the right decision to join us in this journey that will be life changing. But we MUST obey with what our regulators tell us to do. You can inform your near and dear right now but once this is all completed… Must continue to enjoy your newfound financial freedom in total silence in regards to what kind of Investment this was. That is Very Important for each and every one of you.

We are still receiving tons of “advice” from Investors on how we really should be handling this and I cant really understand why. Please read the updates my friends. We cant do anything but to obey and follow the rules They set, its that simple. There is no way we can rush this or “hurry things up”, so please, spare us the ideas,thoughts,suggestions etc etc. It saves us all time and we can also focus on what we are supposed to do.

The team that are handling the simulations are still waiting for a few configurations (that’s what they told me) before they are able to start the simulations, they hoped to get all their info on the 21-22nd January but havent received all the data yet. They believe all info will be received by the upcoming weekend so they are aiming to restart the simulations on Tuesday Jan 31st. This means that we are able to get the 5 for 1 deal and 3 for 1 deal extended but only for another 7 days.

The last date to be able as a group receive the 5 for 1 deal is Tuesday, March 7th.

After that 3 for 1 goes for everybody but only until Monday, May 1st.

From May 1st the offer will be 2 for 1 only and that goes for All individuals and All groups.

As stated, if simulations are completed before these dates, initial payout will start of course and the process of getting you all to NY has started. So don’t speculate in having to wait so long etc etc. Its negative energy being spread and I really don’t want that for Euclid first and foremost as he hurts as it is, not because of his health situation but hurts because of all of you that are waiting and waiting. He needs positive energy around him and im trying to spread that towards him in my daily Prayers.

As soon as we are Live with the simulations again and running with it, I’ll get back to all of you with updates. In the meantime don’t be afraid to invite others to this life changing opportunity because once initial payout is activated and you all are being sourced to get to New York, it will be too late to ever enter an Investment like this again. And once ALL funds have been distributed….IT IS LOCKDOWN ON ALL INFO IN REGARDS TO THIS INVESTMENT…This for the sake of the entire banking system as we know it.

God Bless you all and God Bless United States of America which is now under the leadership of a person that wasn’t even in our minds a few years ago as being our Commander. I sincerely hope he will work for all of us and make sure we will have stability around our great and beautiful planet Earth.

All for the sake of Peace, Freedom and our World Economy.


Yours Truly




January 8th 2017


Hi Everybody!

Euclid here wanting to share some thoughts/info with you all.

I really do hope that your Christmas and New Year Holidays was ok and that you have had the chance to spend this with your family and friends.

And of course, thank you so much for your wishes in regards to my health situation. It really helps and I get more strength from this.

I had a few days off to try and relax with my Family but my thoughts are with all of you out there and I must say, a Christmas/New Year at the h`ospitals we have here in New York isnt all that bad! J Our beloved Mr. Millard spent his Holidays in Washington but we managed to have a “get-together” over Skype with some of the other Directors. I wanted to share some things with you that Mr. Millard and the entire simulation team has approved, which I think can be a little help along the way to make you all understand the difficulties we face in an Investment like this. These are no secrets really but you will understand the challenges they are facing when knowing the eventual consequences any mistakes can have.

Im going to try and “paint a picture” for you, so you see the obstacles we are facing at times.

We have to see the big picture here my friends.  How the world economy works, how banks work and what they make money on and how a normal bank operates.

It is essential that the banking system as a whole remains exactly as it is run today, there is no other option. Lets say that an average bank gives you 2% interest every year for putting Your money in Their bank. The bank uses this money as working capital times a certain gearing factor. Now, if you want to borrow money from the same bank you have to pay the bank, lets say 6-7% (That’s an average in Europe right now depending on what kind of loan such as Property, Car, Business) This is all easy mathematics right ? More cash in to the bank then what goes out.

Now, lets say that you find a bank that will give you 10% per year for depositing your money into their bank (This bank charges 13-15% on loans so the mathematics work in that bank as well). Would you withdraw your money from your current bank and deposit that into this new bank?

Perhaps people would even borrow money at your first bank at, lets say 6% interest rate and deposit this into the new bank and then use the 10% in the new bank to pay the interest of 6% making you an extra 4% profit every year. This 4% could be used to pay of the 6% interest loan “for free”! ...  This is also simple mathematics right?

Now, lets say you find something like EMS/HCI25!! And you can show proof to others that an Investment like this actually does exist (After the payout of course, and believe me, people will talk and it doesn’t matter that this opportunity doesn’t come back, the word is out there and the copycats will go to work). This would spread like wildfire… People would want to withdraw their entire balances from their banks to be able to enter an Investment like this. Would this be good for the banks? What would happen to the entire banking system if this was a wish for Everybody to enter Investments like this? Would the banks have any working capital? Would they be able to give loans to the public? This scenario is something that we in the financial industry aren’t even allowed to talk about outside of certain walls. A scenario like this would be the end to the banking system as we know it. People will start and see the other options and there will be a complete change in our normal “banking behavior”.

My wonderful birthplace of Greece is a very good example of this change in “Banking behavior”. Greece was more or less bankrupt. IMF and the European Central Bank bailed them out and put limits, heavy limits. The entire population was scared and wanted to withdraw all of their savings to move to other countries where the banks gave them better “offers”. This could have been the end to Greece as we know it. It became regulated and now there is a limit that states that Greek people can only withdraw 600 Euros every week from their bank accounts even though they have millions of Euros in it!!

This is a scenario that could happen and will happen if we make the slightest mistake in an Investment like EMS/HCI25.

With that being said please read the following which is VERY VERY important.


Once you arrive here in New York and all the paperwork is in order you must all sign an NDA! This stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement and means that you cant under Any circumstances tell Anybody about this Investment. Whatever you tell your friends or coworkers is really up to you but you cant say what kind of Investment this was. Its ok to do now. But once the payout is cleared and you have received ALL of the funds, not a single word or even a hunch can be made when people start and ask. It is actually a felony if you do that after you have signed this NDA. It is a very easy thing to follow and I truly hope that you follow this. This is for the future of the entire banking system as we know it. I cant even begin to explain how important this is. Mr. Millard will repeat this many many times in the upcoming weeks, im sure about that. Everybody will be given certain statements to use once you meet any media people (Papers, TV etc), Please use these statements!

I know it sounds harsh, but we must do what the regulators tell us to do to have a successful payout during 2017. Its been a very long journey and I really cant wait to experience the freedom that lies in front of us.

Please take a moment and reflect over the explanations above…and then read it again and perhaps even a third time.

How the banking system works today…

Why it must remain like it is…

The danger in having large amounts of people all around the world changing their banking behavior…

The Lehman Brothers crash was Nothing compared to what we would face here.

Banks collapsing…

Currencies collapsing all around the world and with that entire Countries Economy collapsing…

Anarchy….. Followed by who knows what….

I hope that the “painted picture” is starting to be clearer for you guys now. One of the main reasons for other RPP’s failures is the above, they simply couldn’t let it happen. NOW is the only time it will be tested “LIVE” when we have been all cleared with simulations. Im SO excited about this my friends.


My friends…I consider myself so blessed that words cannot even describe it!

I was in the right position at the right time when I meet our late, but great founder of HCI25, Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash, and when Mr. Millard took over his legacy I Knew he was going to do what was right and that is to work for all of YOU, just like Mr. Stallings would have wanted. They are truly a Gift from God and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this journey since the beginning. I share the same faith and values as they do/did and believe that we all together will help set so many people free at last.

I have spent a great deal of my hours here in the Hospital since March 2016 thinking about Mr. Stallings and what he stood for and what he accomplished before he passed and moved on to his Maker. He had a mission to fulfill and that’s why he was put on this Earth to do. Mr. Millard is following in his footsteps and I’ve been put alongside these 2 great Men to assist and help in any way I can to fulfill this. This is my purpose and I couldn’t be more grateful.

This is their legacy and will be my legacy as well. HE has spoken and I listened subconsciously at first and now consciously.

This is why I was put on this Earth and I couldn’t see any greater honor then this and I know that we will all experience this before my “departure”. It is a very good feeling my friends and a sense of joy having made a difference to so many people.

Mr. Millard knows this as well and that’s why he was kind enough to arrange for a small “corner office” here in my room at the hospital which was my wish for Christmas J. I wanted to be as close as possible to all of you thousands of Investors all over the world. At first he wanted me to rest but finally gave in to my wish of being “close” to all of you. Im very thankful for that.

I cant wait to see HCI25 back online soon again after being away for so long. Its almost like a long lost child that has come back homeJ. HCI25 is where this journey started and it feels very good that it is back when we are approaching the end and the long awaited payout.

Speaking about HCI25, once again Mr. Millard and his team has delivered. We have gotten HCI25 back and we all can enjoy 65% of the original profit that was calculated. They did face one obstacle and that was a fee that all Investors had to pay to be able to “activate” the accounts again……My Friends, you should have seen the look on Mr. Millard face when he mentioned this to me over Skype.. He wasn’t happy, and when he mentioned that the “activation cost” would be around 1850 US Dollar for each Investor I was shocked to say the least!!

Mr. Millard explained to the people that approved HCI25 once again that it was totally out of the question and that we couldn’t add ANY more costs/fee’s to all of our members, especially when it was as high as it was. Discussions started and finally an agreement was reached and a part of that agreement is the 65% of the original value of your ROI. I’m sure all of you agree that its better then to add more costs, it’s a large return anyway my friends. Another part of this agreement is the 3 for 1 and 5 for 1 deal. It has been decided as follow


Latest News

October 17th 2017


Simulations at 84% !


October 11th 2017


Simulations at 79%, they restarted today.

God Bless


October 5th 2017


Simulations at 78%. A small break in the simulations though due to a specific problem with that ongoing bank.
They believe it will be handled swiftly.


September 28th 2017


Update in News Archive



September 25th 2017


A very emotional update from Joshua in News Archive, please read it.


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