Welcome to a new future!

The new electronic economic world of today has created new laws and regulations.

These regulations require that financial trading firms maintain enough liquid reserve capital to cover their deposits and operate under a fair and equitable principle of trade. Today, when technology enables us to do business with people who we have never met in person, trust and good name becomes the most valued commodity.

Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan

As the first company now online we are extremely proud to announce the release of the world’s first online PFRPP. Many of you have probably heard about the RPP that has been on the online market for many years now but have had some serious problems in regards to the banking situation around the world and getting them to actually transfer the funds without jeopardising their own current business.

Latest News

October 6th 2015

Dear Friends

Short update in News Archive, we need your answer on the options before Sunday Oct 11th.


September 30th 2015

Hi All

Joshua is now back in New York a little later then expected, , News will come soon...Thanks guys

September 18th 2015

Hi Guys

We found the bug and its fixed, , but as suspected we are going to need you all to send in your support enquiries again to us, , sorry about that..

NOTE...This only goes for what u havent been answered on so far, , all the other updates are still intact of course


September 18th 2015

Hi guys

Please stay tuned for News very soon from Mr. Millard, , anything thing we was aware is that we have been sitting here and answering support emails but apparently a bug in the safety system hasnt "approved" the outbox to send and updates in your account that has been connected with this also didnt show, , we are working on this problem and will let u know when its fixed, , So IF you havent had your account updated you most likely need to send in your email support enquiry again, sorry about that...

Last months talks between Mr. Millard and the Banks have been very hard...but a solution its on its way that will be explained..He's heading back to NY on Sunday evening..I hope he have some News early in the week then..

God Bless


September 3rd 2015

Hi Guys

Yes, we know, , we should be more efficient with updating you guys, , sorry about that, , I have been in greece helping out some family that of course have issues with the economy there so land must be sold,, but thats not important in this case of course, Joshua is still in Europe and the main discussion they have had again is the initial payout to your bank accounts, they want to lower that again due to the fact that there will be some problems with banks in South America, Eastern Europe and some countries in South East Asia as that amount is even at that level very high not to be controlled...Joshua asked me to tell u that u all have the option to invest until Sept 29th so u all have that opportunity now, , he hopes to have all sorted then and have the last amount set for the initial payout...Its getting a bit frustrating but i feel we are getting there...Take care guys and thanks for the patience again and again in this extremely complicated product.


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