Welcome to a new future!

The new electronic economic world of today has created new laws and regulations.

These regulations require that financial trading firms maintain enough liquid reserve capital to cover their deposits and operate under a fair and equitable principle of trade. Today, when technology enables us to do business with people who we have never met in person, trust and good name becomes the most valued commodity.

Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan

As the first company now online we are extremely proud to announce the release of the world’s first online PFRPP. Many of you have probably heard about the RPP that has been on the online market for many years now but have had some serious problems in regards to the banking situation around the world and getting them to actually transfer the funds without jeopardising their own current business.

Latest News

September 18th 2018


Some have experienced difficulties in sending your Investments in the BTC Address you have been given. We have added another address so that can be used also, please note that the old one still is active also..New BTC address to be used also is :


September 11th 2018

Good Evening !

Due to the low price in BTC still it has been decided to extend the 31 for 1 deal to Sept 28th. Please note that after the 28th it will drop to 13 for 1 as stated before so make sure you get it all sorted before that date. After 28th we wont have long until we close it all. Mr Millard also want to inform that the 2 countries that has been added to the Citizenship options are Singapore in Asia and Switzerland in Europe. There will also be a diplomatic Passport option for our VIP Investors that has a significant Investment with us. Mr Millard will explain more in his update which is about a week away. He is very busy planning it all with Mr X right now. More updates soon...

God Bless you all


September 10th 2018

Good Morning from New York !

Its Monday morning Sept 10th and EMS is no longer accepting any new members. We are just above 11,800 Investors now. Thank you all for the support over the years and we are working full speed ahead now to close it all and get you all here to our wonderful city of NY. Last member to be registered and approved was finally set at 4:20am this morning. We hope to have some good news about the 31 for 1 deal shortly, please stay tuned for the next 36-48 hours for an update.

Ps. Please also note that the support issues will take a few more days as we have been in more training for the seminars. DONT send in duplicates. We plan to have answered and updated all by the 14th.

God Bless


September 5th 2018


If you havent received a personal BTC address to send your Investment the BTC address you have to use is this


September 5th 2018

Hello Everybody

Due to a small error in one of our systems we cant close the system that has to do with new Investors/Members until Sunday Sept 9th at midnight to 10th. Sorry for the confusion there but I guess a few days extra to become a member isnt bad news :)
So final date to register is Sunday Sept 9th midnight (Eastern Time) to Monday Sept 10th. Please note that Support issues will start to be resolved today Sept 5th and will take approx 4 days to clear, thank you for your patience with that. More News soon from Mr Millard.


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