The Eastern Metal Securities Story

We are a group of highly educated and Award Winning Economisers and Think Tankers from South Africa and Switzerland who have created an unprecedented reputation within many areas of the global economy and have represented Nobel Prize winner within the Economic field the last 7 Years.

The highly decorated and successful Dr. Steve K. Heyden is running our group with his famous and sometimes controversial ideas in how to approach the economic world of today in a balance between psychological and fundamental parameters and combine these in the most fantastic way with charity and local churches around the world where he is active.

With no peace in our hearts and no ability to give before you get, we will never create a better world, which will be the foundation of Thinkers and Creators of the New Economic World.

Educations and experiences that we have in our highly decorated group are amongst these: Master Degree (Diploma) in Economic Geography, Economics, Political Sciences & International Affairs, Ph.D. in International Economics and Policy (Aviation)

It’s a new world!

The new electronic economic world of today has created new laws and regulations.

These regulations require that financial trading firms maintain enough liquid reserve capital to cover their deposits and operate under a fair and equitable principle of trade. Today, when technology enables us to do business with people who we have never met in person, trust and good name becomes the most valued commodity.
China Sunrise
Our wide range of investment capabilities is designed to support a variety of financial objectives. We offer a wide range of single-country, regional and global capabilities across major equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes, delivered through a diverse set of investment vehicles.

We also believe in giving the best and unprecedented support and help for your inquires by requiring one of the top support team organizers in the world Mr. Euclid Diodorus to run this to perfection which is pretty much our trademark. Perfection it is. Perfection it has always been. And perfection it will always be. Now and as long as we are on this Planet to serve You and Your Community or Church.
We are located in different parts of the world but have, as our name state, decided to put our focus in South East Asia where the future and the new economy will arise and be globally leading. Way ahead of Europe and the United States of America.

Our headquarters are located in Singapore and with branch offices in Bangkok (Thailand) and Vientiane (Laos)


We offer a wide range of single-country, regional and global capabilities across major equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes, delivered through a diverse set of investment vehicles.

Latest News

July 23rd 2017

Dear Friends

There has been some confusion in regards to simulations dates we posted for NY and Washington. Now, please understand that these are dates that we are getting from the simulations team and they are based on different things. It doesnt really reflect what the real progress is going to be but simply a date that they get from different scenarios the are calculating on. For instance, one of the States were suppose to take 2 months and took 3 weeks. One of the smaller States had an estimate of 12 days and took 1.5 Months.

So please dont get worried/anxious about this. I think it would have been better if we didnt mention this at all to be honest :)

Its all good my friends.


July 22nd 2017

Dear all
There seems to be some concerns about the deadline of NY simulations and Washington. I have spoken to Joshua and he will explain to you all these deadlines and why they are set like that and why they could be shorter of course. They dont really reflect what could happen when the simulations move along. He hope to get a message out there on Monday


July 12th 2017

Great News !

Joshua reports that we have moved up to 87% in just a few days so instead of projections to end simulations for NY on Aug 30th, we are now at Aug 15th. Please also note that on Aug 15th we will stop and give the extra bonus on 50 shares bought to get a total of 500 Shares. If 50 shares are invested after this date you will only get 250 shares. Make sure that you all are invested by then top be able to get an extra 250 shares.

Please also be patient in regards to support related issues, we have a backlog but working on it. Please dont send duplicate emails.

God Bless


July 7th 2017

Hello !

Joshua says Hi with this.
NY is 82% completed ! If all goes as planned without any bumps along the way they aim to complete NY by Aug 30th.

Washington is scheduled to take 3,5 months. Of course and as always, this is what they predict. No guarantees but lets keep our fingers crossed guys ok?

Have a good weekend


July 3rd 2017

My Friends

I hope all are doing alright out there. We have restarted the NY Simulations and all looking good. Its a bit complicated here as we are in the financial capital of the world really and we have to adapt to that so to speak. But we hope the remaining part of the simulations will go smoothly here.

Nothing more to report really, all the old deals are still on as to the 5 for 1 deal and the bonus shares on top of this for Investing 50 shares. In the name of Euclid, lets continue to pray for him, may God Bless him and make him stronger. Please continue to support his wish as much as you all can. I hope to be able to bring you all some good news soon again in regards to the simulations.

Take care my dear and patient friends


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