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New York City Oct 2nd  2018


My Dear Friends


To say that we are busy behind the scenes would be an understatement. Sorry for the delays in support related issues but we need all staff present also in some of the training we are doing for the seminars. It’s coming together nicely. When I’m walking across the venue for the Seminars I feel like we are preparing for the Oscars almost 😊 It’s a massive setup and it will be a lifechanging event for ALL of us on so many levels.

Firstly, as many have asked…The Diplomatic Passport option is very rare. As stated before the special Visa you all are travelling in on is a form of temporary Diplomatic Visa but that is only valid for the 6 days as mentioned before. This Diplomatic PP however is something that’s forever and it will Only apply to the people that has an account that exceeds 975,000USD in your back office. That is included all extra bonus shares. So, for the deal with 31 for 1 it means that a TOTAL investment of 828 shares at 31,464USD is necessary to be eligible for that, and that PP will be at NO cost for you.

 The main reason for this is because of the amount that will be paid out and will be explained thoroughly in the VIP Seminars/Seating’s/Dinners with Mr X, as of now there are only 107 people that this applies to out of the +11,800 Investors we have.

If that is a possibility for you to Invest, then please inform us about that Investment before you do it as we need to prepare some extensive paper work for that also so better we get that going as soon as possible. Note that this is the total amount that’s needed so if, as an example, you have 200 shares invested already, you only need to add 628 shares.

Also, the Singaporean citizenship is a bit special and also very rare. If you choose this, you will have to forfeit your current citizenship. You can only hold one if you have the Singaporean one. Please be aware of that. The Switzerland option is straight forward, even though it normally takes many years (12-15 years) to obtain this we have been granted special rules due to the amounts we are talking about here for you the Investor to hold in this country.

The cost for Singaporean citizenship is 3M USD and for Switzerland its 7M USD.




*31 for 1 deal has been approved to be active until we close it all, last day for ALL Investments has been set and it is Thursday Nov 29th midnight to Friday Nov 30th ET….

NOTE !   IF BTC goes above 8900USD the deal will instantly go down to 13 for 1.

*Deadline for sending in/or updating bank account is Dec 5th… DO NOT MISS THAT DEADLINE!!

*The 17,500USD initial pay out has been scheduled to start on Monday Dec 10th…..

*Trips here to NY has been planned for Dec 15-18th …. (This will be more specified when we get closer)

*14 Hotels on Manhattan has been chosen for your convenience and we have made sure that there are rooms enough. What we have done also is that we have pre-booked all of you so that you don’t have to bother about that yourselves. Information will be given to you at immigration when you ‘’stamp’’ into the country regarding what Hotel you will stay at. If you live in the US an email will be sent to you with the accommodation details in good time before your travels to NY. The requests you have had about the groups you want to travel with are still on and we have registered them all if you have emailed us about it and gotten the confirmation email back from us. All hotels are conveniently located obviously so there will be no problem accessing the other hotels or the Seminar venue. We have also negotiated the room rates and they are well below standard prices for that period and you will pay that upon your arrival at the Hotel.

This will also be very convenient for us from an administrative point of view as we will be able to leave some documents in your rooms that needs to be signed and prepared before you enter our offices, this will speed up the process a lot.

This time table makes sure that you all will be ready and done and home before Christmas as well ..😊

Please try to refrain from asking to many questions about this as it will be all clear for you all soon.

More details will come in the next few weeks but for now you at least have some dates to plan from.

I can also inform about the progress we have made about the people that has been trying to put a stop to us and reported us over the years. The first 3 cases have been settled and they were sentenced to 3 months in jail for defamation, however, after having these individuals signing some Docs and NDA’s we have now reached another settlement. We are not in this business to put people in Jail, but we felt it was necessary to stand up to these accusations and let it go through the court system. They obviously regret what they did after viewing the documentation we have in place for all of this. It’s a shame that people don’t trust what we do though, but all this is behind us now and we have proven these accusers wrong. All other pending cases with its accusers will be informed accordingly and they will then withdraw any accusations they have had. Its nice to see that the good guys win and that we are here to protect All of our Investors we have gathered over the years.

Looking at the above dates now that has been set it actually made me a bit emotional, only a few months left now before this machinery that has been running for +10 years will shut down and shut down for good. Its hard to grasp but we are All very worthy of what awaits us now after this long journey.

We are all getting very tired over here, but we know that the workload for all of us within EMS/HCI25 will be massive when you all arrive here. More detailed info about the day to day activities here will be revealed later in October so you all know what times the dinners/seminars will be and the administrative work for the pay out so that you can plan your free time as well here on Manhattan.

We have seen some issues also when it comes to sending funds through Coinbase.  It states that the BTC address isn’t valid or unable to send. This is a setting within Coinbase we can’t do anything about but is fixed easily by sending the funds through Blockchain instead.

Another recommendation is to send your Investments from your hard-wallets. That is really the safest way to go. So if you have it in your exchanger account, then first transfer it to your hard wallet and from there to our BTC addresses.


I have a few more things to inform about but it isn’t set in stone yet, but I thought these dates would be important to get out first. Ill update you guys later in October again.

Please enjoy the rest of your week and God Bless you All






New York  August 25th  2018


Dear Friends


Firstly, please be patient when it comes to support issues for the next 8-10 days…We have All support staff, admin staff and some management staff in training for these next 1,5 week regarding the Seminar and the process of taking care of all of you arriving here. It’s a Massive job and we are doing all we can to make sure it will run smoothly. So, please DO NOT send duplicate emails! I know many are eager to get everything updated but to resend will only make it take longer. When we have updated all accounts, we will inform you all about this and if someone has fallen through the cracks then you can resend it. So, no support emails will be answered until Sept 5th and we will most likely have 2-4 days to update all, so the aim is to complete all pending accounts by Sept 9-10th. We just don’t want you to be sitting at home worrying about this delay which is necessary right now due to all training/education that is taking place.

Quick reminder about Sept 5th!! That is the last day of registering New Investors! You will still be able to Invest with BTC and we will during the month of September let you know when the final Investment day is. Also keep in mind Sept 12th which is the last day to get the 31 for 1 deal.


It is a lovely morning here in New York when writing this and I just returned from a morning walk in Central Park.

Its great to see NY waking up and to see all the people on the way to wherever they are headed in the morning. It gets me thinking that soon all of You will have the opportunity to have this walk and to reflect over what your next goals are in life and what you have planned for yourself and your families or others. I’m doing this myself and I’m leaning towards working within the field of charity after we are all done here. No more finance for me as I’ve explained due to the NDA and I feel very good, positive and motivated with these decisions that needed to be made.


We have received many emails stating that if we could accept a few more Investments in PM (Perfect Money) or CG (C-Gold) as we would only benefit from this ourselves. Firstly, we don’t ‘’benefit’’ from more Investments. This is not about us but about the Investors and what awaits all of You. We understand that some of you only have the options of PM or CG Investments but just because that is the case we can’t ignore the rules that now apply, and we must follow them to 100%. If the big guy says it is a definite stop, then it is a definite stop, and nothing that we say or do can change that. I feel very comfortable about these decisions which means we are really about to get closure on this. So please don’t bother sending in multiple emails begging to accept just a few more PM or CG Investments, it just won’t happen again. Thanks for understanding this.

BTC is now the only option to Invest with us. IF you have problems using this or don’t know how to we might be able to send you in the right direction for some help with this, just send us an email and we will pass it on to someone that will help you.


So, after a long talk with Mr X he mentioned to me that there are 3 other RPP’s that still has a theoretical chance of making a pay out before the end of the year, But, it’s very…Very theoretical.  For obvious reasons he wont mention which programs it is, but they are still waiting for them to comply with several different documents that still hasn’t been sent in and time is running out as the processing time for this is long. So, his advice is to stay away with further Investments, but again, as they should have informed you already, the capital invested is just as safe as it is with us, that much he can guarantee. So, Nobody have to worry about losing Anything of what you invested in any other RPP. That is fantastic news even though most of them won’t get the opportunity for the main pay out as time is really running out for them. To give you an idea about timeframe with these documents,,, we filed them 18 months ago and it took 9 months to clear…..


Another thing he would like to share and because he works closely with us now he fells its his obligation to inform what info he gets. It is far from what will eventually happen, but this is what he would like to pass on. We will see heavy movements the last 4 months of this year in commodities, especially Gold which could drop as low as 900-950 Dollar/oz. If that happens it will also influence Crypto Currencies and we could see BTC drop as low as 3500-4000 Dollar!!  Again , nothing is for certain obviously but he felt he needed to inform in case many of you out there are sitting on a large amount of BTC, then it would be better to sell that off, and keep as cash until it starts to gain momentum again.. Or Invest in other safe places while you wait out the BTC price to raise again.

Obviously, an Investment with us is as safe as it gets, but there are many options out there for your capital to be safer and getting better ROI then to keep it right now in BTC or Gold.

Many things are happening behind the scenes right now and as soon as something else happens that is of interest to you all I will report back.

I hope your weekend is good


God Bless





My Friends !


I hope your weekend has been good sa far. Things are moving quicker here then we aniticpated so to free up more time for some of our admin staff it has been decided that we have to shorten the time for New Investors to participate. It is moved back from Sept 21st to Sept 5th !! So only 2,5 weeks left to become a member of EMS.



Extra News Update!!


New York Aug 14th


Firstly, C-Gold Investments is hereby closed and last registered deposit was set at 2:40am ET Monday Aug 13th. Thanks to all that only had this as an option to Invest and I can’t wait to see you here in New York at the end of the year. Please also make sure that you do Not send duplicate emails for updates of accounts for the CG Investments, we will have it all updated within 48 hours.


Now……We had a talk with our ´´money team´´ within EMS together with Mr X and due to the latest drop in BTC (About 30% in 3 weeks) we need to do some adjustments in the BTC deal and that has to do with our balance sheet to make that correct. It will be in your favour!

From Aug 15th until Sept 12th the deal for ALL Investments that is made into the BTC addresses that has been issued will be 31 for 1, this goes for All the reservations as well that has been done, small or big reservations doesn’t matter. The Investment must have been made by Sept 12th midnight to 13th ET, after that date it goes back to 26 for 1…..OR…..If BTC goes above $8,450USD, if that happens before Sept 12th  the deal goes straight back to 26 for 1 and we will inform you all then asap about that. It has also been decided that a week after we stop for new Investors, the deal will go down to 13 for 1 in BTC, so on Sept 28th , midnight to 29th ET, the deal with BTC will be 13 for 1, and that includes All reservations as well…Shortly thereafter we will announce last day for Any Investment together with other Very exciting News !!!....

But first a small News Update from Mr Millard on Aug 22nd.


**You will receive 31 for 1 when Investment is made Aug 15th to Sept 12th

**You will receive 26 for 1 when Investment is made Sept 13th to Sept 28th

**You will receive 13 for 1 when Investment is made Sept 29th and until further notice...

**If BTC goes above 8,450USD before Sept 12th the deal goes straight back to 26 for 1.

**We can’t update ANY of previous Investment to these deals.

**On Sept 8th we close for further Investors.


God Bless






New York July 30th 2018


Good Evening My Dear Friends!


Its been a few very exciting weeks here and progress have been fantastic from the team that is organizing and setting up the Seminars here in NY. We are very much on schedule my friends! 😊

I can’t wait to finally finish this now and get you all here for the first stage of your future which has so many things lined up for you all…..The magnitude of this is greater than you can ever imagine.


A few small pointers….

No need to register the Investment on the website anymore. Simply email it in and we will register it for you.

Please note that when you see 9999 Dollar in your back office that is all you will see due to a security measure we have in place there. That’s why we state the amount in the email that you receive when we confirm your Investment.

One country has been added to the list of getting a new citizenship. That is the country of St. Lucia.

We also have another country in Europe and one country in Asia that will be added, we are only waiting for a few documents before we can reveal this. I will make it official in the next update on Aug 22nd


I can also mention that we visited one of the countries that we will be offering citizenships for, we don’t want to mention what destination as people will start and contact companies there themselves to get more info, but we viewed some Real Estate developments that are solely being built for applicants of the citizenships, as stated before the majority of the invested capital for new citizenship will go towards a Property and these projects are top of the line Beach Front which I’m sure you will all be able to enjoy, not all will be able to purchase a Property of course as the number of properties are limited to a few hundred over a large area of land. Really fantastic to see first hand what is being prepared for many of you and to see where the future will be spent for some of you.

This is one of the reasons we are adding 2 more countries, we see that there will be a majority of you all that want to do this, and we need to have options that suits all of you.


Reminders !!

On July 31st midnight to Wednesday we stop with Angel Gifts and all Ref Bonus you get for referring other Investors. We need to put a close to that this early as we are closing some of the books now that has to do with these transactions. You can invite others to Invest still but you won’t get a Ref. Bonus for it.

C-Gold Investments is coming to an end and we have approx. 2 weeks left! We have been given the weekend also to accept Investments, so the absolute deadline is midnight to Monday August 13th.  This is Eastern time so make sure to prepare it all and have it sent no later then late evening on Sunday Aug 12th.

Last day for new Investors is Sept 21st …After that date we won’t accept any new Investors.


To add more security to our last stages of this now we have a new BTC Address for your Investments. Please share this to your teams/groups/downlines.

The address is :  3EtgyrskDU6wem4tsoatB4RCy62pgytnYU

However, some of you have been given your own BTC address and that still applies for you just to make that clear. This is for our VIP Investors with higher amounts that have their own books/accounts internally with us. If anything is unclear with these BTC addresses don’t hesitate to email us about it.


This is all for now my friends. In the next update I hope to share some more things with you that I’m still waiting to get confirmed.


God Bless





New York City July 3rd, 2018


Dear Friends and Investors


I hope that this evening of July 3rd finds you in good health


I’m sorry that I didn’t inform/update you guys about this earlier, but we have been so busy arranging for your arrival here but the 65% of the HCI25 Investments includes ALL of the Investment products incl. the LDTP. This was decided a few months ago. It has all been packaged as one entity now with one amount, so you won’t see what you had in LDTP, RPP, AB&C or the other Investments that was in HCI25. I did try and ask Mr X why this was changed but he can’t disclose that, and we must respect that decision obviously, again, you will get more out of this then we could have ever dreamed of before all of this started. Please remember that at one point we only thought we would get the principal Investment back. So, all in all I’m happy with this decision. I’m sure all of you are as well instead of just getting the Investment back. Let’s leave it at that and I’m sure you will all be happy campers when you see the paperwork with numbers of your Total pay out! Happy Days My Friends 😊

Stop for Angel Gifts and Referral Fee’s for each share………………

To Angel gift someone will also come to an end as that administrative work is quite extensive. Last day for this will be Tuesday July 31st …So about one month left for this. The small Referral Fee will also stop on that same day.


Also, to make it clear, there is no ‘’qualification’’ for the 2nd, 3rd citizenship, this can be purchased by anyone at any time after the pay out, however, if you are expecting a lower amount for the pay out, there is probably no need for you to do this. It is as stated optional for anyone, reminder again of the cost which will be from $400,000 USD up to $3 Million USD depending on what country you choose and if you have family members to be added also which is a possibility.

It isn’t mandatory even though Mr X highly recommends everybody that has a substantial amount received from the pay out to go ahead with this. The reasons he recommends will be explained in the Seminars and after listening to that you most likely will do this. Without saying to much it is also a tax issue obviously and about not registering to much capital in one single country.

We have also arranged to have representatives here from the following Banks: HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Swedbank, Barclays, Hellenic Bank. A few more will be present, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. They will simply be there to advice about tax planning and what your options are depending on what country you reside in.

As mentioned, PM (Perfect Money) Investments is now closed and won’t be opened again.

CG (C-Gold) Investment will close on Aug 10th so just about one month left, make sure that you have meet your reservations by then.

After that we will only have the option of BTC (Bitcoin) Investments.

As of now Mr X can’t comment on any of the other RPP’s as I stated in last update, sorry about that. He aims to do it later in July when he has all the info he need to say anything about it.


That’s all for now my Friends and with this I also want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July ahead.


Next update around July 27th.


God Bless




New York City, June 18th, 2018


Good Afternoon Everybody!


I hope the past few weeks since the last update has been good and that you have had some time to look through the 4 different options for a 2nd or even 3rd citizenship perhaps.

We have received many emails about this and it’s 99% very positive from you guys. Very happy to see this as we are doing everything in our power to make sure that you get the best out of this wealth that all of you will hold shortly. The people that will help/assist us all with this have done this for decades and their client portfolio contains some of the most well-known and wealthiest people in the world that obviously wants privacy. You are in the best possible hands for this my Friends.

They will assist with all the necessary paperwork that needs to be filed through all the necessary authorities/governments in these countries. Very exciting times indeed ahead for many of you.

We are now only 2 weeks away from closing the Investment option of using PM (Perfect Money), so make sure you have done all the Investments that you want before that option is gone.

We have been notified that our accounting team need a little more time to declare everything in all the instances this needs to be declared so the final date day for Investing with C-Gold has been shortened with 3 weeks from Aug 31st to Aug 10th , so we have about 7 weeks left to Invest using CG (C-Gold) so plenty of time for that but let’s not wait until the last minute that many tend to do as exchangers can run into difficulties sometimes with delays, so better to have it done earlier rather than later. If its late this time, there is nothing we can do about it and its out of our hands to approve it. Then it will just have to be sent back to you so try make it on time my friends.

BTC (Bitcoin) will then be the only option to Invest with us until the end.

We have received the exact amount of each share now for the pay out and it is taken from a carefully calculated average of the Gold Price the last 5 years which ended up at $39,720USD/kg X 1,15kg and that brings us to $45,678USD per share. This is signed and sealed. Slightly less then what we were informed initially but this is the real numbers now. I guess we can’t complain either way as we all get enough as it is, so please try and refrain from any negative emails (Not sure how anybody can get this to be a negative thing, but I know we will receive this to support…amazing right? 😊)

Please also note that all the other Investment products in EMS and HCI25 has been calculated and are all set for the pay out also, but we won’t go into details on how much that is as that work is to extensive. You will just have to wait and see, and all will be stated in the documents you receive when you are here. Some great reading for sure! So please refrain from asking these questions to our support team also as they are very busy as it is.

I’m thrilled to inform that we will have 2 very special guests with us here in NY and they would like to say a few words in the Seminar. We always thought they wanted total privacy, but they knew what this meant to their Son and wanted to share some stories with you guys. Its Euclid’s Mother and Father that will join us here in NY. I’m sure it will be very emotional, but they see it as an opportunity for closure and to thank all of you for being a part of Euclid’s life during his last years.

Also happy to tell you that All the simulations have been completed, so the team running that are right now on a well-deserved vacation. They told us to Thank ALL OF YOU members out there for the everlasting patience that you showed during this lengthy process we had about this. It was crucial and one of the reasons we are here now at this stage. OUR thanks go out to them as well.

All of them will be back here for the Seminars so you get to meet them in person also of course.

A few clarifications, If you had an account in HCI25 these Investments Wont show up in EMS, and won’t be transferred either, there is no need to login to those accounts again as all is registered and set for the pay out which will be 65% of the original amount due, this goes for All Investments we had in HCI25. What you need is to register an account with EMS and Invest in the trust at 98 Dollar. Then you are all set.

About the reservations of Shares….

As stated earlier the reservations you are making should be executed as soon as possible to make sure that our accounting is up to speed, that’s why Mr X and his team put 7 weeks to have reservations active. Please have a look at when you did your reservations. If 7 weeks has passed you just need to resubmit the reservation, it sounds a bit unnecessary perhaps, but accounting department have stated its important to make sure all books are in order once we have executed the entire pay out to all of you. So please have a look at that and re-reserve the Investment with the important message that it is a RE-RESERVATION and not another/additional reservation.

Also, if Any reservations Won’t be completed, please inform us this asap so we can get that into the books also.

So, for PM (Perfect Money) there is only 12 Days left now to complete any reservations you have made or make any new Investments in that option. Last day is June 30th and Investment registered after that will be refunded.

For C-Gold the last day is August 10th, so about 7 weeks left only to fulfil your reservations or make any new Investments using that option. Any Investments registered after that date will also be refunded to the account it came from.

We will get back to you all what the last day is for the final option of BTC Investments later as stated before. It could be earlier than we anticipated before. Please remember that this is new to many of the people involved and if we must shorten the timeframe for any actions left within EMS we must follow this of course.

Many of you are asking about all the other RPP’s out there. I’ve spoken to Mr X and he has promised to make a statement about them in the next update which I plan for June 30th. I’m sure he wont mention names of the programs but simply an overall explanation as to where they are in the process of completing all they need to complete to get to where We are right now.

In the next update I hope to be able to share some more info about who will also attend the Seminar to give you all some very valuable information that will be good to know when you have accumulated the wealth that is on the way. This includes tax issues also which I know many of you have been asking about.

Take care my Friends and God Bless





May 21st  2018  New York City


Good Evening My Friends!


Well its Evening here at least when I’m writing this in our fantastic city of New York. It’s a wonderful time of the year when we are approaching summer and we are going full steam ahead now in the preparations for your arrival here. It’s a massive amount of work, more than we anticipated, but everybody is excited to plan and prepare for this now together with Mr X. I’m starting to be briefed also on the agenda that Mr X has and what he will talk about. I can share some things with you that you will have this summer and early fall to think about and plan for your future.

There will be some options in place regarding Citizenships meaning that you will be able to hold another passport in some carefully chosen countries. This is optional for all the Investors, but it is highly recommended to obtain this especially if the amount received is +XX-XXXM USD. There is only benefits with this of course and some of your capital will be registered in this ‘’new country’’ of yours. Please note that there is no need for you to reside in these countries, but you will be a citizen there with a passport issued. The countries you will be able to choose from is Cyprus and Malta in Europe and two other options will be St. Kitts & Nevis and Grenada in the West Indies. Please also note that you will be able to use All funds in your home country even though they are registered abroad, it’s just that all funds won’t be registered in one single country.

The Investments in these countries will be in the range of $400,000USD up to $3,000,000 USD depending on what country you choose. These amounts will be divided into categories where some must be donations to certain funds (20-25%) these countries have for this purpose and some of the capital will have to be used to invest in Property (75-80%). All this will be presented thoroughly of course, but in the meantime, have a look at these countries and see what would suit You, your family and heirs the best. Depending on the amount that you will receive from the pay out you will have the choice to obtain 1-3 of the 4 options.

Why these options are good for you will be explained more in detail in the Seminars, but it will all make perfect sense to you and we believe that if you are receiving a larger amount you will most likely do this.

Reminder of deadlines for Investments with PM is June 29th and C-Gold option last day is August 31st.

The last date for BTC Investments will be announced in September.

We Have mentioned the amount per share before that will be paid out, but we will get that updated and confirmed on Friday June 15th. The contract/agreement of this amount will be signed on June 13th. We have seen the formula that will be used and I’m positive you will like it.

We have also received a date for the last registrations of new members and that is September 21st.

After this date we won’t accept any new members and it will never be possible to register in a program like this again, so it will be a very special day indeed as we will also go into a more of a ‘’locked mode’’. When we arrive to this date we will also be able to share some info with you regarding the other RPP programs out there and the status of these. Not that it is out of interest to all of you but Mr X finds it necessary to do so to stop all the rumours out there of what is legit and what isn’t.  I can say that there is still hope out there for some of them, but we can’t mention any names yet.

Planning have also started to arrange flights from here in New York in the early parts of 2019 to the 4 countries mentioned above and we would like to invite any of you to join us in that as the individuals/companies that are helping us set this up will be arranging this. So a great opportunity also to get an insiders look at this. But let’s not focus on that for now but thought I would at least mention it so you know what to expect in the early months of 2019 when you already have received your funds.

Great times ahead my friends and I’m eager to get you all here now.

That’s all for now and as soon as more interesting news comes my way ill update you all and I’ll plan to have the next update on June 17th.

God Bless and please enjoy your week ahead.




New York,  May 5th  2018


My Friends

I have been doing a lot of thinking the last week and just wanted to share my thoughts with you all on this last stretch of this +10 Year journey you all have been on.

Its truly amazing to see what has happened in the past few weeks, to see that all the hard work we have put in over the last 2 Years especially, finally paid off and now the Big Guns entered the arena and praised us for doing it exactly as it has to be done. All other programs haven’t listened to what was needed, or they wanted to do it their own way thinking they had all the solutions…or perhaps an Ego that was too big. One of the reasons for this being the end of programs like these is that there is path written now, a path written on how this must be done. That’s why it can’t happen again…. If this becomes common, we would never see a normal bank community again, the world economy would crash as people would withdraw their money from all banks and without this capital in the banks they can’t conduct business. Its an easy formula really, and it can’t be disturbed.

Everybody within this company felt a sense of accomplishment but also great relief……………….

We then knew that this IS the final step and something we didn’t know would happen at this stage.

The last simulations/stress tests are ongoing but not of importance anymore as it will be completed before the 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 2018 anyway. Even though it will be completed before, the end of the program will still be in the 4th quarter. Contracts are already signed and our own (Within EMS/HCI25) NDA’s are also signed which includes not being able to work in this field ever again.

I have been reading many of the emails that has come in over the past week and most of them are very positive. I can’t even begin to tell you how Happy I am about this. Some questions of course about the 4th quarter and if we can do anything about that, the short answer to that is NO.

I tried, as explained in the update, but after Mr X gave me some more additional info I became silent. It simply won’t be possible, and I won’t even try again as that conversation would just sound desperate and I don’t want him to get that feeling…. Yes, it’s another couple of month more then what we wanted but looking back 10 Years and wait another few months?...... It would be foolish to just enter that discussion.

I would like to say that the emails we have gotten of people that felt into tears, was shocked about the 4th quarter decision, that they couldn’t even imagine this in their wildest dream that the pay-out would be so ‘’late’’. I understand that reaction IF you all had it in your mindset that this would finish in a few weeks’ time, please remember that this is expectations that you plant in your own mind and creates the stress that you are creating. It has never been stated that it was going to be within a few weeks, nobody knew when the final date was going to take place. To compare this, I got another email from an Investor. He was thrilled!! Why? Because he had a clear picture of that this couldn’t happen while we have the Trump administration in office. He was convinced they would ‘’help’’ to stop these programs, so in his head he had the year 2021 as earliest possible pay-out. He was absolutely over the moon about now knowing that we were only 5-7 months away…. Especially when he in his mindset thought, --I’ve been waiting for 8 years since my first Investment, of course I’m happy to know with certainty that we are now only a few months away—

That is a different mindset that is possible to adapt my friends, I know its not going to help you in your current situation, but I think its easier to deal with the knowledge of the final date now even though it isn’t specific.

I must admit that I have been feeling a little stressed the last 12-18 months about these simulations/stress tests but that is all gone now after we were introduced to Mr X and his team. Weights was lifted off from my shoulders and the rest of the team, and it now feels like we’re flying towards the end of all this. A truly amazing feeling to be in the hands of these individuals and the professionalism they show.

As you all might have heard/read the Internet Trolls have been active the last few weeks trying to disrupt what we have 😊 Anybody that receives any emails about reporting us just mark it as spam/phishing and it will sort itself. We are countersuing for defamation and the characteristics of these people is that they want to be anonymous as they really don’t have a real agenda, that won’t work though as they need to present themselves when the counter actions are coming their way from our legal team as they have been identified. It’s a small matter but we need to handle it accordingly. So nothing to worry about my friends.

Another security measure we have taken is to change our C-Gold account. We have seen some attempts to try and hack that account so for everybody’s safety we will close it on May 8th and the new account for CG Investments is 46325…….I will repeat, from May 8th 19639 will be closed and not be active anymore….New CG account to use is 46325.

Also, to prepare for the 4th Quarter and make everything correct with our accounting we must close the option to Invest with PM (Perfect Money) on June 29th. So if you only have that option to Invest with us last day for that will be Friday June 29th 2018.

I can also inform that this will happen to CG (C-Gold) and the last day to use CG as Investment option will be Friday August 31st 2018.

So from Sept 1st the only option left to Invest will be with BTC (Bitcoin) until we close it all in the 4th quarter.

This is the timeframe our accounting firms need to sort all the Investments and make sure they are all registered accordingly in our books and gives them time to rectify whatever needs to be rectified.

That’s all for now my Friends. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and please have a good week ahead.

Ps. In the next update I hope to be able to share with you some of the options that are awaiting everybody when you arrive here in NY. It’s about tax planning, citizenships in other countries, spreading your capital wisely etc. Important info for all to get and something to prepare and think about for you all before you arrive….


God Bless





New York April 25th 2018


Dear Friends and Investors


This will be one of the very last News Updates but the most informative and important before we are prepared to get you all here to our wonderful city of New York! Some contracts/agreements have been signed and we are all good to go after we have reached the final date later in the year!!

I have been attending some very productive meetings the past few weeks and I’m very pleased and feel proud of being on this final leg of this journey with you all, not even the people that have reported us to the authorities after losing faith completely can touch us now. Its really sad to see but I can’t really be upset about it, I do understand the situation for many of our Investors, but to report us is only counterproductive to all other Investors that are waiting just as patiently as everyone else.

The reasons can be many I guess, jealousy, not being able to Invest as much as they would have liked, or simply just Internet Trolls that get a kick out of doing this and getting the attention they are after. I sometimes sit at home when im receiving these messages and I fall into tears occasionally just knowing that there are individuals out there spending their time on trying to ruin it for so many people. I can only imagine the problems they themselves have had during their upbringing and perhaps they have had hard/unfair times…It is very sad indeed. I would say we get around 25-30 emails of this kind every week…

Also, after talking to the main guy, we will now simply call him Mr X and not refer to his name anymore in any correspondence with you all unless its in a private email. He wasn’t expecting the feedback and negativity on certain forums as that isn’t the norm in the financial world which he interacts in everyday, please remember that the Investors and the community we are in are slightly different then the common Investments out there.

He also advised the following, which has been successful in the past for other financial institutes. When we get a complaint from an individual we should immediately countersue for defamation as we would also get to know who the individual is. Why do this?  Because we need to protect what we have ongoing here. In cases like this it turned out to be the safest way as when it goes as far as a court case, we as the defendant need to show all proof that this is the real deal, when doing so the accusers claim of scam, cheating people etc, will be ruled as defamation in a court of law as we obviously have all papers in order and are obligated to show this in court. 3 cases have been filed already waiting to be processed.

Now, we have gotten a final date in place, however, due to a new set of rules we aren’t allowed to disclose it, this is partly a decision that the Secret Service has been involved in as there are always threats around when it comes to gatherings/seminars like this and especially when it has to do with any financial business activity. We are now dealing with top VIP individuals and we must follow a certain protocol.

What we can say is that it will be in the 4th quarter of this year and you will all be notified 5 banking days before it all closes. That’s all I can say. I wasn’t a fan of the 4th quarter decision and tried to discuss the 3rd quarter with Mr X, but after having gotten the explanations I now know that it wouldn’t be possible earlier, I can’t reveal why but this is the way it is so 4th quarter it is my friends. I also want to share that after this pay-out has been completed 100%, we within EMS/HCI25 will not be allowed to work within the financial industry again. This goes all the way from myself and the rest of management to all support staff and also all staff that have worked with us in the past. We can’t disclose why, but this is the way this program must be ended. There are no hard feelings at all about this and we have been informed why and understand completely. We only feel extremely privileged to be a part of this milestone in history.

The date we have received is the final one and will under no circumstances be changed again. It is also programmed into our system and the bank connection is closed after this day for new entries of Investors and Investments.

There have been decisions made in regards to whom can attend the ‘’dinner seminar’’ with Mr X. The venue that has been selected can hold 4500 people at a time, so this opens up the opportunity. A similar ‘’Dinner Seminar’’ with VIP people normally has a price tag (Donation) of around $3000-5000. Mr X told me that they have always been very reluctant to meet the people behind these programs and are also very reluctant to approve them, this is some of the things he will address when speaking to you all AFTER everybody has signed the NDA. To approve programs like ours can disrupt the ongoing banking community and the everyday transactions in the swift code system worldwide. This is Not a game we are playing here, and you will all understand the importance of this NDA after his 3-hour seminar that is planned and on 3 occasions if it comes to that. And once again my friends, as mentioned before, this kind of Investment product will never happen again, and this was also confirmed by Mr X.

With us the existence of RPP’s or similar programs will end, if you are offered something similar it is advised not to enter into any agreements/investments, Mr X advices.

NOTE!!  To break this NDA will mean you forfeit your Investment and it will be considered a felony.


To attend the Seminar

Firstly, every Investor that has invested +$5000 already Or will Invest this until the closing date (excluding bonuses) are qualified to attend the Seminar AND will get VIP seating and a private session with Mr X.

Other than the above VIP option there will be 2 possibilities to attend the Seminar, a price tag (Donation) of up to $5000 wasn’t an option generally so he agreed on an Investment of 25 shares at 950 Dollar in any of our options (PM 15/1, CG 19/1, BTC 26/1). Everybody that has invested that from January 1st 2018 until the final date will get a pass into the venue for this, so there will be some time for you all to try and achieve this if you haven’t already. Investment can also be added up meaning that if you have invested in 10 shares this year you can add 15 shares and you are all set for the Seminar also.(Please note that this doesn’t affect the other Dinner we had planned, that is still on for Everybody in the groups and will take place on the same day(s)) We also understand that many Investors doesn’t have that option to add up to 25 Shares to Invest. What will also be a possibility is an Investment group goal so that all Investors in the group that you belong to will be able to attend the Seminar. Each Group leader will receive an email on Saturday evening April 28th with what their Group goal is which is based on the number of Investors in each group. Right now, there are 11 groups that this applies to.

If that group goal is achieved, then All the people in that specific group will be able to attend, even though some hasn’t invested in 25 Shares or more. The group goal cant be dated back to January 2018 and has to be reached between April 28th to the final date when we close it all so that’s plenty of time.

Mr X understands that pretty much all of the Investors wants the opportunity to listen to this, so some exceptions have been made which they normally wouldn’t accept.

I can also inform that the 75 positions initially that could invest higher amounts between 225 to 425 shares, from those we have 45 positions left. So if someone has had that in mind make sure you reserve/book it before those positions are filled as a few Investors missed out in the last round, don’t wait it out this time and risk to get disappointed again.

Nothing of the above is obviously mandatory so please refrain from any comments about more Investments being made. If you Don’t want to attend or Invest, that’s all fine my friends. Then you can just leave it that and wait for the simulations/stress test to end later this year. I’m just relieved now that this is the last time around for this and then we can put all of this behind us and enjoy the future.

We are all getting tired here at the final stretch and some of the very harsh, negative, threatening emails that some admin staff has received has been very unfair on them and resulted in them leaving us.

I know its hard but let’s try and stay positive and keep our faith now and we will all be very ‘’happy campers’’ later this year when we finally all get to meet.

I’m also happy to inform that it has been decided that the initial pay-out has been increased to $17,500USD, this amount will be registered with all Central Banks worldwide and is taking place as we speak and there will be no issue with this amount hitting your bank account in any country in the world and it will not be reported to any authorities either. There is no need to ask question about that, we should just be thankful they are making these arrangements. Your stay in NY will be for a period of 6 days, so please prepare for that when its time to book flights/hotels. All VISA issues have been settled already and it doesnt matter from what country you arrive. It will be registered in the immigration system what your purpose for this 6-day trip is. It is VERY important though that you leave the country after these 6 days. After that this VISA doesn’t apply anymore. If you plan on staying longer you Must leave the country first and then re-enter with a new Visa that you are responsible for yourself.  So make sure you book your stay in NY 6 Days! Not 5, Not 7…..6 Days exactly. As stated before, book your hotel on Manhattan, no restrictions on where anymore, as long as its on Manhattan. You will all be informed when its time to make the flight/hotel bookings and what info you need to send to us.

It goes without saying that you will never get another chance for a possible one on one encounter with probably the most powerful individual in the financial world. Please also note that a special security clearance is needed, and question will be asked by Secret Service about your background. It will be in paper form and you just need to tick the boxes that applies to you in that form and sign it. No cameras, no phones or any other recording devices will be allowed when you enter the seminar venue.

I know I’ve said it before but this time it’s really it. I now understand why nobody could say anything about this meeting and it was only at the very end when they themselves see its about to be cleared with all issues that they ‘’enter the arena’’ and ‘’take over’’.

I have also been told that from now on we will refrain from informing about minor issues that isn’t of your immediate interest as we need to ‘’put a lid on’’ on some aspects of this now before it all comes to fruition. Why that is will be obvious to you all when you are here and hear what Mr X has to say.

I will keep you all posted on any issues that has to do with your arrival here, so it will be as smooth as possible. Can’t wait to get you all here now so we all stand face to face and talk about this +10-year journey we all have been on my friends. Please also feel free to ask any question that you have as we will increase the admin/support staff in the next few days as we expect it to be a final push to the finish line now with Investments, Bank Accounts, KYC’s etc etc…..


All staff will be in training for the next 3 days so be patient with the support email answers until Monday April 30th.


May God Bless you All and thank you for your everlasting patience, trust and faith my dear friends


Kindest Regards






New York/Washington   April 12th   2018


Dear Friends and Investors


Just returned from Washington D.C and Im really excited, however, Im still waiting for the final date and that is being decided by the simulations team together with another very special individual and Ive been informed that I will get the final date on our next meeting which will be April 23rd.

I received more very Important information and updates that I was allowed to share with you all to some extent. It seems that the people at the very top are aware and they need to have a word with a few of you out there also and ALL of you need to sign an NDA upon arrival to our offices. He just wants to explain the importance of this payout and what it could do to the Banking Industry.

It was a great honour and privilege to meet Mr X together with the simulations team. His background in Investment Banking is unique and he certainly knows what he is talking about and are aware of what is about to happen with our Financial product.

His personal involvement made me realise the impact this will have and made me understand that we are making history here, actually writing a brand new chapter in the financial world. But also a chapter that cant be made as public as we all would have wanted perhaps to share our joy, hence the NDA that needs to be signed. This NDA is very important, and Mr X will explain this to some of you in person here in New York. Obviously, all cant attend and we need to make a decision who goes and who doesn’t. That will be decided in our April 23rd meeting.

There will be a gathering for parts of each group of people that arrive here, in a venue that we cant disclose for security reasons, this will be notified on the day of the gathering and will take place together with the dinner that we had planned also.

So to clarify a little, for now its ok to spread the word about this opportunity, but after the payout, You cant mention to anyone about this Investment. You can say you made an Investment but not what it was. Mr X will clarify this and for those that wont get the opportunity to attend his gathering, a written statement will be issued to all Investors.

It was also explained to me that this was planned a while back but nothing could be said for many reasons, mostly security reasons but also due to the fact that this info isn’t something that many have or should have either in the upper ranks of the banking community.

My friends, this is Secret Service level on this so what we have done for so many years are now about to get real, , really real…..Im thrilled like a child on Christmas and so happy to be on this road with you all that is about to end soon and become a reality for all of you.

I will have more detailed info after the April 23rd meeting

Stay tuned and God Bless you all






New York March 23rd


Dear Friends

Firstly, let me please clarify something in regards to the ‘’C-Gold issue’’. It isn’t really C-Gold that has had any problems as many have said. It was one of the major exchangers working very closely with CG that has.

Private Gold Equities Exchange Limited owns and operates the platform and ensures safe storage of the gold wafers, and
nothing else. CG do not buy, sell or exchange anything.

Their primary bailment agents, who buy and sell gold wafers
for wholesalers and exchangers. It is then those exchangers who deal
with the users. And it is finally the users who enter into
arrangements and make deals with each other.

Some exchangers had an issue with their bank which forced them to convert all
foreign currency balances into the local currency in line with new
rules from that particular National Bank (So this was planned from the National Bank and nothing to worry about).

To avoid additional currency
exchange margin losses the exchangers requested their banks to return all
outstanding wires to their respective senders. They then received a
cheque from their banks in local currency for the combined foreign
currency account balances and is now waiting for that cheque to clear in order
to purchase additional gold wafers. These will then be bailed
into the c-gold platform and business will continue as normal if it hasn’t returned to normal already that is.

I do understand that the constellations might be a
bit complicated for some retail users but it is still important
that users don't believe that they have dealings with CG but with the Exchangers.

So to summarize, absolutely nothing to worry about and business will resume as normal.

So my friends, lets get this over with shall we!? 😊……. Finally we are getting somewhere with the stress tests for the remaining 3 banks and also the re-simulations on the other banks that was completed but where we got inaccurate results due to funding issues of Investments.

We now know whats needed to perform the tests, but we still don’t have an exact timeframe for it.

It has become a bit complicated as parts of the tests are re-simulations and some are new additional stress tests on 3 of the banks. The offers/tests are similar though and has only been adapted slightly to suit the new circumstances.

Investments in PM (Perfect Money) will give you a 15 for 1 deal, Investments in CG (C-Gold) will this time give you 19 for 1 and Investments in BTC will be at 26 for 1!! These tests will push the Banks to the limit of whats allowed in the Industry as the simulations team felt that is necessary.

I feel really confident that this is the last round of it all my friends…. This is in my prayers every day now….Please join me in this…..

Minimum Investment for ALL options are 10 Shares and maximum has been lowered to 425 Shares.

Angel Gifts still available but only for the 5 for 1 deal or 50 shares invested to get 10 for 1.

We also have been told that there is a Maximum number of Investors and that is set to 950 people.

Besides this there is only 75 Investor positions if you invest over 250 Shares. So make those bookings/reservations in good time if you want that.

Please note that with almost 11,000 Investors now in EMS/HCI25, we will only be able to accept just below 9% of All Investors. Bear that in mind when you book/reserve, but please, as before, ONLY book/reserve if you Know that you will be able to Invest. Bookings/Reservations can be made at the same time as the Investment itself but please state that accordingly in the email you send to us.

Investments to PM    U4121947

Investments to CG    19639

Investments to BTC account key address:


In the subject line of the email when you book/reserve please write as below: (depending on what option you want to invest in)

It is possible to make bookings/reservations from Saturday March 24th. Im meeting the simulations team again in Washington D.C. on Thursday March 29th and I hope to have the timeframe all set after that meeting as to when these tests stop.


xxx shares booked PM  15 for 1

xxx shares booked CG  19 for 1

xxx shares booked BTC 26 for 1


As always, make sure your bank account details are emailed to us and your KYC documents.

That’s all for now my friends….

We are also getting slightly tired over here and I will try to take a night off (As we have been doing 15-16-hour days last few months) in the week to come and spoil mysel


Latest News

October 18th 2018

Hello !


All EMS staff will be in training/education for the next 8 days from Oct 19th to 26th. NO support related issues will be answered in this period. Please dont send any duplicate emails as all will be taken care of. Mr Millard is in intensive meetings obviously with Mr X and others in Management to make sure he has an update before the end of the month. We will have solutions in place for sure. God Bless !


October 16th 2018


We see many people starting to book flights already, we would advice not to do that yet but IF you do make sure its a re-bookable ticket ! We are still looking at the possibility to change the payout or arrival date to make sure that you all have time to arrive here in NY.


October 15th 2018


If you experiencing difficulties with some of the BTC addresses issued it could be because of the exchanger you are using

Please use this one from now on also.



October 10th 2018


The Management need a while longer to arrange a better set up in regards to the short time frame between the initial pay out and your arrival here. It is more complex to change this now but they are looking at all the available options.

Mr Millard hopes to have some News about this by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience about this. The Management have listened and they will rectify it.


October 4th 2018


From Oct 5th to 10th ALL of the EMS staff incl support staff will undergo some training and preparations for the Seminars so no emails will be answered, please refrain from sending in duplicate emails. Support staff will be back to normal strength on the 11th.

Thank you


All news items can be found in the News Archive