Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan

As the first company now online we are extremely proud to announce the release of the world’s first online PFRPP. Many of you have probably heard about the RPP that has been on the online market for many years now but have had some serious problems in regards to the banking situation around the world and getting them to actually transfer the funds without jeopardising their own current business.

The risk for money laundry and being exposed to attempts of fraud and dishonest investors have been the end for many of these companies which I’m sure many of you out there have experienced. After about 24 months of negotiations with our partner banks in Switzerland and South Africa we finally got the OK to launch the PFRPP. This is short for Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan.

golden moon The Big, and I mean BIG difference with this is that the payout has already taken place within the banking system and the accounts the investors will hold is already funded (through a BG Bank Guaranteed Note) with the payout amount you can read about further down. This totally eliminates the risk and any hustle a financial institute could face with banks when the scheduled payments to members are due.

There will simply be no problems with banks which has been the number one reason for other RPP’s and their scheduled payments. They have bumped into hurdles they will never pass I’m afraid and they have had their funds frozen in the awaiting of an extended investigation which could take many years in the court system.

dreamSo, as you can imagine this is a great opportunity for all of you that have invested in the RPP’s of the past and still you are most likely waiting for your funds, correct? I don’t want to let you down but you could be in for a long wait…..That wait is not necessary anymore!

With the PFRPP you not only have a number of shares that when sold out you will be paid, you will also have a set date that can’t be changed due to the fact that the accounts are funded already and only awaits for individuals to put their names on these accounts to be able to benefit from the payout amount. The “names” of all the accounts today is a registered Trust in Belize, Panama or South Africa. They are just waiting to be added with a beneficiary (You) for the already existing funds.

This payout date will be October 31st 2014. And no hustle with a bank account since this of course is included in the shares you sign up for once registered with us.

This means that the first share you purchase will be together with the registered Trust that in fact is a registered entity for keeping funds from other income sources as well. Transferring funds from this entity is very easy and can be done to any bank account in the world. The first share with the registered trust is $98. This includes a fully registered Trust in Belize, Panama or South Africa with a bank account attached to it and also one share in the PFRPP. Every share after this first purchase is $38 and you can buy as many as you would like. There is no age limits in regards to this PFRPP due to that it is paid to an entity like a Trust. There are a total of 83.000 shares to be sold.

How much will I get paid?

This is something new as well and reflects what we believe is going on in the world economy and its currencies. There is no fixed amount for you but a fixed weight in Gold. Every share will pay you the value of 1.15 kilograms of gold (as of Dec 1st this is CHF57.500) so this amount of gold will reflect the value of your share(s) upon the day of maturity. The Gold is held in Gold Storages in Switzerland and in South Africa. The Gold will be exchanged at maturity to a currency of your choice and deposited/replaced to your Trust and the BGF (Guaranteed Funding) will be replaced.


There is of course a bonus system as well and you will be paid 70 grams of Gold for every share you refer for yourself through your friends, family and others to us. This is about CHF3500 per share (price estimated at CHF50 per gram)

Admin fee ($38) is to be paid in US dollars and we have chosen CHF as example for the payout currency since we consider this to be the strongest and safest currency in the regions we operate at the moment.


Latest News

August 10th 2015

Hello Friends

Just for info again, Joshua is still in Europe talking the Banks about the final things that hasnt been agreed upon, there are many things that need to match and points they can agree upon, so with that being said its possible to invest still and take in new investors, Joshua didnt want to put the deadline to far ahead as things could progress quickly, new deadline is Aug 30th.

Take care my Friends


July 21st 2015

Hi Guys

FYI, we are about 8 days behind on updating your accounts, so please do not send in multiple emails, this will only make the progress more difficult for us..stay tuned for update soon, Mr. Millard is in Europe but will be back in a couple of days.


July 13th 2015

Hi Everyone !

Just a short note to say that there will be an extension of the deadline for the shares, this mainly because we are a bit behind schedule and this is actually due to the situation in Greece...It WILL NOT be Any problems with the payout but it has slowed down the process due to the fact that All people have been involved in the situation, the delays arent any major ones either, as stated it has just slowed down the process a little..more about that in the upcoming Newsletter..Deadline for purchasing shares is now set to Aug 10th. Talk to you soon again.

July 4th 2015

From all of us here in New York a Happy 4th of July to all of you !!

Management is on business trip regarding the payout of course so cant celebrate with us here..We hope to have the next update next week

God Bless !


June 11th 2015

Q & A in the News Archive now published..

All news items can be found in the News Archive